Diablo 9-Inch Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades – Item of the Day — 15 Comments

  1. I have used these blades for years they are the best and fastest way to cut any limbs or saplings under about 4 inches. They will cut larger but more care is required.

  2. Great suggestion! They have emergency uses too.

    I used a pruning blade, sawzall, and several extension cords to clear limbs and branches after the 2007 Springfield, MO ice storm. It was all anyone in the neighborhood had. It turned into a community event. We’d move the extension cords up the street to the next house that still had power and got paid in goodwill and hot chocolate. 🙂

    The real reward was 20 minutes after we were done and talking, an ambulance came up the street that would have been blocked if not for our neighborhood crew. I’d have rather had a chainsaw (and I do now), but we got the job done with what we had.

  3. Great blades for sure, but in my experience the Porter Cable saw will wear out the 2 ah batteries really quickly. And I mean permanently.

    I would recommend a corded saw whenever possible.

  4. Thanks! I’ve been using my cordless Dewalt with a regluar blade for several years as a pruning aid for stuff that’s too large for hand pruning. I’ll be ordering a few of these for this season.

  5. Another use for these is to break one of the larger blades to about 1, 2 or 3 inches long as required, (using a bench vice to secure the blade and using a strong pliers or hand held vice grips to bend and break the blade at sharp right angles, of course wearing goggles & safety gloves).

    Now you have a super powerful jig saw suitable for cutting plasterboard, especially useful if the plasterboard is already wall mounted on wooden batons and you need to cut out sections to access pipes etc.

  6. Recip blades won’t fit in a jig saw. A lot of work to ease a blade that won’t work then.

    If you have never tried them I highly reccomended Diablo carbide tipped Recip blades. They last far longer and you can cut much more challenging materials.

    There are carbide tipped for metal cutting, nail with wood and now even pruning which means no need for a chainsaw in Maine situations.

    Hunters dream for shooting lanes, cutting up an elk etc.

    • Thanks for something to check out but your fist two sentences don’t make any sense to me. What does a jig saw have to do with any of this?

  7. Jack, I appreciate the informative video man. I never thought about the advantage of having one hand free with the reciprocating saw VS chain saw. I also noticed you have what appears to be a straw coming over your shoulder. Is that one of those water bladder things? Where is the water stored? Is it under the front of your shirt right under your chest? Can you provide product link of the one you use? Thanks Jack!

  8. Jack I appreciate the the response and the link. FYI…I was just joking about the location of the water storage. LOL The only reason I said that is because of the disclaimer above the video about having lost a lot of weight but with more gray hair. I thought what you said was pretty funny. I was completely expecting an email from you tell me I’m an idiot. LOL Anyway brother, I’m going to give this water backpack thing a lookie. I need something like that when going hiking. Roll Tide and HODL

  9. I have been using these or similar since 2017 when you first mentioned them. Super useful, especially where a chainsaw would not be used.

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