Sacred 7 Mushroom Extract Powder – Item of the Day — 13 Comments

  1. If the label shown on Amazon is correct, a serving should be 1/4 TSP (teaspoon) instead of 1/4 TBS (table spoon).

  2. Serving is 1/4 tsp. This has been the only mushroom powder that doesn’t bring up a nasty cough after a while. It seems like a dry cough becomes more present after a week of other mushroom powders. So far after 2-3 weeks. Not having too much cough effects. Best part is I think clearer.

  3. I would like to respectfully request that you modify your post to remove mid-level provider & replace with advanced practice provider. Nothing NP’s do is mid-level. This is a derogatory title used by our detractors to misrepresent the care given by advanced practice RN’s. Thank You

    • Sorry not engaging in any version of woke word offense retraction here.

      Mid level is in between two other levels. From the dictionary “Mid-level – adjective – occurring at or having a middle or intermediate position or status”

      NP = Above RN, below MD. The end, you get offended by that, so be it! Amy isn’t and I am betting she has more years in practice as an NP than you do. Any term is relative to its use, the day you show me that an NP is not between an MD and NP in privileges, practice and training I will change it, until then you can pound sand or get some perspective, your choice.

      The fact that you are offended by how the term mid-level is used here is yet another indictment of the US educational system.

    • Have you ever watched a movie from the 30s or even 40s? They actually call each other fools if they act foolish! Being honest and literal is not something we should be complaining about. Buck up MAJ!

    • A nurse practitioner is not half way between a nurse and a physician though they are allowed to perform as if they are. The training is night and day less comprehensive and thorough.

    • No reason you could not I guess but it is not the intended purpose and some of the shrooms in it are not as umami as say shiitake. I mean if you try it, it won’t hurt anything, it is just equal parts of the 7 shrooms.

  4. It now comes in a convenient little plastic container. A lot easier than the bag. I put it in my morning coffee. Thank Jack.