TSP Will Return Tomorrow – A Coyote Will Die ASAP — 28 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, and your irritation is understood. Go get em. We’ll look forward to hearing from you tomorrow. Would love to hear a bit of your take on the problems in France.

  2. Can you do a whole show on trapping? My wife recently saw a coyote eyeing our chickens during the mid day. Since then we haven’t free ranged them unless someone is at home.

  3. Sorry for the loss to your flock and extended ‘family’ Jack. We know buddy was special to you. Looking forward to hear how you use your skills to get this resolved and also for your comments on the recent issues in Europe. I just called Governor Scott and gave him my thoughts on the potential security threat of allowing refugees to settle in our state.

  4. Sorry for your loss. She provided great entertainment & knowledge for us and I’m sure a formality of friendship of sorts to you.
    Hope you get the POS coyote!

  5. Git the freakin’ ‘yote and do a show on trapping. In fact, do another show on tanning the hide. Coyote might not be the most coveted hide, but it might be good practice.

  6. I live in Oklahoma, it is the neighborly thing to kill coyotes that don’t stay away from homesteads.
    Go get it Jack!

  7. It took predators 3 years to find my chicken brooder. Sorry to hear about Buddy. She was a good ‘un. I look forward to seeing a pelt! Go get ’em!

  8. Poor Buddy and poor grieving Joe. Perhaps Buddy took one for the team trying to protect her ducks? So sorry for your loss. She had the best life a homestead goose could expect. Life and death are realities for those who own livestock and pets.

    Looking forward to a video of the neutralized predator soon!

  9. I am sympathetic with your loss… The same problems are occurring here too. We have had a bunch of hungry coyotes on the ranch lately at night… you can hear them every night… lolz. They love hunting the rabbits around here. My big percheron mare must have had enough and I found one in the morning near the fenceline with a big hoof print to the head! It looked like it flew about twenty or more feet… Don’t mess with my draft horses was the message!

  10. I feel for you jack. We had a simalar incident about a 4 months ago. Went to lock the ducks up one evning at normal time and a fox jumped out over the fence. He was gone. killed all 15 and 5 were almost dead. It was bright daylight out had to put the 5 down. Wasnt sure about eating the so left them out. Came out about 2am got him right before he got to the treeline he turnned to see what that noise my charging handel made was… would love a show on trapping.

  11. Oh no!! I didn’t know Buddy, but I loved her as if I did. So sad for her mate who must be grieving now. My neighbor watched a coyote jump over my 3 1/2 foot electric net fence and grab one of my chickens one morning in broad daylight. LGD sounds like a great idea! Would love to hear a show from someone knowledgeable on selecting a raising LGDs.

  12. Kill the yote Jack. I hate that Joe the Goose lost his mate Buddy. Looking forward to hearing about the death of coyote.

  13. So sorry! Breaks my heart! I loved hearing about Buddy and seeing her in the vidoes. The damn coyotes got my Momma goose whom I loved so much. I never got the satisfaction of shooting the damn thing so I will be looking for reports on yours.

  14. Dang it…. it has been of some concern to me that this might happen with our single pair of geese…, they are completely bonded…it makes me wish I had bought a couple extra when I got them as hatchlings… because, as you stated, it will be hard to introduce a new female for Joe… so sad…. and I have no doubt that coyotte will soon be history…
    Always wondered, why was buddy named..”buddy”?

  15. I’m sorry about losing your goose! If we lived closer I would offer to adopt Joe but we are about 4 hours away. We are down to one female goose ourselves. She seems to be doing ok with the ducks but I know she would be happier to have some of her own kind around. Good luck killing that coyote!

  16. Poor Buddy!

    I seem to remember you saying Coyote fur is warm… might make a nice muff for Dorothy or maybe a vest.

  17. Sorry to hear about your loss of animals. We also have a duck egg business and we have had our share of predator problems. I would strongly recommend you install two hot wires around your perimeter before you get livestock guardian dogs (LGDs). The hot wires may solve the predator problem and they will help contain the LGDs.

  18. I am so sorry for your loss and for Joe the Goose’s loss. Buddy the Goose had a great life, but I am sorry she had to go that way. It is incredible and commendable to me that you have so few losses to predators. I have had large losses, despite constantly “plugging holes” in my security systems.
    I hope you find a mate for Joe in the coming months,
    An LGD is a great idea.
    Best wishes.

  19. Damn…. damn…., just, damn. *sigh* I was there when Buddy came on the scene and got to film her as a fuzzy little bird among the first set of ducklings. This hit me unexpectedly hard, Jack – I’m not ashamed to say that.

    She will be missed by her friends. I’m all for you and Dorothy finding a full time guard dog, hopefully that can be as good around people as Max and Charlie as well.

    I will unfortunately have some guilty pleasure in seeing you take vengeance on this predator.