TSP to Return Tomorrow — 49 Comments

  1. Do you have any audio or video from the expo you could share? Where is the NC expo?

  2. Hey Jack
    It was great to get to meet you and Dorothy. My wife and I had great fun watching your son on the “meet and greet” he kept looking around watching the crowd grow. He was very proud. We were so glad to see the turnout. I love it when someone gets underestimated. Way to go TSP listeners!

  3. Just curious, what is your average for the year (2012) so far? Have you averaged even 4 shows per week?

    • @jim let me begin my response with f you! Seriously go screw yourself!

      Next the first show of the year was episode 811. The last episode was 948 so that means I have done 137 episodes in 7 months. Or 19.5 episodes a month which is an average of 4.89 a week. Now go be completely useless elsewhere.

    • Wow Jim, it takes a real asshole to make a comment like that to someone who gives and gives to his community.
      It’s a free podcast dude. If 4.89 free, one-hour+, information packed podcasts per week isn’t enough for you, I really don’t know what to tell you.

    • Dude, what is your problem? Do you pay Jack to provide you with a show each day or something? Even if you do pay for a MSB membership that’s by your own free choice and not because you have to be a member in order to listen to his shows. All shows are provided for free and with no obligations to you in any way, so what’s the problem here anyway? Show us your contribution to the web FOR FREE so far mister.

    • I have no idea why a person would come to the site hoping to listen to a podcast, then make a comment like that. There are other survival related podcasts, but I challenge you to find one that produces the quantity and quality of TSP. It is unmatched.

      You must have tried a podcast and failed at it, or are a wannabe that doesn’t have the guts to try it. Or perhaps you’re jealous that somebody has crafted and built a business that doesn’t require running on the workaday world treadmill. You know what we need? A “windfall podcast profits tax” that can be redistributed to less successful podcasts.

    • Don’t feed the troll. He only gets a few hours of internet a day in prison.

    • Jim –
      Jack is right to tell you to f-off. He has been dedicated for about four years now to the podcast and putting out great content, day after day after day after day. The dude goes to the Preparedness Expo and meets dozens of listeners and you are giving him shit? Seriously. I mean…SERIOUSLY.

      Next thing you know, I will be correcting Jack’s spelling and punctuation. How about not.

    • I pay for the MSB. I pay for quality, not quantity. I love the information you put out Jack.

    • @Jim – you know, I thought about what you said (because it *seems* like Jack has taken off more days this year), but the reality is that there have only been 4 exceptions:

      * There was no episode 823
      * Episode 848 is an audio recording from Jack’s on-site presentations
      * Episode 898 is actually a repeat (episode 606)
      * Episode 899 is actually a repeat (episode 489)

      But consider this – He has also released more videos this year, and certain ‘days off’ would actually be considered ‘business travel’ in any conventional / regular business (his time at GBTV, the permaculture event in Montana, etc).

      So at first blush, your conclusion seems to have merit, but if you really dig a bit deeper, I think Jack is right on track for his usual amount of shows in a year.

      But in the end, it is his show, his business, and these are his calls to make. Busting his chops for not pumping out 5 a week like clockwork seems a bit unfair. There certainly is a lot of material that he has made available over the years that is worth listening to more than once.

  4. As disappointed as I am when there is no new show, last week I did take your advice and went back and listened to several of the “old” ones. It was amazing how many I had missed that were totally AWESOME! So, thanks (I think) for taking a break so I would be motivated to pick up a few of the ones I missed. Only thing better would have been to have met you. BTW, thanks for the email response while you were at the Expo.

  5. Feel better, man! Everyone has their own home remedy, but I find that Scotch helps the throat! Can’t figure that guy’s comments; I can barely keep up with the shows you are doing and I only have to listen! Have been trying to catch up on the older episodes, but I don’t think I’ll ever have the time… Thanks for all you do! Can’t wait to see the video/audio from this weekend!

  6. Jack,
    Glad the survival expo went great. I couldn’t make it from Illinois. Gonna try for the NC show if your gonna be there. I would take the rest of the week off and title your next podcast “How do you like me now…. Jim” 😛

  7. Get well Jack!

    Hey Jim, there are 948 episodes to listen to, so go back, listen to a few, then listen again. I’ve been listening since Jack was commuting and I have not heard them all. Some episodes are so good I’ve listen to more than once. Anything with chef Keith Snow is great episode 589 is one of my personal favorites. Then of course any of the Thanksgiving shows.

  8. Hey Jack, it was great to meet you on Friday, and I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions! You have been inspiring to me with your super-positive, solution-oriented, no nonsense shows (although I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed the farting angels bit). I had a realization while sitting in traffic on my way home, though. You are not some talking head or radio persona. You’re real…Marjory is real (who, by the way, is one of the coolest women I’ve ever met), the people you interview are real, and even though my family and I have been changing our lives over the last several years with our little garden, our personal security measures, our homebrew, our food storage, our budget, and our general way of thinking, this is NOT a hobby. It is sometimes easy for me to get caught up in the “fun” of things like shooting guns and brewing, and lose sight of why we’re really doing this.
    I’m glad I made it to the expo, and got an opportunity to meet others on the path to self-reliance.

    • Love the “farting angels” bit…something in there about unicorns too if I remember correctly LOL

  9. I was great to see you again Jack. I enjoyed your talks and it was great to speak with you face to face. Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the great work.

  10. Hey …. glad you had a great time … get some rest – many-many of us so very much appreciate you and your work.

  11. I really enjoyed the Expo, Jack. My first one. Although it was hard to hear the speakers on the main stage. The speakers should have been positioned away from the vendors. I know it wasn’t your setup. The turn out was really good I thought. I even had a chance to buy a Berky from the Berky Guys and they were very helpful and beleived me when I said I was an MSB member.

    Jessie in Mesquite, Tx

  12. Jim was so blatantly insulting that I assumed it was a joke. Apparently not. I was thinking of leaving a humorous post of the same variety, until I saw his and the replies. I’ve sadly caught up on all my podcast subscriptions and am always anxiously awaiting the next TSP episode. Thanks for all you do Jack!

    • @James if I didn’t know who Jim was (and I do because he is too stupid to understand what a DNS record is) I would have given it the benefit of a doubt as a joke. Jim is a member of a small group of people I call my stalkers. I figure all of them are likely latent and self hating homosexuals with some twisted and sick attachment to me. I mean I have nothing against gay people but gay people that hate themselves for being gay and try to deny it have a lot of emotional problems.

      These stalkers have various motivations, some are pissed that I don’t worship at the “Altar of Alex Jones” whom they also likely have homo attractions to. Some are diehard save the polar bears with cap and trade idiots and others simply were expecting that TSP would be all racist and what have you and are still mad because I called out the idiots at Storm Front who had a bit of a Jack Fan Club early on before I was very clear that I thought they were complete douche bag scum suckers and didn’t want them even discussing TSP on their scumbag forum.

      Usually I just delete crap like this but all men have limits and with the pressure of the last week I just wasn’t in the damn mood today. LOL.

      • Hahahahaha Jack you crack me up man, seriously that guy must be at home crying in his cornflakes by now. Dude I love your show, not a member yet but listen to your show religiously now since finding it a few months back. Pity I’m down in Australia cos I’d love to meet up with you and the other TSP folk. Don’t suppose you’re ever gonna do one of these expo things downunder are you. I live in western australia the rarely visited unpopular side of Australia? Anyway rest up man,looking forwards to tomorrows show 🙂

      • My goal one day is to meet Jack in person. I don’t get into the whole hero-worship thing, I just think Jack would be a cool guy to have a beer with.

  13. Jack, my wife and I, and our daughter, enjoyed meeting you, Dorothy, and Matt, in person, Friday evening at On The Border. We enjoyed the conversations (with Neil, too) and the libations! Take care and get some well deserved rest.
    Also, I never thought I’d appreciate the upper 80’s and think it was comfortable compared to the 100+ degree temperatures they are having right now in that are of Texas — man, was it stifling!

  14. Hey Jack! The speaker doesn’t deserve the pepper spray! Jim does! It was great seeing you this weekend. Hope your voice gets better soon. Good luck with the land hunting (again).

    • Jack – thanks for letting us know what’s up. Looking forward to the next installment.

  15. Looking forward to any recordings of what went on down there.
    Maybe we’ll get the benefit of your/Dorothy company up here someday like at the Sustainable Preparedness Expo in Spokane WA this Sept. Nudge -wink?!?
    Rest up & get the cords rehab’d. Maybe some organic honey?

      • @Mark L, can you shoot me a PM on the TSP forum @ NorIDhunter ? Just looking to build some community. Take care.

  16. I’ve been listening only for a short time (since the NH Liberty Forum in Feb 2012 – including listening on weekends and sometimes 2 shows per day (working backwards) during the week). I thought it would be fun to take today and go back and listen to episode 1 today.

    It was short and rough and awesome. Don’t get me wrong, it is clear that Jack has gotten better at his craft and fine tuned the show but what I really liked was that even from the first episode, he lays out where he wants the show to go and here we are ~4 years later and the show is really true to the vision of the first show.

    In any case, I would have eventually gotten around to listening to episode 1 (sort of can’t believe I waited this long come to think of it) but it was fun to take today’s show break to and finally get around to it.

  17. Good to have you back ready for another podcast. I got my email welcoming to the MSB today, and I’m looking forward to the members only stuff.

    I ordered a Colt LE6920 Magpul FDE while you were away, along with ammo and extra mags. I have been very pessimistic about the availability of these rifles lately. The ignorance about these rifles being fed by folks like Bill “eff it, we’ll do it live” O’Reilly is troubling. Even Savage jumped in with the ignorance.

    It’s not so much Obama fear, it’s fear fed by talking heads influencing the folks.

    Looking forward to your expanding on the last part of the last podcast about investing and hints on preparing.

  18. Looking forward to you next show Jack. Hopefully I will get to meet you in NC

  19. Jack, enjoyed your presentation and the Expo. As you were busy afterwards I didn’t get a chance to talk with you Saturday other than ask before if anyone was looking into getting more chairs. My wife and I have had our own business now for 14 years and enjoy listening to your podcasts and your business site for motivation on more ways to be self sufficient. Would love to have a beer sometime next time you’re around Dallas. The Expo did seem rather poorly organized (and I’ve organized ones before), and I agree that some of the speakers were hard to understand with all the vendor noise going on with their surrounding booths. The schedule was also hard to find online for who spoke when. But those things didn’t take away from the great information we gathered from you, Marjorie Wildcraft, Dr. Doom and Nurse Amy and several others. Bought some useful items, including raw honey, berkey bottles, and a solar oven that we’ll have fun cooking all sorts of stuff with. Good luck on your land search. There are some interesting finds out there. We would like to get more property one of these days.

  20. Jack,

    I think you underestimate your value. I didn’t stumble onto this site looking for how many allied member perks and discounts I could pick up. Although they are really helpful and add a big dimension to the show.

    It was to listen to you discussing something new, interesting or even controversial.

    I cannot imagine how you have such a breath of knowledge and the ability to discuss it with such ease – much less basically ever day. I can’t keep up with the schedule, so you are doing great. Many of the other bloggers I listen to like photography barely do a weekly event much less attempt a full week of blogs.

    You are why we’re here and the allied members are here because of us and you. You are doing fine. And the pricing for the MSB is very reasonable.

    Great Shows!

  21. After reading this post it just proves that Jack was correct a few episodes ago about there are 10% of the population are asshole out there.

    Get to feeling better. Thanks for all you do.

  22. @adam – fwiw I’d rather have Jack getting the next show, video etc (plus letting him/Dorothy have a life & work his own preps) than being the “blog post police”. We still have a constitutional right to be an idiot and some exercise those rights more than others.
    If we just don’t feed the troll(s), they’ll go back under the bridge, rock or wherever they came from.

  23. Jack, take care of yourself. Honestly, I don’t know how you crank it out, the way you do!

  24. Jack, thanks for your commitment to your show and your fans – because YOU BUILT THIS my family and i have enjoyed a better quality of life and have a better outlook on the future then we ever thought possible. Wish my wife and i could have made it to the meetup, maybe next time. Looking forward to your next episode.

  25. Missed you, and as “absence makes the heart grow fonder, am eager to have you back, but take your time, and get your rest as we’ll be here when you’re ready. Also eager to hear about the expo.

  26. @ John, c’mon Jack didn’t build this all by himself. After all algore invented the Internet, right? (Wink)
    And there “had” to be some great teacher (that probably overlooked/ignored his Asperger’s disorder) that made him the person he is (rolleyes). And after all if it hadn’t been for all the highways & bridges & traff-yuck that he commuted in back in ’04, he couldn’t have done this. (eek!)
    Seriously though, TSP “could” be one of those once a week (or less) ‘casts and we’d be a LOT worse of for it, if Jack didn’t get up and plant a few more seeds everyday

  27. Sorry I couldn’t make it out — that was one thankfully-refunded expensive trip I didn’t go on :). Good news is my road trip will hopefully bring me into NC around mid-September, so maybe I’ll have the chance to meet up with you at that point. <3

  28. Jack,
    Great to meet you and Dorothy! It was a highlight of our trip from Connecticut to Texas. The preppers get-together was great too. Keep up the good work and hope your property hunt down there goes well!