TSP to Return on Tuesday — 13 Comments

  1. Jack,
    You did a wonderful job at the expo in Hickory, NC. Enjoyed meeting you briefly on Saturday. I regret that I was unable to get to the tavern on Saturday nite. We have unexpected company.


  2. It was awesome to meet all of the TSP audience that came to the show. Jack, I have to say that you and your wife made me feel like a life long friend, that was much appreciated.

    The TSP Coin that you gave me, well, when I got home, my three year old son grabbed it up and called it pod cast money. He recognized your logo from my droid phone and immediately related it to your podcast. A great reminder, that the impact of your work, will go on for generations. It was just another smile that I got from this weekend.

    I feel that I have so many new friends. I am also now, more then ever, excited to interact on the forums.


    Mike from Carbondale, PA

  3. Thanks for hanging out Jack! I wish that my wife and I could have stayed longer, but we had to get back to Raleigh. It really was great to meet you and shake your hand. I hope that you enjoyed that Punk’n that Xavier brought you. It is one of the best, behind Weyerbacher anyway.. 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed your time in NC.


  4. No MSB discount this time around? You usually give one when you go to these expos, and mine is gonna expire soon (nudge nudge)

  5. Hey Jack,
    Went through some old shows, lots of good stuff. Maybe next time you go out of town you could link to one of your favorite older shows or a topic already covered that would be a good refresher.

  6. Hey Jack,

    I so much enjoyed the sessions at the Expo, and hanging out with you, Dorothy, and the TSPers at the Pub!

    Friends, Jack is very much the same in person as he sounds on the air: fun-loving, cares about his people, and sharp as a tack. The Spirkos are good people.

  7. Good to meet you and Dorothy at the expo. Looking forward to hanging out in[near] Hot Springs and Mesa with you guys again.