TSP Mint Launches Sales for The Sentinel Proof Coin at Midnight — 27 Comments

  1. Sorry if I’m just being a PITA, but here:

    “If you purchase one of the first 1,500 coins and receive your coin(s) in a special, commemorative packaging, individually numbered and signed by me or be one of our first 50 customers to purchase 5 oz and receive a free 12×18” “Sentinel” poster, signed by me. This offer is for the proof sentinals only, purchase of the brilliant uncirculated editions will not count toward the quantify of 5 requirement.”

    And there:

    “Our first 50 customers will receive a “12×18” “Sentinel” poster, signed by Jack Spirko.”

    I’m guessing that was an oversight from the writeup on the mint’s side.

  2. I have 2 orders in now, checks cashed, waiting for delivery. If it is on the website for sale, it should ship in a reasonable time period? Jack, you said, that it would ship 4 days after the check is cashed. Just to let you know, it ain’t so.
    Keep up the good work, keep us posted on the geese. I am interested how they interact with the dogs. tt

    • Right now every product displays a statement that says, “availability 14-21 days”

      • Today was day 21 for a lot of the Sentinel Ant orders. I don’t know how many if any of those orders have shipped, but mine was one of the first orders and I’ve yet to hear anything since the check cashed.

      • @InBox485

        Unless some were received before mine (not likely, I have serial numbers 6-8) I received mine today.

        • Mine are “arriving” today as well. I won’t be able to sign for them until tomorrow. Curious which numbers I’ll get. I kind of doubt I pulled off 1-5, but they should be pretty low.

        • @InBox485

          I’m not sure who has 5, but Jack has 1-4. My bet is Rob Gray.

      • It has been 1 month today since my check was cashed for 2 Sentinel Proof coins and I haven’t heard a thing from TSPmint regarding my order. Today the website redirects to the CftC website. Can you please let me know what is going on Jack?

        • We announce the web redirection two weeks ago, there is nothing wrong with that. Next, before I do anything, did you ever at anytime contact the mint (Coins for the Cause) is not running all orders for TSP Mint about this issue. I am more than happy to get involved when necessary but only if you use the existing customer service channels first and then if you are not looked after I step in.

      • Sorry to reply this way, but there was no reply link on the message you responded to me with.

        I did not contact anyone through the tspmint website as I got my order for the BU rounds in a fair amount of time. I did however use the contact us portion of the CftC website this morning since it redirected me there before I posted this. If you think it will be handled I don’t mind waiting to see if there is a response. If they don’t have anything to do with the original TSPmint website, please look into my order for me. I never got an email when I placed it, but it was listed on the TSPmint website under my account and the check was received and cashed with my order number on it one month ago today (6/5).

        By the way, I did make a post on the facebook page for TSPmint last week sometime that never got a response. Looks like whomever is in charge of posting there abandoned it right after the proofs went live (5/30 was the last post there). That combined with the redirecting of the TSPmint website today alarmed me a bit. There is another person posting on there now as well asking about things. I will admit, I am not a listener of the podcast and ordered these rounds because I loved the design. Since then I have been poking around on your site and learning a bunch so good job on getting the rounds out to more than just your existing fans.

        • If you are talking about the limited edition proofs, there was a packaging mix up where the special cards and stuff had spelling errors. Last I heard the revised ship date was for mid July.

          They aren’t the smoothest company to deal with and I honestly welcome them punting sales back to dealers (I just hope TSP creates a favorable connection with one since CftC no longer takes the MSB coupon), but they make great stuff at great prices and have always eventually delivered.

        • @Albert this I lay on you and you alone. Today is a holiday weekend, I think it is reasonable that your FIRST and only contact with CUSTOMER SUPPORT should be responded to by Monday, if not let me know. Facebook is NOT a method of Customer Support. Additionally we did quote over 30 days on delivery on this limited edition proof.

          I actually find you making a public stink in the blog comments BEFORE using and allowing a reasonable time for a response from actual support highly juvenile and unprofessional. I am the first one to stop an ass at Mulligan Mint when ever they fall flat on support even a little bit, but this type of approach is unreasonable.

      • @Jack, sorry if you are offended but this is your blog and when messages are posted they are “awaiting moderation.” That leads me to believe you have the authority and power to remove/hide any posts you want to. I apologize if I hurt your feelings and this wasn’t intended to be a “public stink,” merely asking you to look into a product being sold for you that hasn’t been delivered yet. Again, I apologize if your jimmies are rustled, that wasn’t my intent. Please feel free to remove all of our posts back and forth so there is no “public stink” on your blog.

        • You can’t hurt my feelings man, I ain’t a tea cup, what you did was behave in an unreasonable manner and instead of censoring you I let you have your say, gave you an answer publicly and hopefully you and others will learn from it. No I won’t remove it, you wanted to do this here and I let you. Now deal with it, seriously, what I should do is have your order canceled, personally refund you and keep the damn thing for myself.

          Offended, feelings hurt, if so that is on your end not mine. Frankly there is no way you can claim that you handled any of this in a reasonable manner, used official support along the way or that we even failed to deliver in the quoted time.

          So go whine to someone else.

    • I was told yesterday by tspmint customer service that my limited edition Sentinel Ant proof coins would be shipped 14-21 days after 10 days from the time check cleared. Jack did state that they would be shipped as early a 4 days after 10 hold on check. Also, I was told you can use billpay online banking when you get the order# and save time on mailing. I not sure if shipment any earlier though. This is my 1st time ordering from tspmint.

  3. The design is absolutely magnificent. I like the Roman head dress, and yet, from another angle, it looks almost like one of the “Transformer.”

    The wings are great too!

  4. Could explain what the Commissionable Value of the coins. The Sentinel Ant proof is 20.00 and the Sentinel proof is 40.00.

    • Commissionable Value: Coins for the Cause Affiliate Program pays 5% of commissionable value in affiliate commission for all referred sales. Commissionable Value is an easy way for us to set a fixed value on a variably-priced product. In other words, the commission on a 1oz BU silver medallion is $0.50, and it is $1.00 on a 1oz Proof medallion. You can check out for more info or to participate!

  5. I just got in the Sentinel Ants. Without a doubt Rob has kept his word about timing and numbers.

    You’re looking at the proud owner of 6, 7 and 8. =)

    • 6,7 and 8, kick ass Mike, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy in my opinion.

  6. I fugging hate USPS. I can’t wait till they are allowed to fall flat on their face and die the death they so desperately need and all their POS lazy little gov workers get to find real jobs. Their clock was a few minutes fast so despite me being there at 5:30, and despite there still being people in there, they would let one person in to pick up one damn package. Talk about shit I have NEVER had to deal with from Fedex or UPS. Is there any way to get the mint to offer shipping options other than USPS? I NEVER use them if there is an alternative, and this shit is why.

    • USPS blows. While all things must come to an end, I’d say the USPS isn’t going to come to an end any time soon.

      I’d be VERY surprised if we don’t see a huge USPS funding bill sneaked in in the near future. Read an article about how congress is now basically using the USPS naming bills as excuses saying they’re getting stuff done. Basically keeping their number of bills passed and time deliberated to a minimum. The USPS is a bi-partisan thing (usually the absolute worst kind of issue), so… I’d say they’re not going anywhere any time soon. I actually laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation. The USPS tries to improve their financial health (by doing no saturday delivery) and congress goes.. “uhm no… keep delivering. That is all.” Oooooook. With what money exactly?

      • Unfortunately silver dealers seem to like USPS. I really wish at least the openly anti-FED dealers would stop supporting USPS. At the very least I wouldn’t have to be reminded that I get robbed at gun point to fund these a-holes. Somehow, fedex and ups manage without subsidies and cost only a fraction more. I order signature deliveries from Fedex, and I can have it diverted to a 24/7 facility and pick it up whenever. Or I can have it held at a location either near home or work depending on where I’m at. USPS? Nope. Sorry but our clock says 5:30 and our union demands we sit on our thumbs until 9am tomorrow.

  7. As it worked out, I got to work a split shift today, so I hit USPS on the way in. As it turns out they open at 9:30 not 9, and while they are great at making sure the doors are locked not a second after 5:30:00 PM, they couldn’t be bothered to unlock their doors for a couple minutes after 9:30. DMV doesn’t hold a candle to these tards…

    Anyway, the good news: I got #67-#71 of the limited edition series, the BUs, and the limited edition copper. And lest any say pics or it didn’t happen, here you go: