Episode-1455- TSP Homestead Work and Plans for the Week — 35 Comments

  1. RE: John Hagee. Woo, I agree. Especially the part about “read your own book”. I think though, that he just believes his own bullshit.

    The 4 blood moons thing has happened hundreds of times throughout history, and there have not been significant timing with world events to say its anything really.

  2. I haven’t even listened to the show and I’m hungry! Jack, I am bringing several versions of Saison, maybe we can do another beer tasting and come to a consensus on a good saison 😉

    • I’ll bet most of them taste like they are supposed to, like a farm house ale with a grassy earthy tone and a tiny bit of spice from the hops, edging to the yeast character of a trappist ale just ever so slightly. Very fruity in the aroma and flavor. With beautiful earthy yeast tones, mild to moderate tartness. Lots of spice from the yeast and with a medium bitterness. An ale that is semi-dry with just a touch of sweetness. In other words not like Ommegang LOL

  3. Just a note, haku means “white” in Japanese, hence haku-botan pomegranate being a white pomegranate. One cooking tip for daikon, if you grate it with a very fine grate, then squeeze the water out of it and form it into a mound (imagine trying to make a mini Mt. Fuji shape) then pour soy sauce on top, this makes an amazing topping for baked fish and even hamburger. This is a common use in Japan, called “oroshi daikon” where oroshi means “grated”. The grate is not like the same grate you’d use for cheese but rather a grater with holes in it. Not sure what they are called. Trick is to avoid the edges of the daikon (no green) so you are only grating the white portion. Here is a picture of oroshi daikon with soy sauce on a burger to give you and idea. I spent quite a bit of time in Japan and working in Japanese restaurants. Love oroshi daikon! (

  4. Another trivia episode….

    Question: What was the episode in which Jack accidentally read the WRONG “Year that is the Episode?”

    Answer: Episode 1455. He read the history episode for 1456 and provided the link for 1456!

    Regarding Pastor Hagee, I’ve read his book which I think is typical for the genre of Christian “end days” arguments. I didn’t see any big surprises there.

    From a Jewish perspective we simply do not approach the texts in this manner and while Jews can and do make World-to-Come arguments, we would not make them in this manner. In any case the Jewish perspective is: it happens when it happens and the best strategy is to live a good life. It will work itself out in the end.

    I’ve seen one sermon from Pastor Hagee. It seemed mild in comparison to other pastors. I also saw an interview of him. Again, nothing wild. I’m not worried about him. I just don’t agree.

    Alex Shrugged

  5. I always tell two stories about end-of-days from a Jewish perspective… one humorous and one thoughtful.

    1. Humorous story:

    A fellow lost his job and became a hanger-on about the city, getting in people’s way. The city fathers decided to give him a city job to get him out of their hair. The next day he stood at the gates of the city… waiting expectantly. One day a stranger came riding up and noticed the man standing there.

    “What are you waiting for?” the Stranger asked.

    “I’m waiting for the Messiah. My job is to greet him on behalf of the city.”

    The Stranger thought about that for a moment and asked, “Does that pay well?”

    “No, but the work is steady.”

    (The work is steady. You can laugh now. 🙂 )

    2. The thoughtful story is more like advice….

    If you are planting a tree and the Messiah shows up, finish planting the tree and then greet the Messiah.

    What does this mean? The tree represents the future. We plant a tree because we hope for some future use… as wood for a fire, boards to build a house, fruit to feed a family, poles to hold up the wedding canopy for your daughter. All of these things are hopes for the future. So what this advice is saying is that when the Messiah shows up, the World-to-Come is nigh but it’s going to take a while.

    Live your life. Go to work. Marry. Have children. You will have a future even in those days.

  6. I would love to get some of your seed mix. Im close enough that it would work great. I bet with the number we have in north Texas we could do a bulk buy.

  7. Am I the only one who got a download that cut from Jack talking about the number of people at his workshops (around 44-45min) to the backend of the voting episode the day before?

    • That isn’t what you got at all. You got me explaining WHY I am doing and will do more such hot button topics.

    • I think something screwed up on my iPhone the more I look into it. It went from you talking about how many people were onsite for these events (the line about adjunct instructors) straight to the voting episode from yesterday at the same time stamp.

      Weirdness – the gremlins in there must have been fed after midnight or something. No worries, checked out the remainder this AM and all seemed to work fine. Very weird though.

      Great show!

      • I absolutely did revisit the topic, but it was all new content from a different angle. It is possible that you stopped listening to that episode at a certain point, were listening to the new one and bumped the back arrow, I have done it and the podcast app is still responsive when in screen lock.

        • Yeah, it was something like that which happened. I went back and listed to the end of both shows and realized I got skipped ahead a few minutes (from you talk about adjunct teachers to ‘protecting your neck’ on polling in the streets). Either way, makes sense now.

          Sorry for the confusion.

  8. Chickens love the radish greens. I started planting tons of it for that reason as well as breaking up soil.

    Sorrel I can’t get rid of that stuff, I open up any piece of ground I get sorrel. Which is good, I just need to eat more of it.

  9. Hey Jack, this is going to be a really stupid question so please forgive me.

    With your vegi mix that you are spreading everywhere, are you just not concerned with crowding-out of certain vegis? For example, if two carrots are 1/16″ from each other the tubers won’t form right. Are you just planting in such bulk that you don’t care if that happens, or do you have some trick to fixing that? I’m certainly guessing you aren’t pricking them out on these vast areas you are talking about.

    PS – Yay for talking about swiss chard, it is my absolute favorite vegetable in the world, and such a voracious grower! This year I pulled 68 pounds of chard from a single 9′ long row, and there is still probably 5 pounds out there!

    • No not at all, first you don’t spread it too think to begin with, next things grow where they find a niche, next when you want food you thin stuff.

  10. When I first registered to vote back in the late ‘80s I didn’t know what party I wanted to belong to so I read the descriptions provided by the Registrar of Voters. From those descriptions, I decided I was Libertarian and registered that way. Shortly after that I started receiving mail from Libertarian groups and they were all insane. The next time I moved and had to re-register to vote I changed my party affiliation away from libertarian.

    • Yes libertarians are insane if insane means believing the MAXIMUM ROLE OF GOVERNMENT IS THE SAFEGUARDING OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

      For those that want government to do more then that, things like ending a senseless war on drugs and wars on foreign people that did us no harm seems insane. The concept that individual districts should run schools as they see fit and pissing 85 billion a year into the department of education is not necessary, likely seems insane to you I am sure.

      Folks this is what I keep saying, you can’t vote for liberty because the average person DOES NOT WANT LIBERTY, they find liberty insane.

      And Dude, I am not picking on you. Of course you think such things are insane, you have been programmed to believe you need government. You are like most people I guess and not far away from what I was like just about 10 years ago, but do consider learning about what you think is insane, perhaps it isn’t.

  11. Jack, where are you getting your seeds from? I have had no luck finding a good seed company that has bulk prices and the varieties I want. Seems like I have to go to 5 different companies and pay 5 different shipping prices just to get 5 different seeds.

  12. Jack mentioned the trouble with parsley. I had the same problem so my neighbor from Denmark recommended I try Lovage. It’s a perennial herb and is awesome. Grew it for the first time this year and it tastes just like celery. You should give it a try.

  13. Made the slow cooker shredded chicken/salsa/taco seasoning recipe you gave out from this episode tonight. It was great thanks!

  14. Jack; I agree with all of the reasons you don’t vote. And to be honest, ‘maybe’ my voting only vocalizes a consent that the winner gets to tell me what to do (hum, more thought there), but for now I just want ONE more vote for the Libertarian. What could you expect. I voted for Ross Perot my first time. 🙂
    Keep up the good work bro.

  15. PS… I wish I had know about Harry Browne. Win or lose, I would be proud to say I voted for him.