TSP 2020 Workshop – Final Reminder Ticket Sales Go Live at 10AM Central Tomorrow — 13 Comments

    • Our farm, between Azle and Lake Worth Texas about 30ish minutes from DFW Airport.

  1. have you decided on a price? i’d really like to be at this one for the solar pumps part. as someone that was in water wells for awhile, very few did anything with solar pumps and it would be a learning experience for sure.

    • Lyle, no but just assume 550 if it ends up being 500 then call it a win.  Dorothy is still getting bids from caterers.  Either way trust me, you won’t consider the cost over priced.   Just ask anyone who has been to a few.

  2. What time will things wrap up on the 14th? I’m trying to figure out what time to fly out of DFW.

    • Okay well Saturday is a hell of a good day and we have our best dinner and usually some sort of tasting of adult beverages that night.  MOST people stay over till AM on Sunday and fly out pretty early.

      Last session ends about 6, dinner is at 7, so it is up to you.  About 20-25% leave some time Saturday evening.  A lot also get a hotel near the Airport and fly out in the AM, but leave a bit later to do so and take Uber or Lyft.

      Gonna say if you fly in and don’t plan on doing other things and staying longer then just the event it makes NO SENSE to rent a car.

    • Yes but

      1. You won’t be taking 20 minute hot showers reflecting on life, you got to get in and out. There is one shower for you to use in our house. One hot water heater for it. Think army showers.

      2. Due to number one, don’t plan on taking one every day. LOL

  3. That, and being able to fly, is the reason why I’m considering the hotel instead of camping for my first one.