Matt Hill of Start9 on True Digital Sovereignty – Epi-2937 — 15 Comments

  1. My comment is I must be blind. Can’t find the thing to click to listen to the podcast.

  2. Can someone tell me what comment program (or whatever) this uses? I need to change my picture but have no idea what I’m logged into.

    • It pulls from a word press account linked to your email you put in the comment form.

  3. Hi Jack,

    You might be able to fix your Skype issues by cutting the end off an audio cable and leaving it plugged into your computers mic input.

    This should render that mix useless, in theory.

  4. Try using MS Teams instead of skype. When we were sent home right after the pandemic started, we started using skype and ran into the problem you described with audio. We quickly changed to Teams and the probem went away.

    • It isn’t a skype issue per se, it is me not always checking on each new session.

      Anyway I am moving guest to StreamYard soon, we just have a lot already booked for Skype and it is hard to change (because people are a pain in the ass) once we have it set.

  5. Great podcast today! Listening again and taking notes on what’s being discussed, and looking at the product page already! Amazing potential for some things I’m trying to get started! Thanks Jack for finding this guy/product and taking the time to do the interview!!

  6. OK, this thing is sexy. They clearly believe in their cause and are trying to build a development community around it.

    They offer the hardware specs and even offer the EmbassyOS source code on github if you want to compile it yourself, audit it, or hack at it and build in your own features. That’s not something you do when trying to extract money from a wave of hype.

    I went ahead and bought one to support them, used the MSB code, then tipped them back the money…I just want to support these guys. I’m compiling the OS now.

    • I’m going to attempt to compile it myself as well…. just got my SD cards today so I can repurpose one of my Raspis.

    • I heard TOR slows down browsing. I’d like to know if you experience slower internet though this device.

  7. Wow, Jack, this is awesome. I’m gonna try it for sure — and I’m joining MSB too, having learned many excellent things from you since I started listening earlier this year. Thanks!