This Year is Going Out with a Bang – Eps-3197 — 3 Comments

  1. Jack,
    If there is a red wave next week and Dems lose seats in Congress, what effect do you think that would have (if any) on markets going into the end of Q4?

    It seems to me that the folks in D.C. are still nervous about inflation, and we’re unlikely to see any pauses or pivots on QT until after the election. Powell and the Fed are certainly being pulled in different directions, with intentions being more political than sensible. Powell’s comments on 2023 hikes being ‘data dependent’ seems to indicate that they’re laying the ground work for an end to rate hikes.

  2. Not really sure if it even matters if there’s a red wave. The left and the media are already ringing the bell that the only way that it could happen, is if it’s stolen from them. THey’ll cry and demand audits and drag it out and denounce it’s legitimacy.
    Identical to what the right did when they (rightfully so) feel like they had their election stolen from them.
    So I believe that if there is indeed a red wave, it will be met with so much fury and unholy hatred from the left, that they will bring on the very downfall that they think the conservatives will if they, in fact, win.
    Hell, one MSNBC retard already said that if the red wave happens, they’ll end up “taking our kids!” and “killing us” or some such fear mongering bullshit.