Episode-705- An Interview with Travers Oliver of Backwoods Survival — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for the AgriTrue to get of the ground. A suggestion. Have a downloadable flyer for listeners to print so we can hand them out at our local farmers markets when this gets off the ground. I would be more than glad to spread the news on this and definately want to sign on.

  2. I go to a small farmer’s market that is held once a week. The focus is on natural and organic(not the gubmet’s definition but ours) foods. Once you get the far enough along with the AgriTrue effort, a standard flyer that we can print out and hand out would be great. I would give it to the vendors at the market, and I suggest others do the same.

  3. Very inspiring young man, reminds me of me not so long ago. If only I had possessed a little more direction and knew what I wanted to do. Keep up the good work travers.

    On the gel fire starter, pretty sure I saw a CPSC recall for it or a similar product a month or two ago. Said it was a burn hazard. A couple morons aren’t careful when handling fire and get products taken off the shelf, good job people.

  4. In regards to the gel fire starter – is this stuff different than some sterno gel? I’ve not tried it, and I’m sure it could evaporate off, but would there be any problems with sticking that in some sort of container (maybe not film, I’m thinking medicine bottle?) and achieving the same purpose? I keep a can of it in each vehicle, and I think it does pretty good with a spark… although don’t quote me on that!

  5. You need to establish a set of standards that a person can say “We abide by the basic requirements with the exception of…” so you don’t have to display a long list of things you do.

    I’m a native grass farmer and use cattle to harvest my crop. Would that meet your non-crop standards? Some of my grass is a non-native introduced grass. Would I have to maintain a minimal acreage of native grass?

    Where I am, cattle are wintered in corrals because they can be cared for more easily when there is a lot of snow on the ground. Further south, you may not need to do that. There may be regional variations that need to be considered in the standards.

    Also, is there a concern that government might try taking this over and getting involved or enforcing regulation on it?

    To avoid a good ol’ boy problem, you could require allowing random checks on a person’s practices. You may not perform a lot of them, but the threat might limit the problem.

    Love the idea, hope it works.