Episode-253- Tactical Training for the Everyday World with James Yeager — 24 Comments

  1. The audio quality is kind of weird. It’s very clear but kind of subdued in a sense. I hate to comment and not leave a suggestion but I have no clue as to what I am doing when it comes to recording audio files, uploading and such. I just wanted to let you know. Cool interview though and thank you to Jack and James for doing it.


  2. I can try boosting the audio a bit in the voice layer and see if that helps a bit. I think part of it is simply that the audio is actually clear for a change. I think I have the audience’s trained to deal with an MP3 player in a car.

  3. Your right about the small frame handguns.I have strong hands and still have some problems shooting them.I would not get a snubnose or a subcompact for a first time handgun for a man or women get something larger or a better fit to get some shooting time first.They look nice some may think oh that will fit in my purse or pocket and the first time they shoot it they get bitten and will not shoot it again.

  4. I have carried a \"J\" frame,5 shot, 3\" Smith & Wesson Chief\’s Special for a very, very long time.
    I use a federal load that is popular with female FBI and it\’s not too hard to find at most gun shows.

    I would have liked to ask Mr. Yeager a few questions about his assertion that a semi auto is better for women than a revolver because that has not been my experience.
    Nor 3 of my girl friends who also carry concealed.
    perhaps Mr. Yeager would be kind enough to follow up my comment if he has the time or inclination?

    The reason I (and my girl friends)choose a revolver over a semi auto is that we found racking the slide on a semi auto too hard on the hands.
    I personally was concerned that I couldn\’t clear a jam fast enough under stress.

    Now that I\’ve grown older, my hands are weak and aren\’t nearly as strong as they were 30 years ago.

    I also need to add that my hairdresser is very experienced with firearms and knows and understands women
    *he doesn\’t do updo\’s – so he\’s not what you might think :-)*
    also agrees that a revolver is better for most women.

    I keep a 12 gauge over under shotgun in my pantry with my apron & broom for home defense.

    I happen to believe a woman is better at selling & teaching another woman about firearms than most men.

    I believe that with frequent practice, women are much better shots -especially under stress and as snipers.
    I think our nervous systems are just different enough to give us an edge.
    If I\’m not mistaken the Russians thought the same thing during WWII.

  5. @Granny good points hopefully James will get time to respond let me answer those points from my view, noting that James and I think a lot alike but no where near 100% the same on these things.

    1. I think James’ remarks about semi autos for women were more about men that limit woman who do not need to be limited. In the end we must choose what we are most confident in. I certainly can understand as one gets older how slide manipulation is a challenge. Further a 5 shot revolver beats no gun any day.

    2. That said James might point out this video of an 11 year old girl who did just fine with the right gun in semi auto for her size

    I think the big point is if you can carry either and use them well the semi auto is generally better. The other side was that men often make this decision for the woman in their lives rather then allowing them to experience and attempt to learn and then letting them make informed decisions.

    I can tell you it happens, almost every time I am in a gun store there is a guy there prepared to buy a revolver for a lady (because it is best for her) even though said lady is 90% of the time either not in attendance or uninformed and clearly letting the man speak on her behalf. My belief is few women let a man speak for them (nor should they) when they are informed about a subject but when they are not and it is seen as a “male dominated topic” they often do.

    As for your comments on women being better overall shooters, I disagree for only one reason, the results we see in organized competition don’t bare that our. I DO believe in the prone position with a rifle a woman’s anatomy (pelvic shape) in an inherent advantage.

    That said in the end I think when it comes to ability to shoot well shooting is one of the most even areas between the sexes. There is natural talent in many shooters and many never really are very good (both sexes) ever. Anyone can learn to be proficient but MOST of the true skilled shooters tend to have some inborn aptitude or they never develop it. Some part of it is “in the blood”. I know many that will disagree but I have seen far to many people that can pick up a gun the first time and shoot better then 90% and I have seen many get years of instruction and get proficient but nothing approaching what many can do on day one.

    In that light I don’t think male vs. female is that critical. In most instances guns don’t ever miss, shooters do, their gender has little influence on the bullets path.

  6. AS far as a GLOCK goes ive tried several different ones they dont fit my hand very well so i didnt buy one i got the SRPINFIELD XD it seem to fit a lot better.ON the 1911 love them and going to get one soon or maybe a TAURUS 608 its a 8 shot 357 mag same capacity as the 1911 just have not seem one yet.

  7. Granny Miller, look up Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko.

    From Sniper’s Paradise:
    “Pvt. Pavlichenko fought about two and a half months near Odessa. There, she recorded 187 kills. The Germans gained control of Odessa, and her unit was pulled to be sent to Sevastopol on the Crimean Peninsula. In June 1942, she was wounded by mortar fire . In May 1942, Lieutenant Pavlichenko was cited by the Southern Red Army Council for killing 257 German soldiers. Her total confirmed kills during WWII was 309 enemy. Lyudmila killed 36 enemy snipers. She found the kill logbook of one of the Nazi snipers she killed. He had taken the lives of over 500 Soviet snipers.”

  8. Jack –
    I’ve seen the same kind of male patronizing of women when it comes to buying handguns.

    Sadly I think many of the women who are getting a gun bought for them, really don’t want the gun or haven’t thought through the education, responsibly or implications of firearm ownership.

    I fear many of the guns bought for women by their men are put in a dresser drawer, and then forgotten about.

    It’s my opinion that self defense and the 2nd Amendment IS the most important “woman’s issue” that American woman face today.
    Forget breast cancer,equal opportunity or sexual harassment in the work place.

    The last I checked the stats, 1 out of 3 women will be assaulted in some way before she is 35 years old.
    What’s more single/divorced mothers are the primary guardians of their children’s safety & welfare.
    Being a single mother is what convinced me to first learn to shoot and buy a gun.
    I was a Mama Bear protecting her cub.

    I think organized competition is not a fair bench mark for a lot of women because men may have a psychological/sociological advantage in all competitive sports.

    I still maintain that under extreme stress women will out perform men all things being equal.

    I agree the wider pelvic area is an assent for women shooters (standing, sitting, kneeling or prone), but so is the interaction of adrenaline & female hormones.

    Sure would be interested in Mr. Yeagar’s take 🙂

  9. This was an excellent show! For our home defense gun I chose a Mossburg 500 20 gauge youth model for all the reasons that were mentioned in the show. A reminder to folks out there that with deer season coming in the Fall, most big box sports stores will have combo kits on sale. You’ll be able to get either a Remington 870 or Mossburg 500 combo kit for a great deal. Mr. Yeager made an excellent point that I NEVER considered about consistent trigger feel with a pistol depending on hammer position. Question for Jack/Mr. Yeager – do you see a trend in what folks carry for CCW as their experience/training increases? My wife and I are preparing for CCW classes and are both thinking that revolvers are what we’d want to carry. I just think I’d feel better not having to deal with slide, possible jams, etc – now. Who knows how I’ll feel after more training and carrying for several years?

  10. Woo hoo! An interview with Yeager! Thanks so much for doing this one Jack! And I hope you will do another with him again soon!

    And remember if anyone would like to ask Mr. Yeager why he believes the way he does, first do a search over at Mr Yeager\’s site: Many, many of the same or similar questions have been discussed there by James himself.

  11. Jack,

    Had a hard time hearing you well. Sounded a little tinny (like too much treble). Love your show and have recommended to friends & family.

  12. Thanks Jack. As always, informative, intelligent, and entertaining. Love having dinner listening to the daily podcast.

  13. Heh, while listening, you mentioned people whom buy guns and go “This gun doesn’t shoot well.” When I hear this, I almost always laugh. Sure, all 10-12 of your guns don’t shoot well. Right. I agree, good training is a better investment than more guns. It’s better to know what you are doing with what you have, than have a lot of crap you can’t use.

    GREAT show Jack and James. Fantastic, I like the interview. Keep up the GREAT work.

  14. Loved the show, hated the audio. Maybe I got used to the road noise and it’s just not the same. With today’s show and the discussion here, I got to thinking. Might be a possible show topic, to do something geared toward women and maybe older women living alone. Maybe not that many older women listen to your show, but listeners have mothers and grandmothers that could benefit. Just a thought.

  15. I really enjoyed this episode. The audio quality was off, but the content was awesome. I always thought a handgun would be the thing to have for home defense, but I’ve been totally enlightened in that regard as a result of this episode. Thanks to you both!

  16. My husband and I both enjoyed this episode. We do not know very much about guns and James’ advice on gun choices were great. We took some notes and plan to do further research. Thanks for a great show topic.

  17. Nice interview, Jack. I was wondering about his comment about the best gun (Glock 19) and whatever my excuse is for not liking it, I’m wrong. That was funny, but I think your point about how you are the most familiar and comfortable with a 1911 trumps his point pretty well. You sounded like you were waffling about your choice to carry a 1911 and were leaning towards moving to a Glock. I would think that being so familiar with a 1911, that would be a mistake. What is your motivation for considering a switch (I am assuming this is for your daily carry)?

  18. @Ransom,

    I have actually been considering going to the Glock for carry for a while. The main reason is nothing to do with reliability, my 1911s are both very reliable. I however, do feel the 9mm is adequate for self defense, the 19 is also lighter and a bit smaller then the 1911 and from checking it out it may very well be more comfortable for daily carry.

    This is also an old debate so one of my thoughts is to get the Glock and carry it for awhile. This will allow me to speak with experience about the difference vs theory.

    Last well hell it is an excuse for getting another gun.