Tour of the New TSP Homestead — 49 Comments

  1. Jack – the new homestead looks awesome with so many possibilities. Best of luck to you!


    • Nice Place Jack! I heard you say mancave a couple of times in the video. Maybe you could do a mancave episode with prepping in mind. Every mancave has things hung on the walls. So maybe there is some cool prepping tools ect that you could use as decor but at a moments notice they can be taken down and used. For example my buddy has a pair of snow shoes hung up on the wall in his mancave. They look cool and he may never need them but if he does they are there. I have a mancave as well but it’s filled with Steelers, Ohio State, and Pittsburgh Penguins stuff. Not very tactical but that may change.

  2. Very nice! And once you get one of those PVC cutters, you buy a red tool box and fill it with all sorts of pieces/parts for your pvc, always a fresh can of cement……ya, I know ALL about PVC!!!

  3. Funny looking at another person’s place and thinking “I’d put my wood shop in there, boat there, chickens there”. Looks great Jack. Will enjoy seeing what you do with it.

  4. Hey Jack the place looks great! Wife was drooling over the amount of garden space. Better hurry up and buy that other acre with the Mobil home or you’ll have me as a neighbor 🙂 I need some sunshine, tired of all the rain up here in the Pacific Northwest.

  5. It does look like a nice place. One thing I saw that you might want to take a look at is the timbers used for the raised beds. To me some looked like railroad ties. If so I would be conserned about the leaching of creosote into the soil. I have read that this is bad, but I have also read that it is not a big deal.

    • @ Jack – we rent a farmstead, and part of our garden is near an old diesel barrel and pump located on the ground. There is still a small bit of fuel in the tank, and it hasn’t been used in years. It looks like there is no leakage (still has fuel), but there has been some spillage in the past, given the spot where nothing grows. right in front of the barrel Is this a concern for my garden 10 feet away (in your opinion)?

    • They both wanted more acreage to do the permaculture stuff, but more importantly Dorothy wanted to be back closer to her family – so they moved back to TX, just about an hour from family and friends.
      The property in Ark is up for sale.

  6. great looking place Jack, the pride and excitement comes across in your voice, many years of joy ahead of you and Dorothy

  7. If you can figure out a coating that helps with the PVC ultravoilet problem, it will be a boon to all. I wish you the best. Good LUCK

  8. Oh man, you are killing me. This looks like my dream. Great spot, great price, lots of potential and lots of projects.

  9. Jack! My Man! Your new homestead ROCKS! It’s bigger than I imagined when you described it on your show, and man the possibilities are endless!
    Oh and it’s a real possibility that those “Sea bed rocks” are actually Lithocrete. Some lithocrete is made with crushed sea shells. I hope that’s what it is and not the Ancient Sea bed, but it sounds like you have a solution either way! Good luck in your pursuit of happiness and keep up all the great work!
    By the way… I am, as the libs always preach, PRO CHOICE! I believe i have the right to CHOOSE what weapon I guard my home with and the right to CHOOSE how many bullets it takes! Cause apposed to Cuomo… “I MAY NEED 10 BULLETS TO KILL AN INTRUDER!!!!”
    Sorry for the gun rant… AWESOME new home! Congratulations!

  10. Damn, Jack, you guys done splendid – it’s a beautiful place! I can’t help thinking how blown away your new neighbors are going to be as you morph that sad and neglected landscape into a permaculture showplace. Gonna be awesome.

    (And don’t let that Yorkie hurt Max, LOL!)

  11. Happy for you, Jack. Looks like a great place to fend off the zombies, or just live a kick@$$ life. Thrive on, man.

  12. Well holy crap that is nice! What a deal. Here that same place would go for $350k-$375k for a good deal, with taxes pushing $3600-$4000 a year easy. This place is going to be great for you. The buildings are up. The fence is up. Garden beds are in, Sure there is more to do and changes to be made but those items just saved you several years worth of work. CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH. I always love seeing Max give him a butt scratch from me.

  13. Looks awesome Jack! Congrats to you and Dorothy. * Side question, I can’t even imagine how swamped you are but are there any updates on Revolution 2.0? Greatly anticipating its release!

  14. Very nice! I’m a little jealous… Grew up on property like that but for the last 5 or 6 years been stuck on a tiny lot in the middle of town and can’t wait to get back out just a little. What you have there looks just about exactly what I hope to end up with. Have fun out there!

  15. Looks good, very similar to my property in terms of the amenities and the challenges. It will be interesting to see what you do with it.

    It’s easy to look with envy at another property and imagine what you could do with it. Land potential aside, I notice you took several opportunities to mention the neighbors. Not just “here’s a property line”, but your good impressions of them. That’s too often overlooked. You can fix the pasture with a bag of grass seed, but fixing neighbors isn’t as easy. The fact that you have some fellow gardeners near by, a family land-sharing multiple houses… That says a lot of good things about the community you’re joining.

    Good neighbors are a blessing, bad neighbors are a curse. Sometimes the only difference between the good and the bad are those first impressions. Break out the home-brew, toss a few steaks on the grill and invite the neighbors over. You’ll learn more in 20 minutes of conversation about the community, immediate region, and probably even your own property than you could hope to learn in months by your self. That should be a priority, even if you’re like me and view it as a chore. Still, a cold beer and a T-bone steak is a chore I’d tackle any day. There are a million ways to work harder and accomplish less.

    Good luck.

  16. Awesome Jack!!! So happy for you guys!!! With that little bed off to the side, instead of just corn, maybe try a three sisters garden???

    • I was thinking corn with sweet potatoes in between, the corn will only go 90 days and the potatoes take over. I have to cut back on winder squash, we grew so much last year and just don’t use that much.

  17. Awesome looking place. I hope I can find something similar in my area. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

  18. Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you! Not quite a “blank canvas” but definitely a good foundation to start from, it’ll be interesting to see/hear what Geoff’s concepts for it will be and how it all takes shape over the coming months & years. Best of luck to the both of you!!

  19. Beautiful property man. I can really see what you said about how much can be done on just 3 acres. Now I am a greedy bugger, so I still want more for privacy, but I can see how much you will be able to pack in, and you are totally right about it.

  20. Congratulations on your purchase, looks like a great homestead! Thanks for the video, it really puts things into perspective. Can’t wait to see more videos of the progress and changes over the next few years. You’re living the dream Jack!

  21. Jack great vid and great choice in a property you guys selected. Looking forward to seeing some changes over time. Be sure to take many pics and video like this of the BEFORE stage.

  22. Amazing Jack! I absolutely cannot wait to to see what you and Geoff do with this place. Anxiously awaiting inspiration for our new 5 acre homestead we are (hopefully) buying!

  23. Welcome home Jack and Dorothy! Your place looks like a nice canvas to begin designing your masterpiece, so much potential. We bought our homestead 3 months ago and I can honestly say I have more projects planned for this place than I can fit in a lifetime. As you chronicle the tranformation of yours rest assured there are many out here with similar vision. One of the best ways I’ve found to gain inspriation is to visit other preppers at their homesteads to see what they are doing or have done. Thanks for letting “visit” your’s.

  24. Nice to be able to put a picture/video to the place, so from now on when you talk about it, I will have a frame of reference. What were the temps that day?.

  25. An added thought/request for Jack’s Permaculture & Prepper Paradise Project –

    Before, during and after pictures taken from the same vantage point are so much more easily understood and appreciated than ones taken from random locations. I’m trying to do that with my projects: all herb garden photos taken from under this cedar tree, goat shed pics from this rock, etc., etc. Just a thought … 🙂

    • Low 40s and windy. Been crazy lately 30 over night low and 45 for a high one day, next day in the 70s then back down. Of course it was 78 and 85% humidity the day I unloaded the damn truck.

  26. Jack it looks great. I’m curious – in previous TSP episodes I think you mentioned that you liked being able to shoot on your land in AR. In watching the video and seeing your neighbors are relatively close does that prevent you from shooting on the new homestead? If so was that a tough compromise vs all the good stuff this property brings?

  27. Good for you! Looks perfect for your needs. It will be interesting to see how you enhance it.

  28. This is gonna be fun seeing you start this project from the beginning and getting the videos and updates as it goes along.

  29. I’d love to live there, great place. It was fun watching the video, thanks for showing us around Jack. Looking forward to more videos!

  30. WOW..I can see it already looks great. welcome back to TEXAS. I live about five minutes from you in nw tarrant co

  31. Congratulations Jack & Dorothy.. the new place looks awesome!

    How about putting in some survey markers so you can get all those before and after shots from the same location? =)

  32. Congratulations, what a great property! Great infrastructure, all looking attractive, good roofs, sound buildings, fertile land (all not always the case) on which to add. Thank you for sharing this.

  33. Looks great! I’m in Hurst if you need a helping hand. Would you be up for hosting a mead/homebrew class? Goat Stump Brew sounds pretty good.

    • I think we can do that in conjunction with several other things in a single class.

  34. Did I hear you say, “WHEN Geoff comes “? Is he designing your property? If so I’d love to lend a hand just for a chance to pick his brain on climate specific issues here in Texas!

  35. Man!!! Im happy for ya Jack!!! That place looks VERY promising. Needs a bit of work to make it “yours” of course, but I cant wait to see what you turn it into. Im not too terribly far from you, so Im hoping to get a chance to come give you a hand through one of these workshops I keep hearing about. As always thanks for the Podcast and thanks being a true Patriot.