Episode-2790- Topic Round Table for 12-10-20 — 8 Comments

  1. We use the industrial version of Makerpipe at my plant. It’s really handy, one caveat, if you’re going to make any kind of permanent structure you need to use loctite on the threads, otherwise you’ll have to be tighten the bolts every 6 months.

  2. Re: Science and “magic”

    Everything you said about science is spot on. And yet only a minority will be convinced by (or even be open to) the facts & information you present. As much as it is counter to my own nature (and probably yours too), I’ve come to accept that most people don’t operate on (or are persuaded by) facts & information. It’s BELIEF & EMOTION that usually compels & persuades them. Thus, we are in a situation where not scientists, but rather artists, entertainers, & social media influencers are the ones best in a position to persuade the majority as to what ‘science’ is actually supposed to be. A totally absurd notion, but if one’s learned anything from 2020 it’s that the absurd is our operating environment.

    I know some look askance at Vin Armani’s statements about “magic” and “the Dim Age”. But if one gets past the labels he uses (his labels IMO being their own special kind of persuasion), he DOES accurately describe how most people think & operate deep down. How many more people ended up questioning the nature of the status quo as a result of watching things like “The Matrix”, versus information-based material like your podcasts, Mike Maloney’s Secrets of Money, or Martenson’s The Crash Course? That’s not to say those things don’t have value, but they are more like a small part of the solution.

    So wrapping this up and taking this beyond just the lockdown “science” issue, have you and your fellow agorists ever considered a more “artistic” large-scale project to promoting the ideals of agorism & liberty? Heck, Pete Quinones is already crushing it with the memes on Twitter… I wonder if any of your cohorts or listeners have any talents or ambitions in terms of film, comedy, or other entertainment arts? As Hunter S Thompson said, “when the going gets weird, the weird go pro”. Maybe it’s time for us to “get weird”… 🙂

  3. Film, comedy, or other arts certainly have entertainment and educational value. Satire is exceptionally good. Currently, I enjoy “Awaken with JP” vids. “What’s her face” also. There is much available on the internet. Anybody else enjoying other entertaining media which would be of interest to Survival Podcast listeners?

    Not sure of your idea of “Weird”, Nick. Governments (and their propaganda running dogs) foster group thought and action.

    • I use the term “weird” mostly as a way of saying “outside the box”. Logic & facts alone are often ill-suited weapons against the government & media’s narrative crafting and repetition of lies & half-truths. Effective persuasion has to consider how strong a role that emotion, beliefs, and story-telling play in the way most people make the majority of their decisions.

      I’m not saying this is good or the way things should be, only that it’s the way things are. To not acknowledge the reality is to put ourselves at a disadvantage.

      • Yes, Nick. Agree with more creativity to Introduce concepts of individual freedom and liberty to the general populace. Sadly, these concepts are in abeyance in the school system. Also not everyone has the interest to plow thru Austrian economics and the like, even though there are excellent programs and literature and websites on these topics. A creative approach is indicated.

        Perhaps it would be best to target those who are most readily influenceable. Folks that are disaffected with, or suffered due to, current conditions for example. It is surprising how many people have a libertarian bent and do not realize it.

        Strange, I just thought of the old time “revival tents”!