Episode-2532- More about the Toolbox Fallacy — 15 Comments

    • GREAT! So the rules….

      Do something, anything as soon as is reasonable – check
      Do something more – get on it
      Don’t stop – self explanatory

  1. It is quite true that this “excuse” is one of the biggest barriers to people getting things done.

    And it is also true that an educational approach (such as Passion of the Nerd’s videos, Jack’s podcasts, and the innumerable “motivational” lectures, presentations and books out there) is effective for many people.

    But the fact is that we, on this planet, are up against some potentially very difficult times ahead (not counting all the difficult times we have already been through). And we need a LOT of people able to change their minds about their abilities to start things and carry them through to real dones, real products, real future survival.

    If I weren’t aware of technologies that supplement and support this basic educational approach, I would be a very sad and forlorn person today. Because there are a LOT of people who need a little more than a kick in the butt. Thank goodness for those who only needed a kick in the butt! But if we want to bring more people along with us than only the most courageous, competent and ambitious, we need a little extra knowledge than is currently commonly available to all of us. Because that knowledge exists, I’m not totally hopeless about the future.

    There were a lot of things I wanted to do when I was 25 (I’m 65 now). Some of those I never got done. But there was one thing I did want to do: Understand the real situation I was in, the situation our planet is in, and what I would need to do to contribute to handling those situations. And I did that; something I will always be proud of. It was not easy (when I was young) to find out these things, and it still isn’t. But at least I know it is possible, and that was a big deal for me.

  2. Congrats Evelyn on starting your podcast, listening to it now at work.

    Interesting insights, linking asthma to milk in your case, my asthma being food related is something I’ve considered. Side note, I’ve found CBD to actually help with it, not saying it will help everyone.

    Congrats to everyone else taking the challenge and getting it done.

  3. Hey Jack,

    This has reminded me of something my grandfather used to preach to me as a very young man. I wish I could remember his exact quote, but it was pretty close to:

    Let me tell you how I feel about potential. Potential is a waste of ability. Potential means you’re capable, but for some reason you’re not doing. I don’t want to see potential; I want to see effort.

    Just wanted to share. I hadn’t thought about that in years, and it was one of the first things I thought about listening to this episode.

    Thanks for everything.


  4. Thanks Burger 1918,

    Back then my dad made a sweet syrup from onions, He’d cut up the onion into small bit’s then sprinkle sugar on them, the juice would draw out of the onion and combine with the sugar. It took about 2 to 4 hours, and it would only last about 36 hours before it tasted off or old. I didn’t like the taste of it then but I find that it still works. I eat the onions now too, but the onion syrup still helps open me up.

    I haven’t tried CBD yet, for anything. I will though.

    I hope you like my little podcast-like thing. Working on a title, the theme will just have to work itself out, I can’t settle on a subject yet.


  5. 10 months ago i finally put fear and excuses aside and walked out on a 30 year abusive marriage. Surprise surprise most of the ‘but what if…’ things  I had worried about either didn’t happen or I dealt with.

    For the past 4ish months I have been ‘going’ to start writing an online course ‘when life settles down a little’…   well life is never going to settle down!

    The writing starts today, basic website will be up by end of next week. Course will be done by Christmas.  Outline in place  time to hit targets. Thanks Jack!

  6. After having listened to this episode I thought of the problem with the toolbox fallacy. The toolbox fallacy implies we dont already have tools to use. I suggest we all have the toolbox, and have the decision to use it. If you’re curious, and willing to take action to pursue that curiousity you have all you need.

    • Actually it infers we do have the tools we need and implies that we claim we don’t in order to avoid action.

  7. Jack, you’re a jerk.

    I’m sitting here listening to this episode at midnight as it turns to 10/25 realizing it’s been a week since I heard the call out for the toolbox fantasy.

    What the heck? A week already? Email coming because I’m behind the curve.

  8. I counter the Toolbox Fallacy with the Risky Business principle. My friends and I kick each other in the ass with it ever since we saw the movie in high school. It is…

    “Every now and then, say “What the fuck.” “What the fuck” gives you freedom. Freedom brings opportunity. Opportunity makes your future…”

  9. As an aside, off-topic:

    The video used a clip from the movie COLLATERAL.

    It may be a Tom Cruise thing, because there was a similar scene (“Someday I’m going to…”) in his movie KNIGHT AND DAY, if I recall correct.

  10. Jack, any updates on your book (Rules for Life)?

    I’m too busy trying to crush a wall to read side books right now, but I’d MAKE time for an Audible listen!