Episode-2813- Tony Nguyen from Polarity Exchange — 8 Comments

  1. What a great podcast! Great questions Jack, I hope you have Tony back to ask him more!

  2. Good Morning Jack;

    As always great content. I had to comment just because of your link to one of my favorite bands of all time,most people have never heard of – Poets of the Fall. Great choice and such a perfect song for the state of our world.

    Have a great day!

  3. Incredibly informative and transparent conversation about the security of decentralized exchanges. Can’t wait to see Polarity.Exchange take off!

  4. I been trying to set it up. But i got stopped at the authentication code it keeps telling me the code is not correct

  5. It looks like you can’t send money from a regular account to your polarity wallet, is that correct? So you would have to use one of the “normal” exchanges like coinbase to buy some ether or something, then send it to the polarity wallet to do further exchanging?

    • If you mean fiat as in buy for US Dollars yea, Polarity is a DEX exchange and no KYC so they don’t do fiat conversion. If that is what you were asking anyway.