Tonight’s Meet Up in Iowa, Same Place, Jimmy’s — 7 Comments

  1. I love our life here on the farm. We raise our own livestock, have several large garden with fruits and vegetables. I think it is fun garden, and raise animals. We have chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, cats etc. It is great.

  2. Jack, thanks for your presentation and for coming to the Midwest. It was great to shake your hand and talk agriculture/permaculture for a few minutes. Hope you had a good trip and you make it backup here again someday.

    Charles (aka, the guy that spilled his coffee as he left your table)

    • Had a great time chatting with you, MAN you should have told me your screen name at the expo, we have interacted so many times online and I had no idea.

      • I just wish I had been able to attend one of the mixers. Life got in the way. I’d had loved to talk about a few ideas I’m kicking around re: permaculture, escape from a 9-5, and a property. But I didn’t want to dominate your time. Plus, you’ve led me and others to the trough…at some point, we have to figure out how to drink for ourselves.

        When I told my 5-year old son, who was at grandma(pa’s) for the weekend that we met you he yelled with excitement “Are you serious?!?” He still talks about the compost bins we built after watching your videos. His favorite part was when the dogs would come into the picture 🙂 I’ll have to sit down with him and watch some of the videos you’ve put together at your new place. He’s a big fan (of the vids…haven’t introduced him to the podcast, yet).

        Glad you got back safe.


  3. Jack, Thanks for the visit to Iowa. Great presentation and enjoyed having a Guinness with you.