Episode-2429- Dr. Jeff Tomberlin on Black Solider Fly Compost Systems — 5 Comments

  1. Jack,

    Very exciting solution to a ecological problem. The front end of the process seem to have been studied intently, but I had a question about the output. Does the compost build soil health or does it only work to boost plant growth like a chemical fertilizer?

  2. Fantastic insect.

    Excellent interview.

    Awesome solution.

    Talk about “GSD” this epitomizes it…

  3. Not sure about the US but in the UK a lot of the large companies are already looking at (McDonalds, Tesco etc) but as with all things in with government there are numerous bodies and people involved.

    This is delaying things here along with the issues with Brexit but the UK is behind the rest of Europe in getting these plants created.

    With the amount of money local councils are spending on Bio digesters I don’t think it will be long before they also start looking into this as they can still charge businesses and tax payers for the collection but they would then be able to sell the protein/ oils etc from the larvae as well as the compost.

    Grubtubs in Austin collect the food waste and Entocycle in the UK are using coffee grinds and spent brewers grain from the local micro breweries for theirs (no connection just love the idea)

  4. Once again, you’ve stirred my creative mind. The one thing that sold me on BSFL was the video on YouTube that showed a time lapse about what happens to a fish in 24 hours. It’s nuts!

    Thanks Jack and Jeff

  5. This was a great interview. Everything he said was right except that it is the only bug that can be used for animal feed.  Crickets can now also be used in animal feed.  My sister has started a cricket farm.  The crickets are sold both for human and animal feed.  But the bsf are a great solution for waste food and for animal waste.  Great interview.