Today’s TSP Will Be Later Than Usual — 15 Comments

  1. Talk to me about creating a poly-culture pasture. I have several acres covered in woody brush that I want to convert to something that can support a mixed herd/flock of grazing animals. Particularly what to plant after I clear this ground. There will still some be large trees so it would have to handle at least partial shade.

    • I’m not sure if they’ll talk about it, but without a doubt in the book he talks about the subject. In fact its probably one of my favorite sections. To say the least that man has tried many a ways and fallen on his face, and done a lot of work. I’m glad he’s made the mistakes that I can learn from. =)

      One of which is mowing my grass till i get animals….. ERG… grumble grumble grumble….

  2. Jack, if you can, please ask him to elaborate on his wood cookstove/waterheater/heating system. Where he got it, and any suggestions or advice he might have about a similar system. Also, ask him if it caused problems with respect to home owner’s insurance.


  3. I just finished this book. I was glad to see it was not just me that kept running into some dirty little truths of permaculture. This may be the most useful book I have read in a long time!

    • I have a copy but have not had the time to devote to it yet, this is good to hear, makes me want to dive in! 😉

    • Totally agree. It was an absolute great read. It was basically “here is all the stuff I’ve tried, and why you shouldn’t try these things.” In fact the book’s personal experience nature is its biggest strength. The guy has tried a lot of different ways, and even though he’s had a lot of wasted efforts in the passed, has some serious things to show about and is extremely positive about them.

      Definitely no permaculture fairy tale stuff, just results. And its clear they didn’t come easily.

  4. It was a stellar book. Can’t wait. I’ll be seeing Ben in exactly 3 days. Woot!

    I’ll try and take some pictures and put it up in the Forum or something. I know at least one other TSPer will be there. I’ll be representing with my mug and hat. I use them uhm.. everyday.

  5. Thanks for the show jack. I have Ben Falk’s book and it ROCKS!!
    I was so grateful for this episode. And he talked about stuff I never heard on his other videos. Usually when I heard him speak he went into all the basics. It waso good to hear more practical REAL things!