Today’s Show Prempted by the Weather — 112 Comments

  1. Wise man, Jack. A good driver will be fine in mud, rain or snow – ice is a whole ‘nother deal, just ask that cardinal.

    Don’t have any show suggestions, sorry, but thanks for those links, they’re three of my favorites and now I don’t have to go to the trouble of searching for ’em. Enjoy that fire.

    • Very wise move…….driving in ice is asking for trouble!!!!

      All you have to do is look at Hwy 83 North of Minot ND to the Minot AFB(15 miles)…..we have had up to 62 cars in the ditch in less then 12 hours. Most from out of state…..but some Nodaks end up there too……

  2. Hi Jack, I would like to suggest a show on fishing. I have seen your fishing videos which I think are located in the meber area, and I have also listened to the deer hunting podcasts. I think a podcast similiar to the deer hunting but on fishing would be cool. Thanks.

  3. I don’t mess with the weather either!

    Show ideas… hmmm… you could do a call in show featuring people who have brought their husbands/wives around to prepping…

    The best martial arts style for your height/build…

    Complicity of the school system in the sheepifying of America… (You might want to look into John Taylor Gatto’s works, or even better see if he’d like to come on the show. I’d scream like a fangirl lol)

    Learning prepper skills from venues that don’t cater to preppers, i.e. workshops at colonial museums, craft fairs, historic-themed festivals

    (fun?) Mental exercise: what WOULD you do if some imminent plague/collapse loomed over the horizon? If you saw signs of impending doom (Hollywood style, i.e. Contagion etc.) what would you buy/do in order of priority to best ensure survival?

    Overlooked survival items/skills. We all know about beans, bullets, bandaids, gold, guns, and gauze. What are those little things that make bleak days brighter? Things that people forget until they are well into a disaster?–I think Fernando (Ferfal) has touched on this topic on his blog.

  4. I really liked the “rapid fire” you did with Facebook a while back. Lots of questions, with short answers!

    Here is my Q, have you ever had the Murs-Radio guy on the show? It would be cool to hear a show about protecting the home. I am sure you have done one, but it must have been awhile ago.

    • @Charles, I have offered all sponsors the opportunity but I will hit Rob up again and see if I can convince him. I think he would be a great interview but understand some folks just are not comfortable with being on the air so to speak. Some are just nervous, even those who shouldn’t be. Can’t tell you how many guests I have had to trick into calming down.

      You chat on the phone preshow and they sound great, soon as the record button gets pressed they get all stiff, second guess themselves etc.

  5. A very wise move Jack. I know to many people who risk their necks (and everyone else’s) by insisting they and/or their employees must be in the office in that kind of weather.

    I don’t have a show idea. But, as further evidence that paleo works, I’ve started having to buy new pants. All of my current pants are at least 2 inches to big. Thanks for turning me on to this way of eating.

  6. A week ago Friday was a day like that for us. 20″ of snow, we weren’t going anywhere.
    A show suggestion, man does not live on strawberry jam and pickle relish alone. How about ideas on what to plant in suburbia with the thought of canning in the long run. I have put up straight veggies (green &wax beans, carrots, beets, and corn) but I need more ideas.

  7. Hello Jack,
    Love your show. We listen to your show almost daily in the shop… in hand of course!
    For a show idea, how about firearms maintenance and what firearm support items a prepper should have on hand for a rainy day?
    Be well and enjoy your off time. Thanks.

  8. Jack,

    For a gun related show, could you talk about optics, iron sights and the merits of each?

    I recently attended a National Match training course, where guys were hitting the paper laying prone with iron sights from 600 yards! I was taught some awkward positions (definitely not tactical in appearance), but was able to hit the “X” off hand from 200 yards with an A2 style AR-15. (that felt pretty awesome BTW).

    I’m now reconsidering the value of some of the high tech optic options available today.

  9. Way to stick to the first rule of survival – “waking up tomorrow” – your life is worth more than the show. Enjoy your “ICE DAY” with your wife!

  10. I would like to hear a show about attracting wildlife to your urban backyard. And also some things to do that would keep them around.

  11. Key componentst to incorporate when building a new home or remodeling an existing one……The preppers perfect home. What are the items that are not mainstream, but are benificial to have, that are needed to be done in the planning stage.

  12. LOL snow day Huh Jack LOL we got 5″ here in Michigan the other day but we are way behind on our snow totals for the year, good part was I was able to pull out the snowmobiles and went riding Saturday morning.. The wife and I had a great time, here is another idea for a show, how about bug out vehicles other then cucv and cars and trucks.. I am talking like 4 wheelers snowmobiles, jet skis just a though.. Enjoy your snow day Jack..

  13. Seems like a good prepper with systems of redundancy would have been prepared for this. (Episode-670- The Power of Redundancy)

    • @Jim, someone always has to come off like a smart ass. Well my redundancy is 1,000 hours of on demand programming. Pick one or go smart off to someone else.

  14. You should do a show on firearm storage and maintenance. Cover things like everyday storage, long term storage for those seldom uses guns, and maintenance and cleaning for the different types of firearms. Maybe throw in different types of ammo. New factory, reloads, surplus, black power, etc.

  15. How about a show on ways to improve marksmanship? Suggested drills, techniques, common mistakes, etc.? It could be broken into multiple segments:
    handguns, rifles, shotguns. You could also talk about sights/optics, and differences (pros/cons, training techniques, etc.) between them.

    Maybe cover a lot of the material in your book about mastering the .22 LR?

  16. Stay warm, be safe! Snow on the ground here in the UK too, so I’ll be getting a nice fire going myself shortly and I also recommend some “human antifreeze” just to be safe – alcohol works fine for me!

  17. I recently went back and listened to the episode you did with Old Grouch on CUCV’s. At the end of the inteview you mentioned getting him back on to talk about other Military surpluss items that were available. That would be a great show topic.

  18. Jack,
    Maybe it’s time for another show on “Convincing the Unconvinced” that our economy is in trouble and to stop acting like grasshoppers. My unconvinced is a wife that just doesn’t see it and thinks everything is okay.


    • Perhaps you could show her Ben Bernankes recent speech where he said it was the intentional policy of the Federal reserve to devalue the dollar by 33% over the next 20 years in an attempt to inflate our way out of debt, and punish savers forcing people into risky investments.

      It is, after all, straight from the “horses mouth” Well, I think hes a jackass, but close enough 😉

  19. Hey Jack,

    It’s been a while since you did your Solid Values in Firearms. Maybe an update with what deals are out there now and what were values in firearms last time are no longer good deals. Just a thought.
    Or perhaps another installment in the series on medicinal plants?

    Thanks Jack.

    Enjoy the day.

  20. Perhaps today is the day to go and practice your winter weather driving and survival skills. We don’t get to pick the time and weather conditions when one needs to bug out.

    • @Brian, that is really one of the dumber ideas I have heard. So may be I should set my house on fire as part of a fire drill too? Shoot my foot to practice being shot? May be even stick a stick in my eye to practice being blind?

    • HA! Oh man, Jack. How about a show about cleaning coffee out of your keyboard after it involuntarily leaves your nose in an uncontrollable fit of diaphragm spasms…

    • LOL, reminds me of being in a lifeguarding class with a kid that said he liked to practice swimming against undertows. Wonder if he ever got to breed?

    • I am with Brian on this one. There are very good reasons to find a safe, empty parking lot and test the limits of a vehicle in adverse conditions. Having done this while growing up in Michigan I find myself far more prepared, more capable, and less afraid of adverse conditions.

      • @Mark L, frankly I think Brian is a dumbfuck and you are not. What you are talking about I have done many times. Finding a parking lot after the roads are basically clear and learning to deal with the conditions when you are not BEING A COMPLETE dumbfuck and endangering others is fine.

        Driving down the road with others on the road in a fucking snow storm when you don’t have to is being an irresponsible fucking dumbass. That is what I took that Brian was recommending. I didn’t think you were.

        • LOL! I don’t know if Brian is a dumbfuck or just ignorant about driving conditions. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

          It IS a good idea to practice driving in all kinds of conditions, with all kinds of vehicles, assuming one has access to a safe place. But the fact remains, no matter how skilled a driver you are, on ice YOU HAVE NO CONTROL, you’re gonna go where gravity and momentum take you. Home to the fire is the only smart call.

  21. So weird. I randomly picked the Alternative Ways to Evaluate Property show while doing some mindless data entry at work before I clicked the no show announcement on my facebook page. I’m actually kind of freaked.

    As for show ideas, I’ve always wanted to hear a round table show of sorts. Have a couple of repeat guests on all at the same time and bounce some ideas around. Maybe like Steven Harris and Matt Stein and Paul Wheaton. Possibly a financial or a gardening round table.

    A couple of guests I would really like to hear is Simon Black of Sovereign Man . Lew Rockwell. Karen De Coster.

    Thanks for everything Jack!

  22. How about a more in-depth show on green house on a budget. And important principals when factoring your design with repurposed materials that can be found inexpensively. Like best ways to do you foundation, what kind of covering, what you make your floor out of, ventilation, heat, organization etc.

    • I second this one. I managed to get three years out of a cobbled timber and PVC greenhouse and am looking for ideas to incorporate into a new one later this year.

      • Find a glazer and ask him if he could get you mis measured glass. Glass companies throw away tons of glass that was ordered wrong or mis measured. For $100 most glazers would load you up with glass.

  23. Yo Jack
    How about a show about dealing with a long term winter storm… kinda fitting i’d think 😉 if you’ve heard SOS episode 17 then you’ve heard my story. maybe something like that… anyway stay warm and keep the coffee going!

  24. How about a show with more detail on why flouride (drinking water, toothpaste, dental stuff) is dangerous to humans.
    You have stated many times that you stay away from it but I have never heard a detailed reason why.
    Thanks for the show!

  25. Jack,
    how about a show on multi-caliber firearms and their usefulness in a survival situation? just a thought. love the show, keep up the good work .

  26. Jack I see some suggestions here about a show on firearms. Maybe if you pick up on one of those you can include some discussion/advice on selling firearms?

  27. Stay high and dry Jack. How about a show about building on the cheap with recycled materials. Where to find materials, resale/craigslist/offering to demo someone building for the materials. Uses for stuff that wasn’t ment for it. Like the guy building steel roof with washer and dryers he found as trash, cut them up and flattened the metal out ect…

  28. Hello Jack,
    Glad to hear you opted to avoid driving on icy roads, good call.

    As for firearm related show topics, I have a few suggestions for subjects that most of us do not hear enough about.
    #1. Proper cleaning solvents and procedures to use after having fired corrosive primed surplus ammunition. With the popularity of Kalashnikov variants, surplus Mausers, Nagants, & Schmidt-Rubens & the vast array of mostly corrosive ammo for them on the market, I think it may prove a relevant topic. I hear tale that corrosive ammo has a superior storage life and is somewhat less prone to miss-fire too.
    #2. Marlin/Glenfield .22 rifles. Great little rifles in the shadow of the mighty 10/22. I picked up a Glenfield mod. 75-C at a yard sale for $60 recently. Mounted a cheap BSA red dot sight onto it, cleaned it thoroughly, and it is incredibly accurate and shoots reasonably well. Although it’s a bit ammo-sensitive, I still think its about the best $60 I’ve spent in a while.

    #3. Under appreciated centerfire calibers. My dad has been having loads of fun and success with affordable single shot rifles like the NEF “Handy Rifles” & H&R single shot rifles chambered in calibers like .22Hornet, .218 Bee, and 30-30 Winchester. These calibers take on a whole new set of dynamics when loaded with “Spitzer” type bullets for use in single shots and bolt guns (without tubular mags). He has enjoyed further success with the fire formed wildcats of these rounds: .22K-Hornet, .218 Mashburn Bee, and .30 Ackley Improved.

    I would enjoy hearing more on any of these topics. I love the show. Stay safe & keep up the good work.

  29. Jack,enjoy your show.Could you have a show on how and where to find a good defense attourney, when a law- abiding person is forced to defend themselves with a firearm.

  30. Show idea, how about one on knives, different types/uses of, care and maintenance, types of sharpening stones, etc. There are so many choices of knives where do you start?

    Stay safe & warm.

    • I second that idea. I’ve been wanting to hear a segment on knives, types, quality, value, sharpening methods, etc.

      We bought a set of Chicago Cutlery knives from Wal-Mart when we got married almost 20 years ago. Still have all the knives, and are in pretty good shape. Would like some advice on how to keep the edges good, and so forth. Do blades wear out?

      Thanks for your show.

  31. Hey Jack, no sweat on taking a day due to weather. I would like to hear a show dedicated to 11th hour purchases. For example, you’ve read the tea leaves and have decided to buy the last minute things while credit cards still wor etc… whatever your flavor of doom is. What are those last minute things you’d grab off the shelf while you still could?
    Thanks Jack, love the show.

  32. Jack, I just watched the movie contagion. How about something preparing for and handling a pandemic. Awesome movie. It made my wife and son have a better understanding of why we are doing what we are. I would recommend any prepper watch this movie. Numerous things that I didn’t think about.

  33. I agree with @Kayzonara, something related to the school systems. You did one a while back on the subject, maybe expand on that. Different options that parents can use to supplement the poor education kids get when home schooling isnt an option.

    Another show I would like to hear is also kid related, how to get kids into prepping mindset. How to explain prepping, how to give them the skills they might need in case different scenarios hit, etc.

  34. I would like to hear a show on:
    1.Solar- examples of cost and set up info for min. in house and shop. (do they get set up separately?)
    2. Is a wind turbine good? I hear they break down due to wind. Does wind power pay for itself?
    3. How to feed big dogs during SHTF?
    4. How to store guns properly. I think I should store in rust proof bags? How much ? or just Lub?
    5. How to deal with moisture. Mold, moisture and normal living for us. Basement water table high. Winter and summer expreme heats. What are some of the consideratoins for prep supplies under these conditions? (Note can not afford to repair).
    6. What is the next best way to keep a above groundwater tank from freezing during winter? (No room in shop). (5000-10,000 gal. tank).
    7. Less than lethal? sources of weapons and restraints for managing relatives that flip out. Recommendations for dealing with neighbors and relatives that may resort to causing harm during their own emotional meltdowns. These are folks that you don’t want to cause perm. injury to yourself, others, or their self .
    8. Exercise and physical fitness for the fat and medically challenged.
    9. How to use an old 40 channel CB radio at listen only mode.
    10 Alternate communication backup for the the less tech friendly out there. (Me).
    11. Keeping records – what to keep – what not to keep.
    12 Inventory managment of supplies – How to for non- computer data sheet type people.
    13. Will batteries be at risk for a EMP or other related failure? How to store batteries best? How to protect from electric and weather related issues. (Micro burst storms, etc – Uncle’s manufactured home blew up with him inside. He and pets survived – stuff did not). What kind of appliances and electronics should I keep in a faraday cage? (A toaster?)
    14. What are proven and legal barter items? The states can make it kind of hard to determine at times.
    15. What are some of the other ways to processing meat at home when the freezer paper, wax paper and plastic bags run out?
    16. Are their alternatives to glass jars for canning?
    17. What kind of conditions/soil are required to get a crop to come up without irrigating along a river. How do you manage the deer.?
    18. Hand dug wells? Are they still being down?
    19. Support groups and free legal adive for rural topics?
    20. Coin collecting? risks and rewards?
    21. Alternatives to wood and plywood for repair during SHTF?
    22. How do I organize ammo?
    23. Which ammo is bad to have? I have heard that corrosive is bad?
    24. Which spices and foods are most likely to be impacted during a longterm import shift?
    25. Which vehicles do best with homemade fuels?
    26. What kind of OTC remedies are available for common health issues if pescriptions get delayed? Hypo-Thyroidism, Seizures???
    27. When and how does one determine when it is no-longer safe/wise to write blogs on prepping topics, express free speech? Is the writing on the wall already? If not, how will we recoginze such a time?
    28. When it comes to keeping cash on hand, is it wiser to keep coins? Coins are bulkier to store and not as easy for th ebad guys to put intheir pockets? The bad guys would need a wheel barrow at our place. I noticed that half dollars are very appealing to folks here in Kansas. What are the potential opportunities or implications for prepper minded people in regard to changes down the pike from the U.S. MINT? Will the discusion between base metals of coin and industry ever separate?
    29) If silver ever become fixed to a price as a result of being a global currency, will that be extra bad for sivler investors?
    30) What are some of the considerations for burying money? maps? depth? Metal detectors? GPS/satelite shifts? Moisture?
    31) What are the easies and best methods for caches? Should the location be changed regularly?
    32) What are the best livestock related products a prpper should consider purchasing? ie. livestock water tank, salt blocks, oyster shells to grind for gardening and pest control, oats?, etc.????
    33) I have seen videos about the best prepper items at the grocery store, Walmart, Dollar Store. What about the farm supply store? Tractor Supply?
    34) If a person qualifies for financial help, there may still be very strong reasons to not participate in such programs (govt). What are some of those reasons, risks?
    35) Were the $2000 dollars worth of Forever Stamps that I purchased a good and safe investment? I have started to use them. Can I relax now and just wait to use in the future? Are stamps a good investment?
    36) Which foreign products are most likely to be off the shelves first in SHTF. (ie. I had a dream that E. and W. coast were attacked by subs). (Same dream: Saw a fog over cities, not nuclear – more like a Agent Orange chemical).
    37) If a chemical warfare event were to take place, – like a agent orange attack in the area, is there a means to prep for that? (assume that the prepper can not G.O.O.D.). Lotions? Saline solution baths? Masks? Could a person recondition their air?
    38) Which car parts are most likly to disappear during a longterm SHTF? tires? head light? wind sheild wipers?
    39) I heard from a fellow in the South, that his dad refered to cats as fence possums. Meaning that kitty cats were food during the depression. Has any one eaten a domestic cat? I am not trying to get the animal activist in a up roar. I am a pet lover to the bone. Just being realistic.
    40) What are the greatest health dangers to harvesting wild meat? diseases to watch for? how to identify?

  35. How about a show on the difference of a damascus knife and one made of surgical steele in another words the pros and cons.

  36. How about a show on people who have had succes with wood gasification. I have seen many youtube videos but is there any way to get some of the guys “in the garage” to elaberate on there succeses and failures. Maybe talk about what the average man might consider, and how to properly filter for stationary power generation. Steve Harris’s book and a yahoo woodgas group is about the best info i can find.

  37. Jack,
    A show focused designing/planning/building a home from the ground up, focusing on survival and permiculture principles would be an interesting exercise and would probably get peoples gears moving for their own homesteads. Thanks for all you do.

  38. Jack,

    I don’t know if you could do this with an audio program (A challenge?) but I’ve been thinking about home made N/E water pumps. There are a few vids out there, but most of them are….not professional quality.

    I am lucky that I have a spring system that is gravity fed. Most people aren’t. Solar pumps are expensive, and hard to justify if you have a working grid power pump.

    How about a show on SHTF home made hand pumps?

    Also…. I have always wished that we had cardinals here. They are so beautiful. They remind me of Stellars Jays, but red obviously.

    I’m holed up here too. Keep the rain on the OUTside..

  39. Also, I think it would be timely to have Jim Puplava on about financial repression, considering the Bernanke’s recent declared war on savers. He could also talk about alternative energy, etc. He owes you. You’re how I found his show.

  40. Enjoy your snow day, Jack!

    Regarding show ideas, Darby Simpson’s interview had me wishing for a show on poultry-raising from the ground up. Perhaps someone could talk about structure, how to raise and feed, different applications (eggs, meat, etc.).

    And as I suggested on Facebook a while back, I’d love to hear Frank Sharpe Jr come back to your show and talk about firearms/defense for atypical gun-toters. What I mean is this. I doubt that all 30,000 of your listeners are the gun-toting stereotype. Some of us have disabilities or functional issues that have to be considered with gun ownership. I realize the audience might seem kind of narrow for a show like this, but I can think of a lot of information that a firearms expert could share that could carry over into suboptimal situations any gun carrier could experience.

    No, I realize my idea isn’t glamorous but it’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. 🙂

  41. Love your programs Jack.
    Good call on winter driving; many of us can drive in almost anything but those around us can’t, so it’s better to stay home.

    Show idea: Self employment. Millions of jobs are never coming back so we have to find our own way(s). Subset: tax advantages we can use while self-employed.

  42. I would like you to do some kind of prepper certification. Something similar to a computer certification. It could be a self certified thing, more a check list of specific things to know and have. It could work as a starting point for people who are over whelmed. I imagine it would be lots of work to make, but it something you could hand off to a trusted couple of forum members. You could interview him or her after.

  43. Show Topic Suggestion
    Introduction to shooting for children.
    BB Guns: minimum speed (my first BB gun would sometimes have BB’s bounce back from targets (trees, back stop). Would you have an issue with getting both a rifle and a pistol or focus on one first? Should I be concerned with having the ability to also shoot pellets and BB’s? Mechanism preference: spring, air, or CO2.

  44. Maybe one day a week, you could do a dedicated five minutes about something a person could do that week to better his or her self. For example you could do five minutes on growing lettuce in a tub, or explain three knots to learn and why, etc.

    I really like the idea you have that it isn’t all or nothing. A person can get better prepared incrementally. Five minutes on small steps people can make now would help me.


  45. Hi Jack, I have a show topic suggestion. How about an interview with a beekeeper. Has there been a show about beekeeping, I’m new to the podcast and haven’t heard one yet. Have a good day.

  46. Jack, can you cover what you recommend for a grab and go tool bag if we have to scoot out of our homes.

  47. Jack,
    In July or August 2011 you did a show on EDCs and web links to the items in the show notes. Over the past few months I have referred back to that list as I continually reevaluate my EDC and Get Home Bag. I also enjoyed the massive list of items in the user comments where they list the items in their personal bags. My request is for more shows about what people put in these bags; user call-ins with their lists are a good topic. I think you may have done a show dedicated to user calls regarding EDCs, BOBs, etc. Since you have a ever-growing listener base revisiting this topic every so often is needed. Also, get Craig Cole on again. He’s doing a nice job with his podcast.

  48. Not a show idea, but something i like to ask people: what’s on your ipod.

    For me, it’s actually not tsp, as I listen at work.

    My ipod has 5 mins w/ jack, hdivs so I can critique my horrible editing skills, the great detectives of radio, and for music, it’s van morrison right now.

    For a show, I’d like to know about grafting and root stock. I know very little. (and grafting hormone)

  49. Also,

    The best defensive driving skills for ice: get off the road, you moron. Ice is no joke. .. and turning into the slide doesn’t always work. Using your smarts is a survival skill. Jack has shown his (to the people jabbing at him).

  50. Jack, I will second Josh and say give us a show on “Convincing the Unconvinced.” My wife & family think I am a kook for preparedness. Despite my attempts to educate, they brush off any bad financial news as “gloom & doom”, “boring”, or “depressing”. They don’t want to hear it.

    • I’m not sure what it’s like for your wife, but for me, it seems like most of my friends (ok, all but one) prefer to talk about everything BUT preparing for the future. And I don’t mean a doomsday scenario either, I’m talking about realistic possibilities like having another freeze here in North Texas and being stuck inside for 3 days, losing a job, getting sick and being unable to work, or just being unable to get to a supermarket for a week, say, because a vehicle is in the shop and you can’t get a ride. Too many of my friends don’t see the importance of being ready for these minor inconveniences, let alone see even the possibility of a major one, and they often try to convince me to change my thoughts. My family (father, brothers, cousins, etc., NOT my husband) treat me like I’m nuts and it sometimes seems like it would be easier to just conform to their ideas and lifestyles (but it is NOT!). These are people who buy organic food but scoff at me for dreaming about raising my own chickens and growing my own veggies. It’s difficult to understand why someone would think debt and complete dependence on others are good things.
      I think a show on “convincing” would be a good one, although it’s important to remember that you cannot change someone, and a lot of times the more you force something onto someone the more he or she will resist. I know it’s difficult for you, because I was not 100% convinced of the necessity of being prepared until fairly recently (last several months) and I realized how hard it was on my husband because he had to assume the burden of protecting and taking care of our family, because I wasn’t doing my share.
      I personally feel very liberated knowing that I am playing a huge part in keeping my family safe and prepared for whatever is to come.

    • You are not alone. My family thinks we are crazy also. We went from a nice neighborhood to a small farm out of the blue and downsized to a much smaller house. My brother said that if the SHTF, he will just show up at my house and take what he needs. I hope he’s kidding because I don’t want to be the position to have to handle that issue. I thought I was going to get a lot of resistance from my wife and son and it didn’t happen. My wife’s job loss made our family get on the same page. Just pointing things out slowly helps people realize the need to prepare, save and get out of debt. Small comments over time will make them think. It took me 100’s of Jack’s podcasts to get me moving in the right direction. Don’t give up hope yet.

  51. I’ve been driving in New England weather for more than 30 years, nothing bothers me, except ice. Good call.
    I would love a show on integrating modern technology with home security. If you can’t get the Murs guy, perhaps someone else? I have seen systems on the web that work with your smart phone so you could see inside your house or where ever you have a camera from your phone. I wonder if this really works? Imagine being able to do this if something seems out of sorts when you pull up to your house in the dark. Even way out in the back woods you could set up a Wi-Fi system.
    Thanks for your show Jack!

  52. Well I like a good doom and gloom show every now and then. I am able to share shows on gardening with a much larger audience.

  53. As a practicing Buddhist, I think that it would be very interesting for you to do a show on getting your mind “right” and keeping it there. It makes sense to do that BEFORE problems happen. (Although many people don’t get mindful until they have some major adversity in life – including me.) I wouldn’t be an expert on the topic, but I’m sure if you put your exemplary investigative skills to work, you would find someone suitable.

    Meditation is one tool for doing this. Meditation has gotten attention for its ability to help people overcome afflictions like depression and stress, and some people would contend that it can also help the body reduce blood pressure and enhance the body’s ability to heal.

    As a side note, I don’t feel that there is any conflict between a mindful, peaceful existence and owning and practicing with firearms. I’m sure that some in the Buddhist community would disagree with me, but they’re wrong. 😉

  54. How about homestead livestock? Home mixed feeds. (we do this) building a relationship with your local hay farmers. What your garden can do for your livestock. Feed and meds (wormer) recipes. Home raised milk, yogurt, and cheese production?


  55. Hi Jack,

    Glad you’re choosing to stay safe, I really depend on your podcast. And hope they keep on coming.
    Awesome picture of Cardinal. Thanks for taking time to share it.

    I would love a show on permaculture in regards to being patient about pests and predators. Or proactive ideas to eliminate these problems. I’m starting to get super frustrated with bugs, slugs, gophers, and voles. Maybe I misunderstand permaculture….? I LOVE to can and preserve, so I have a huge garden, but I am not set up for ducks, geese or chickens (yet), so doing things naturally, I have very little to harvest for my family cuz all of the above mentioned bugs, slugs, voles, gophers get 98% of it….. I am gleaning some ideas in various places on the web. But, nothing seems to work. I have all of this awesome garden area and I am thinking the only fix is going hi tech ag and or building a caged in garden (that doesn’t sound permaculturesk….? )

    Please help =)

  56. I think a show on alternative uses for existing firearms would be interesting. For example, Dave Canterbury is doing some interesting things with the H&R 12ga (which could translate to the 410 I suppose. There are also things like drop-in 22 bolt carrier groups for the AR platform. Those are 2 off the top of my head that apply to my firearms so I haven’t looked too deeply into other ideas. The one other cool idea I’ve actually tried is a slingshot bow (also based on Canterbury’s idea). But your reach into the community could certainly unearth a few more cool ideas and even more trials/errors.

    Good luck way up in the frozen tundra… keeping it real (and wet) in Mississippi,

  57. Perhaps a show on what we can learn from Greece right now. As near as I can tell,(and disregarding what the politicians are saying) they are right now living through a true economic collapse. Weimar, Argentina, the USSR; each collapse seems to be unique, what parts can we expect as a model for other nations?(including us)

    Also, I second the idea on bee keeping, or maybe interviewing a bee keeper. Thanks to you and your show I’ll be getting my first hive this fall.

    Stay safe and roast a marsh mellow for me.


  58. I would like a show devoted to setting up to do reloading at home (centerfire not shotguns!). How to select a press, what the various features mean, what equipment to get up front versus what can come later. I have been reading reloading manuals and listening to other shows, but they really don’t start at the beginning and explain things – they typically assume we all know what a progress press is and why its important.

    I also liked the idea suggested earlier on how to find an attorney, set up a relationship, and be ready in the event of a firearm/self defense situation. I joined a group on this, but they can’t really help you locate an appropriate attorney.

  59. Firearms show suggestion: top packable weapons for bug out bags, or wilderness tripping in a canoe or on foot. Emphasis on lightweight, compact, common ammo, reliable and rugged firearms. Several in each category: rifle, shotgun, handgun. I would see the primary uses for a weapon like this as #1 food procurement, #2 protection from 4 legged critters, #3 protection from 2 legged critters.

  60. I have not heard you discuss in detail handguns, compared to shotguns and rifles. With the Starbucks/2nd Amendment event tomorrow, perhaps a good show would be about concealed carry and handguns and what gun ownership means to the country. Some topics to include, in no particular order, might be:
    Who should or should not carry a firearm. (some people handle stress poorly)
    Revolver vs semi auto.
    When or why a person would use a handgun over a rifle or shotgun.
    What size handgun to conceal carry, full size, compact, sub compact and the strengths and weakness of all.
    No need to start a caliber debate but perhaps what calibers are best to consider. Perhaps explain how to look at the technical numbers of ballistics to make our own informed decisions
    Where or how to store in vehicles if carrying is not an option.
    Open carry vs concealed carry.
    Thoughts on a dedicated 22 pistol vs a full size pistol that can convert from a larger caliber to a 22 from a slide conversion. SIG’s, Glocks and 1911 all can and I am sure others will.

    As mentioned above, a bow hunting type show about fishing would be great too.


  61. Hi Jack,
    I live on a military base in Japan and spent all day yesterday putting up about 30lbs of miso paste. Miso is amazing stuff – It stores long term without refrigeration and removes heavy metal toxicity / radiation poisoning too. That reminded me of the 3/11 earthquake / tsunami / nuclear catastrophe and my experiences that day and the weeks following. Though we don’t live in the disaster zone, there are good stories from that day and good lessons about preparedness and expecting the unexpected. Our family now uses 3/11 and 9/11 as biannual dates to review our readiness state and emergency procedures. I thought an anniversary show for the 3/11 quake might be of interest to the listeners out there. Thanks for all you do – Kevin.

      • Sunflower, Miso paste is a medicinal lactofermented superfood made from soybeans, koji, sea salt and water. It kind of “happens” more than “gets made.” you can buy prepared miso at lots of supermarkets these days, but making it takes some time and attention to detail. If you’re really interested, I did a decent writeup and made a poor quality video of the process I will be posting to the web in the near future… Kevin

        • Yes. I am interested. I will try search on YouTube also. I would like to get the ingredients and the recipe. Miso is #2 to Chicken soup for me.

          Thank you.

        • I won’t ask for your email here – but I’ll post a link to the forum if the moderators don’t mind. I’ll call it something clever like, “miso and how to make it.” -kevin

  62. Well Duh! Do a show on winter weather driving. There are a LOT of people who dont know, and many who ‘think’ they know. Cover the core points, fwd vs rwd vs 4wd, snow chains, antifreeze, maintenance, de-icing windshields – door locks (happened to me once) – tires, slowing down or turning (but not both at the same time), a stuck in the car in the snow kit, etc…

  63. Out of left field…. draft animals, small scale. I know it’s lovely to watch the big teams work & they’d definitely be part of the picture for large scale food production, but the smaller teams (Quarter horses & other light type, Fjords, Haflingers, ponies)… we’re working towards getting some draft work out of our Mammoth donkeys. Then there’s oxen…. wasn’t but a hundred years ago that my G’pa was a freighter using a nice team of oxen near Amarillo, TX.

    When gas went up to $4/gal. a while back, ’round here folks started putting their ‘pet’ horses to work, riding into town & packing groceries back.

    And you could even tie in w/your wish to do a firearms show… how to gun proof your horse. =0)

  64. I’ve lost lots of information, photos, ebooks, etc… due to hard drive failures and have become redundant in backing up my information. How about a show discussing various ways we can safeguard our valued digital data. With the seizure of megaupload, not even file storage sites are guaranteed to be there tomorrow.

  65. Glad to hear that you were able to stay safe today. I am interested in hearing more about guerrilla gardening. I am not allowed to plant in my apartments small yard, but there is a near by timber. What would you recommend planting in a timber?

  66. Yup. Driving from Chicago to Branson area and hit the snow/ice. Pulled off and are spending the night at a motel. Glad they take pets, as we are traveling with 2 dogs and our daughters mini pot-bellied pig (4months old).

  67. Hey Jack,
    I know you are going to do that class with Sepp Holzer. I remember hearing on an interview with Paul Wheaton about a bone mixture for trees so animals wouldn’t rub up against them. I think an interview with him if possible would be good and that recipe. But I am sure you probably have something great planned already.

  68. Jack,
    Being from Minnesota, my first thought after you posted no show for weather was “what a wimp,” but a little while later I was driving in the snow/ice with all three of my kids in the van and totally slid through an busy intersection. Thankfully, there wasn’t anyone crossing or we would have been t-boned for sure….pretty helpless feeling. Needless to say I was humbled.
    This made me think that an interesting show would be to cover the “most underrated dangers to survive” for example: driving, health, falling off roof, helmets, seatbelts, smoking, household risks, electrocution, safety gear or not, etc.
    BTW- sorry for judging you! I love your show

  69. I would love for you to do. Show on prepping from an apartment live situation. I am strugling with this issue at this curent moment. As a new prepper working on saving and sourcing my homestead i struggle with how much a ican do in the next year or two in my tiny apartment.

  70. Here’s a suggestion for Jack.

    1) Offer me a bet about who is right about globäl wårming. I’ll take a $10K, or a $50K bet. The bet is decided by popular vote in 2020.

    BTW, Jack, you should think this through motr carefully. If you dropped your nonsensical, blogosphere-inspired, Libertarian nonsense about globäl government, Mäurice Strong etc etc, and accepted what nearly 100% of the world’s climäte scièntists are saying, you would have a marvellous new reason for the existence of a Survival Podcast. Because Jack, a broken climäte is the FASTEST way to get us all into rouble tht you could imagine. It makes Peak Oil pale into insignificance. A great salesman like you, missing a selling point like this!! Dump the Libertarian hogwash and join the people with grey matter, the scièntists. Turn away from the Dark Side, Luke!

    • @Sally, wow what a load of idiocy.

      Every stinking word I have said about Maurice Stong is fact so here is a bet, I will bet you 10,000 bucks you can disprove ONE fact I have given about Strong.

      As for popular vote by 2020 you people in the AGW world are loosing creditability and support by the minute at this point. I am not the one that ignores science you are.

      Please scientifically explain the paradox of the “C02 saturation limit” with fact. Go ahead I am waiting!

      I am not selling anything Sally you are! Oh and your name isn’t Sally, I know exactly who you are! You are not fooling anyone. God you cowardly snipers are sad people.

      Folks Sally is a dude! A sad pathetic dude we have seen before. So Sally doesn’t get to respond further unless Sally wants to use his real name and stop hiding like a coward.

  71. A topic to suggest: Rechargable batteries; how to use them properly, voltage differences, extending lifetime, ETC. I waste more money on rechargables because they loss capacity over a short time. Auto, cell phone, and standard size cell style batteries.

  72. Brent again. I 2nd John G:

    Thing that we overlook to stock up on. I remember a podcast where you’re wife gave you a bit of grief over buying more tealights. I am over 1500. But they dont rot or decay. How about a top 25 or even 15 items that are cheap now. (Kosher salt is on my list)

  73. As an EMS provider in the North East Ohio area, people going out and driving in bad weather is what we call “job security”.

    Mostly people went out and drove not because they did not think it was a big deal, but because they can’t afford to miss a day of work. Because you have prepared, you can miss a day of work to stay safe.

  74. Show Topic idea: Leadership in a time of crisis.

    Its an important thing to have. There is a time for democracy, there is a time for ruling with an iron fist. There is also;

    Dealing with challenges to leadership.
    Dealing with detractors.
    Making hard choices and tough decisions.
    Making accurate observations of your circumstances.
    Dealing with stress – self and others in the vicinity.
    Effective delegation.

    And a slew of other leadership tasks and traits that I can not think of now, but would be beneficial to review.

    Thanks for all you do Jack.

  75. How about James Wesley, Rawles as a guest? I know that he’s diametrically opposed to you in some respects, but he is a big name in the survival community. It would be kind of like a “crossover” episode, like old sitcoms!

  76. Show suggestions:

    I think it might be interesting to hear about some true life survival stories in the form of wilderness survival, plane crashes, stories from say the great depression, various wars, pioneer days, concentration camps etc .. Maybe another idea is listeners could call in and explain some inspiring books they read about stuff like that ..

    How about a book review show ?

    I might like to hear true stories about the colonial days of America, the founding fathers, or other parts of American or world history as well as how it relates to the constitution, economic theory, banking etc.

    I think it is interesting that ground nuts where eaten extensively by the early colonists and native americans. Native American’s did some things that might be of interest to survivalists. They built canoes and utensils from birch bark, made clothing from hides, built various shelters, etc

    A friend of mine says his brother grows many sub species of arctic kiwi in Minnesota, I would like to hear maybe interviews of permaculture farmers or people like that maybe etc. Interview Sepp Holzer ? Interview permaculurists in the tropics, what are my chances of being able to live off a high diet of coconuts or grow other perennials if I wanted to retire say in central or south america ? What are the dangers of an american living in those areas ?
    If I wanted to live in a different country, what are some good choices ? – maybe break down some places

    What about a show on edible plants that are invasive ? There’s alot of stuff I might want to grow, but how to I keep it from taking over ?

    Interview mushroom farmers or get more into mushrooms like how can you propagate spawn onto dowels and such ..

    I like shows on wild edibles and various unusual choices for permaculture etc .. I like huggelkultur related shows it seems

  77. I would like to hear from Cam Mather again. Maybe he is due for a return. I am currently reading his book All You Can Eat Gardening.

  78. SHOW IDEA: Edible Perennials for Preppers
    Much like a survival orchard I am sure there are numerous perennial foodstuffs and herbals we should be using in our gardens. I try to add 1-2 new ones each year.