Today’s Show Late But Coming — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks Jack, I can’t imagine how many times you’ve probably had to battle the “I think I’ll just skip today”, AIRBORNE!

  2. Call 911 and tell them you have a home intruder that had to be shot in self defense. Tell the 911 operator that you must ensure security of your home and to stay on the line is a safety issue due to not knowing whether the perp is going to attack you while occupied and you do not know if he is alone. Make no statements to the police until your lawyer is present. Make no statements to the police until you consult with a lawyer.
    However if the perp dies as bad as that sounds there is less chance of problems due to future lawsuits.
    Since you are alone do not approach the perp to render aid due to the person may be playing possum and they already shown their intent.