Today’s Show Delayed — 7 Comments

  1. Line two of Jack’s note says, “I could run on back up but not for the planned call in show.”
    So yes, a guy like Jack does have backup power, but orchestrating a live interview while operating said back clearly offers some problems that can be avoided by simply waiting until the temporary outage is corrected.

  2. Well, a back up gas generator can run audio and computer equipment. so, if the grid goes down, hook up the generator and viola! When I lived at an off grid “homestead”, we used solar, but if the batteries drained, we simply hooked up the 8k generator and could even run vacuums or other high power consumption stuff.

  3. Good Luck and Good Call. Back ups are just that, Back ups and their usage is based on how effective it can be with the functionality and limitations there in.

    Waiting for the show, It will be good I am sure, but like all things, only when it is good a ready, just like a good stew or good beer. No rushing.

  4. About to begin recording but yes I have back up. I have two very deep cycle batteries that are trickle charged from the grid. I only run the DSL modem and the laptop dock station with them though to conserve power. The call in shows are done with files that are emailed and sorted etc. on a desktop.

    As for the Genny since some assclowns two blocks over drilled out the electric main and flashing whoopie lights were going over there I didn’t think it was worth bringing it out over few hours of down time.

    I also have 100 watts of solar panel that can be used to recharge the battery back ups during extended down time. I just took the down time as an opportunity to do lunch with my son and mail some packages. I am now about to begin recording look for the show about 2:45 central.