Tickets for the Fall Workshop Go On Sale Friday Sept 2nd. — 3 Comments

  1. Hey that’s me on the right with the beginning of my beard. Look i’m even wearing my I F*&%ing Love Jersey City tee. Thanks again for helping me find some find some freedom, teaching me a lot of valuable info and building up my skills.
    Thanks Dennis Aan
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  2. Wow, I thought it would sell out the first couple of days, but mercy come a running that was quick Jack. I’m a lifetime member of the TSP and Founding member of PermaEthos but this will be my first workshop.
    Can’t wait to see you guys in October. I’m pumped!

    Matt Coleman
    Permaculture Freaks

    • It is going to be a fun time. The people you meet alone are worth the trip. I am kind of glad it took like two hours, based on all the inquires I was getting I was afraid it would go in 2 minutes. I figure if it took an hour anyone that really wanted to sign up had a chance. I feel like crap turning people down to these things.