Episode-235- Threats From Severe Weather — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Jake,
    I love the show and the use of “Ass Clown”. LOL,how do I sign up for the $.25 per day. Keep up the good work, I have learned a-lot. It’s all common sense but that is in short supply today.

  2. Jack good show.A tip on a boxfan if your A.C. goes out get a washtup etc put 2-3 bags of block ice in them and set them in front of a fan this will produce cool air learned that from my grandmother.A tip on tents here in MISSOURI a tent is protected under the CASTLE LAW therefore if you are staying in a tent you have the right to protect your home or tent. And that would make a big differance in a S.H.T.F to me.

  3. About storing water: Someone on here was talking about \’the WaterBOB\’. HUGE bag made of food storage quality plastic that fits in your tub and has a pump on it. I\’m impressed with it and will probably get 3-4.

  4. Hi Jack,
    I really enjoyed your show today. It brought back memories of living without running water. I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. When my husband and I were first married and in our 1st home, the dug well went dry for weeks at a time every summer. We’ve since moved from that property, and now have a drilled well, as well as a dug one, and a third one in the cellar which was used as a kind of refrigerator in the old days.

    In the winters here high winds, ice and wet snow routinely give us power outages. I just thought I’d share this tip for temorary water storage with your listeners…when we hear that an ice storm is coming our way, it’s automatic to fill up the bath tub and washing machine with water just in case.

  5. Well, I got to “practice” my “no power” preps today. Transformer blew and put most of the town and part of the next South of us “off grid”.

    It only lasted about an hour and 15 minutes, but it happened right in the middle of your podcast!
    (Of course, it would happen during one of the muggiest days of the “Spring”. :^[)

    Great show!

  6. Great show Jack. Severe weather is an event that I feel gets overlooked by a lot of people even though it is one of the most likely things to happen to us over and over again. You mentioned in one of your shows about dry ice keeping your freezer cold. I find that with a chest freezer I cover the bottom it with 2 liter bottles filled with water. The water freezes and will remain frozen for days if the power goes out and keeps the freezer cold if it is opened sparingly. It also is a source of stored water if needed. Again great show.

  7. In my area we don’t have to worry much about tornadoes or huricanes. But, floods are quite common. Here is my severe weather story.

    The year after I purchased my house (on the river), the weather created quite a nice flood. As my house is elevated, it was not an issue to my structure. However the roads and and neighborhood was under two feet of water. Number one prep item I had was a small boat, electric motor, paddles, and batteries. My trips in and out were aquatic for a few days. Food/water/baby/pet supplies were more than enough, and the national guard and local authorities were able to leave us alone and lend a hand to someone less prepared.

  8. Hey Jack,
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