Episode-44- Thoughts on the Differences between Permaculture and Agriculture — 5 Comments

  1. RE: Public Service Announcement.
    My hubby and I are moving away from all gas/oil use and in the game plan -our own methane gas production via 1 pint flush toilets and 4- 55 gal tanks. This is for production of cooking fuel. We bought an electric tractor which also has solar panels (in addition to wind generator power) for battery charging. We work from home via internet sales a list of products (though we are not rich – we do ok). We would like to change our car to an E85 and do a bio-gas (filtered oil) for our diesel machine use. . .which is minimal.

    Our house uses a modified solar design – instead of the high cost geo-thermal, we run a solar powered fan to heat & cool our house via flex tube running through the basement (for cooling) and our attic which has a black roof that heats up to 120 degrees even in 20 degree weather. We “siphon off” the temperature change for the appropriate season on 1 solar panel.

    We changed our lawn to a no mowing grass and our garden space expands yearly to the point that we can store 18 – 24 months away at a time. As you describe in your survival gardening – many people can do this on a small space, particularly if you can keep production going year round.

    Note, I once read about someone who fed his family on a 4’X4′ pot of string beans all winter. I don’t recommend just eating string beans, but there are winter producing tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, beets and other winter veggies anyone can produce year round. It’s 1 way to get people “into food production” before they move onto more challenging plants and a variety of food. I find most people know nothing about pruning trees or growing grapes. Beginners can also plant bird, rabbit & squirrel “gardens” simply by tossing bird food in a side garden (no care – it takes care of itself).


  2. I have a problem with having animals so close to my house. Though I use clover there, I do not let my animals graze close to the house (which is why I planted no mowing grass – the shortest I could find). Flies that accompany all animal poo can transmit disease. I also keep my gardens at least 20 feet from our house and plant things like chrysanthemums, mints and other insect and animal repellent type plants closest to my house.

    survival is a fine art- S

  3. Yet another great show.

    You touched on it a bit, but I would like to hear some more suggestions for improving my land as to encourage more wild game on my property. So far, I have been using all of my brush and tree clippings to build cover for rabbit, pheasants and quail.

    I really like the idea of planting clover to encourage deer. How do I go about maximizing my pond for fish? Things like that. I love the idea of establishing more permaculture on my property.

  4. Facts:

    Obama will give larger tax breaks to people making less than $115,000 / year.

    Tax Breaks:

    Income / McCain / Obama

    $38K-66K / -319 / -1042

    $66K-112 / -1012 / -1290

    $112-161 / -2614 / -2204

    It is worth noting that Obama would raise taxes on those in the top 1% income bracket. “Trickle-up” economics at work.

    CNN video:

    The facts are there if you want to take a look.

  5. Bought a dehydrator today to deal with all the apples coming from my CSA fruit share and all the cherry tomatoes from the farm.

    I was especially inspired by the way you painted a picture of the orchard, 200 years from now, with deer and squirrel running underneath. Seemed almost disney-esque.