Episode-37- Thoughts on “Patriots – Surviving the Comming Collapse” — 11 Comments

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  2. The book has a lot of helpful ideas.
    getting out of the big city’s at the last moment
    sure got me to thinking…have your retreat and gear
    ready to roll…have your escape routes down!! and back up routes premapped!!..not a bad read…

    Dan fong was the Man!!!

  3. @az1 – I have to say Dan Fong was indeed “the man” in that book. “Quite a warrior” as the UN Commander called him.

    @Dan – I deleted you from my mail follow up system. You can rejoin and see if that solves your problem. I emailed you directly about that as well. Let me know how it works out for you.

  4. Personally i liked the book. I understand your comment son style but i didn’t find it detracted from the story. One slight irk, and I have to be careful here, is the overt Christian element. I consider myself to follow good Christian values. Like most people in the UK I am not a regular church goer but do not believe that detracts from being a good person! Also i think there is an obvious opportunistic looting we all know that’s illegal and wrong (we have all seen the pictures from the LA riots and some from Katrina), however what happens when a starving family comes across an abandoned store? Or a n abandoned vehicle with usable goods and tools? I personally would use them.

  5. @steve,

    My understanding is that in the UK land is massively expensive right now. I feel bad for folks there because that is a real challenge. Right now there is lots of land available here that you can manage to afford, I would not call it cheap but it is affordable.

    I hope it stays that way.

    On the book, while I did not comment on the Religious bent of the book, know that I too found it “preachy” for lack of a better term. It was a bit over the top on some of the religions connotations for me to be sure. For instance knowing that the agnostic and jewish members of the group pulled LP and CQ during church added nothing to the story line and was just another injection of the religious tone of the entire story.

    That said Mr. Rawles is a devote Christian and he wrote from that view point.

    Classic literature the book ain’t! (though I sure can’t write classic literature either). It was a decent read and a good story with a lot of knowledge built in.

    I also agree if my family was starving and I saw abandoned food, I would feed them with it. Additionally if I ceased food and supplies from “cannibal looters” (which seemed a bit of a stretch) I would not hesitate to use them.

    Like any book it was written from the authors view and with his bias. Nothing wrong with that but, yea I understand exactly what you mean.

  6. Hi, my wife’s family have land in southern Ireland, which is relatively unpopulated and still quite agricultural, especilaly in the west coast where they live. Personally i think that is a better option!! Communities are still very close out there in a way we have lost some what in the UK and suspect parts of the US. Land is also relatively cheap. Self sufficient skills are still used daily but this is fading as “progress” storms along! They have just got their first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, what is the world coming to?


  8. Hahaha I thought the exact same thing about Patriots. People do not speak the way the characters do and that kind of sacrifices the plot quality but I guess that’s not the books main focus. It makes it difficult to read at times too because of that, keep in mind he’s a technical writer so you can really see that bleed through into the story.