This Week and The Email Alerts and a Possible New Member of the Spirko Clan — 48 Comments

  1. As a listener, I understand and don’t mind the rewind. Take care of your workshop, 10 meter target.

    I think it is awesome that you are videoing and putting on the MSB vids. Thank you so much.

    That pup is an awesome find, very beautiful. I hope it works out. I like the name ‘Sergeant’ for a working shepherd. I agree with Dorothy about not using Charlotte, though I don’t know her reason. When using the first part of the name, ‘char_’, when calling for one or the other under stress, it may be confusing for either or both of them and cause them not to mind your commands.

  2. On the possible new pup name, our friends have named all their furry animals after the peanuts gang.
    Charlie and Lucy gets my vote!
    Hope everything works out with her.

  3. I’ll second Lucy as a name. Very excited that there will be videos in the MSB, I couldn’t get the time off from work to make it down there. Take all the time you need Jack, have a good one.

  4. I like Lulu and Gertie and Jenny and Maggie. Good luck with her if you get to keep her, could be destiny. Hey another name idea: Destiny!

  5. Awesome that you’re doing the videos. Some of those session sounded really cool but I’m way too far away to travel on my current finances.

    Good luck with the dog 🙂

  6. My first shepard was found on the street. The kids named her Lady, and she certainly turned out to be one. Went to work with me every day for over 9 years. At my age we don’t say best dog. But definitely one of the best. I vote for Lady in memory of a truly fine dog.

  7. Megan!
    We have a collie dog we rescued and she’s the biggest sweetie. She’s still scared of some things; sheep, any water deeper than a puddle, loud noises, but she’s a member of the family.
    Your dog reminds me of her, and I think she’ll turn out to be a fantastic addition to the homestead – after she gets used to all the other animals 😀
    Hope you like this name.

  8. I don’t know if you’re a Star Wars geek like I am but the recent character Rey has a similar story. She was dumped somewhere and left but she’s turned out to be something awesome.

  9. I think it was Mark Twain that said the best way to find a good name for a dog was how it would sound when you yell it from your back door.

  10. I love the name Elsa (a good German name, and you can call her Ellie for short).

    Tentative congrats on your new family member!

  11. Lucky to get you as boss, so it should be Fluke or Lucky. We called our black and white shepard Patch.
    My next dog will be Luke.

  12. Maybe you could chronicle her training and growth because I does seem like a lot of people have questions about that.

  13. One of my pet peeves is people dropping pets off in the country. We have rescued two kittens and a dog. So, my vote is to name her “Peeve”.

  14. Thanks for rescuing this dog. All of our dogs have been rescues and each have been truly incredible dogs. Two brothers are asleep at my feet as I type.
    May I suggest Hot Diggity Dog in honor of the most valiant Jack Russell Terrier to ever walk this odd little planet. She was known far and wide as Diggity.

  15. Pretty pup Jack, awesome you are willing to take her in. My female Chocolate Lab who was with me nearly 16.5 years passed away peacefully on the 20th. Her name was Hannah, that would be an awesome name for your gal too! ;o)

  16. I know there will be future topics about dogs.
    Was listening to episode 286 when this email came in.
    Good episode to review for new dog owners.

    2 weeks ago we took in a ‘used’ dog from the shelter and are anxious to hear dog talk topics on TSPC.
    Future question…our rescue dog is so sweet, she licks and has no guard dog behavior. Want to encourage protective instincts to a middle aged German Shepherd mix without changing her sweetness.

    Hoping to hear the progress on the new doggie, like the ducks.
    Be interesting to see the personality that come out vs. behavior that can be corrected.
    Name?….WA-HOO [stupid but I love it] Our family avoids human names for pets, does not sound well when yelling it.

  17. Good to have you back, take your time getting back into the swing of things (can’t take care of others if your own needs are met), and what a beautiful fur baby! She is stunning.

  18. Angel. (As in Charlie’s Angels) Charlie and Angel go together nicely! Or how about Lola – as in Charlie and Lola – for the children’s book series and tv series.