There Appears to be a “Cure” Corona Virus, So Let’s Use It — 19 Comments

    • They can run all the damn trials they want, what I want is this being used until we have something better as a standard of care for at risk patients once confirmed. It is exactly what every doctor that has tried it keeps saying should be done. We are talking one of the lowest risk, highest reward options we have.

      Let them run “trials” in the usual way if the patient wants to, but let anyone get these common drugs if the virus is confirmed, symptoms appear to be advancing and especially if they are in anyway at elevated risk. All I am saying is open the door to let doctors try this for anyone that wants to try it.

      It will either work and supply a shit load of data fast.


      Be disproven fast.

      In a place like Washington or New York right now you’d now in a week. A fuckin week.

  1. Maybe I need to fold up my tin foil hat; but what is to prevent drive through testing from becoming a national DNA database?

    • At the current moment, resources. They can barely get them done for the intended purpose.

      When drive though testing is the standard in all major ________ breakouts, NOTHING.

      Personally having served in the Army I am sure they already have mine. Millions every year are paying to have their DNA collected anyway.

  2. So much about the medical system we have seems like a lot of brainwashing and all kinds of questionable treatments and overpriced cures with horrible side effects. I find it nearly maddening to behold sometimes and the extent of the brainwashing as well. Of course it’s complex and that’s one of the problems but if something might actually work that’s cheap, I would half expect some phony study to say it has been debunked or something

  3. Jack,


    This could get tied up for weeks with them trying to broaden the scope of authority beyond trials of known drugs and therapies.



  4. Chloroquine is safe and it’s been used for a long. long time. I readily available; I have some sitting in my lab right now. Trials are good but there’s no reason to wait for it on this.

    I’ve already seen the confusion on social media about Plasmodium (malaria) not being a virus, therefore this won’t work, blah, blah, blah.

    Because of chloroquine’s unique mode of action, it has been used before as an anti-viral and has gotten positive results against certain flaviviruses, retroviruses, and coronaviruses. This is old news.

    Mode of action:


  5. Not sure the appropriate place to post this tidbit…but i have quite a few relatives in Italy, the recent coronoavirus hotspot. ONE of the other big reasons italy has been SO hard hit (beyond the culturally physical contact) and older population of people…is the amount of buisness ties with China, particularly in Northern Italy. This was the report from my cousins…making me aware that scores of Chinese folks have bought up and built up there buisnesses there, near the high fashion sectors. Apparently, many of these Chinese travel ofter back and forth to China, thus the virus spread, likely unawares. There also seems to have been strenthening ties btwn Chinese and Italian gov’t over the last few years.  Bad timing i reckon.




    You are often seem to say how you don’t like Trump. You should give him some credit where he contradicts the leading government expert Anthony Fauci in this news conference. I don’t think any of the last 4 presidents we have had would ever go anywhere so far as this. Trump basically says he is very optimistic about Chloroguine and Fauci keeps going on there and contradicting him and all the liberals I am sure think people like you and Trump are just ignorant redneck know nothings. They are constantly laughing at you and Trump because they always believe all of the sophisticated sounding dressed up science. I think people should stand up and speak out more and promote the facts that are out there and expose the phony FDA more. To hell with ignoring everything going on


    • I gave him a lot of credit when he did that.

      Also consider if I tout Trump 50% of people will just tune out and not hear me out. If I honestly say not a fan but this is something he did, I can reach people with Trump Derangement Syndrome at least some of them.

  7. I signed the petition, but I’m absolutely shocked with your audience as to how few did.  If Jack Spirko says to sign a petition, holy crap, something is seriously wrong… 😉

    Although, I don’t think Covid 19 is as big of a deal as you do.  Looking at the accidental case study of the Diamond Princess Cruise.  Even if you’re in a tight area with a lot of sick people, you still have a low likelihood of getting it.  And even if you’re old, as was virtually everyone on that ship, your death rate is about 1% if you do catch it.  If I was over 65, and a chain smoker, and working in an office with a bunch of people that have Covid 19, is be worried.  I have an employee whose wife fits that description.  I’m worried for her… however, everyone else… just needs to get back to work, this is ridiculous.  And if this petition helps then more power to it.

    • This medication is taken in the same doses for decades by Lupus Patients and RA patients, calling it high risk is stupid.

      The medical establishment seems intent on ignoring HOW to use this medication, it is needed BEFORE people are in a hospital not after. It should be taken along with zinc, we have only known this for 3 months now but every trial is on really ill people and uses no zinc. We even have governors banning MDs from prescribing it outside of a hospital. It is the most fucked up thing government has done in a very long time.

      By the time a patient is in a hospital you could wave a wand and clear them of the virus and they still might die. I don’t know why people can’t understand this. By the time you are in a hospital the complications are the issue not the damn virus itself. Many are dying on ventilators with zero virus still present. The virus put them there but ARDS is what kills them.

      • Hmm, got it.  The studies are focused on outcomes when the study administered the drug at the wrong time.  Thanks for the followup response. Do you have resources that show when people should start taking hydroxychloroquine+zinc?  The moment a pulse oximeter shows dropping oxygen levels?  At the first sign of a headache/cough/etc?  Maybe we don’t know with Covid.  At any rate, given the documented side effects, doesn’t seem like we should propagate wide scale taking of the drug as a prophylactic…but taken like the morning-after pill after exposure or when you start to have symptoms?