Episode-1000- The Voice of the Community — 72 Comments

  1. YEAH! Happy birthday Jack, and all of the TSP community! Let’s keep this thing going to episode 10.000 !

  2. Jack, congratulations on Episode 1000. An amazing milestone for you personally, as well as for the TSP community.

  3. Awesome, awesome awesome!!! I can not wait to listen to the in its entirety. Congratulation on episode 1000! Me and my family are so grateful for the knowledge you and your guests have imparted on us over the years Jack. Thank you for your time and dedication.

  4. Jack,
    You have held up a single candle, and started a forest fire in the hearts and minds of people worldwide. Thank you for lighting the way to a better life.

    Best Duncan

  5. Congratulations on episode 1000! I want you to know how much your thoughtful, down to Earth common sense approach has encouraged me, and made my commute tolerable too! You inspired me to: start a winter garden, as well as how to leverage u-tube and facebook to build my own business (it’s going slowly, but it’s going). I’m hoping to be able to quit my job in about 2 years. I love your show, and hope you continue to live the life you want if times get tough or even if they don’t. By so doing, you have proven that it can be done…that I can live the life I want as well.

  6. Jack,
    Congrats on reaching a milestone episode 1000! I first started listening to your show just about a year ago when you aired the Zombie Apocolype episode. I wish i would have been able to send you photos or get a chance to call in for this show but I want you to know that since I started listening;
    The 15×30 empty area where my old swimming pool used to be is now a garden.
    I’m in the process of building my first greenhouse
    Planning an area of my backyard for chickens next spring as well as possibly
    As of today I have approximately 2-3 month food supply and ias growing weekly.
    Signed up for the next appleseed project in my area.
    so many more thing that would make this go on far too long.
    Thank you for all you do, Jack! You have definately changed my life for the better!
    John R
    Long Island,NY

  7. Congratulations Jack! And Congratulations to the TSP Community as a whole.
    Thank you for the hard work Jack, and the willingness to share as we all grow and learn.
    This is truly a milestone. Well Done Sir.

  8. congratz on episode 1000!

    this podcast has changed my life and i am so grateful for it. i can’t wait to listen to it. the episode 100 literally brought tears to my eyes because of the moving stories… i’m sure this will be more of that.

    jack, you have built an amazing thing for us to gather and rally around as a community and for that i would like to say a big thank you.

  9. I remember the episode where someone with a podcast asks Jack ‘do you do this like us, an episode a week or whatever’. They nearly passed out when he said he does an episode every day. I think that’s when I really started to think of the work that goes into this.

    Thanks for all the hard work and for bringing everybody here together. Lots of people can talk about prepping, but few have built the community of ‘novices’ and experts that you have. Well done, and ten thousand more to you!

  10. Three hours?? iTunes is calling epic Episode 1000 at just shy of 5 hours!!!

    Congrats on this milestone. I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this guy is on his 100th podcast, that’s huge’. Keep it up!!

  11. Just think.
    1000 shows at about an hour each give or take means I have spent over 41 days listening to Jack Spirko since 2008. Wow.
    And that doesn’t include the ones I have listened to multiple times.
    If I paid a therapist for that time, I would be broke.

    Congratulations Jack.

    We appreciate the hard work and dedication.

  12. Congrats on 1000 episodes Jack. That is quite an accomplishment. It seems just like it was yesterday when I stumbled upon episode 18. I listened to it and have been hooked ever since.

    I wish you thousands and thousands more episodes.

  13. What a great privelege and high honor. I’ve never met you in person, but I consider you a friend. Thank you for waking me up. Thanks for being there. Thanks for you being you.

    You’ve meant so much to my life. I’m humbled.

  14. Jack – I am about an hour into the show, and it’s fantastic. I loved your opening comments and found them very touching. In the past you’ve mentioned Stephan Covey’s 7 Habits, and am wondering if you know he wrote a book called the 8th Habit? There’s no need for you to read it, as you already embody its tag line “Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs”. Congratulations on show 1000 and keep inspiring us to find our voice.

  15. Thanks Jack for all the work. I’m just gratified I listen at 1.5x speed so I can get though it in a reasonable time.

  16. congratulations Jack! & To all who listen. This show has changed my life. I can’t wait for #2,000

  17. Congrats Jack!!! I’ve only been listening for a couple weeks and I LOVE this podcast! I’m on Dec. 2008 for listening to back issues.
    This is a great thing that you started. Listening to the phone call is inspiring. There really ARE people that are awake and that care.
    Thanks Jack.

  18. Congrats on # 1,000. Its come a long way since we were listening to you in the Jetta TDI on the way to work.

  19. Congratulations Jack!

    Thanks for being a voice of sanity in an often crazy world, and bringing
    forth a POSITIVE message and many ideas we can act on.

    1000 podcasts is a true milestone. I salute you sir.

  20. Hi Jack,
    I was overwhelmed last year about where to start in getting prepared and found myself not even wanting to start. But you convinced me to start small and get going a year ago and I wanted to let you know that I’m so happy I did! Thanks for the great exposure!

  21. Congrats Jack !!! Was shocked to hear myself on episode 1000. No longer in Oklahoma, working for the Fed in New Mexico, and buyin 5 ac up in the San Luis valley in CO. Hope to build earth ship type home completely off grid for retirement (or bugout). Again, congratz… keep on doin what you do.

  22. Episode 1000. YES it is HERE! Nice to see a Professional, Driven , Dedicated Person and Inspired too boot. Nicely done. I am looking forward to listening, though I may need to break it a bit, Not complaining, I am sure this should be savored, like Lamb Sausages and Good Homebrew. Blessings, Jack and Thank You.

  23. Congratulations on 1000. Thank you for the many life lessons, I might not agree with you on some things but, I am entertained, and learn somethings. Keep it up

  24. Finally arrived! Great work!
    Takes a lot of dedication to stick with it near daily all this time.
    Long but fruitful road.
    Respect to you for birthing the idea into this now well-developed matured adult.
    Come a long way. The whole package is presented very nicely.
    Might I venture to say this appears of a higher inspiration and certainly meant to be.
    Stick with it for another 1000 and more! As willed.

  25. I cannot express in simple words just how grateful i am to you for opening my eyes, so today my wife and i planted 10 fruit trees.
    Congratulations on your 1000th milestone.

  26. You rock Jack, and congrats on episode 1000! My life has also changed… I now own a small farm, am developing a 2nd income with my own business, am learning to garden and raise livestock. Between your podcast, and your forum, I am so happy to have found an online community to be part of. THANK YOU.

  27. Episode 1,000 was very consoling to us. Thanks to Jack Spirko, we started an urban permaculture garden this past spring. Today, Animal Control informed us that we must remove our 2 ducks in a week, or they will be culled. It was very dispiriting to find out our neighbors are so benighted and mean-spirited that they cannot recognize the benefits of an “unseemly” food forest. Our ducks ate all the slugs, bugs, and “weeds” harmful to humans. They provided excellent fertilizer, and we were looking forward to eggs in 2013. We kept them clean and quiet. It is a great antidote to connect with thesurvivalpodcast community. Thank you all for your great tolerance and common sense. Episode 1,000 buoyed us up today after a very unpleasant shock. Our eight-year-old is devastated.

    • Pat sounds like you are being called to make a change in your community. There was a show interview from a guy who save their chickens from the city. There may be some good info there so you can fight back. Haven’t looked yet but did you post in the forum? Maybe someone there would have some good advice or can help you find a place to foster your ducks? This community is great at helping out & very smart too. Good Luck

    • Pat I’ve read a few stories on facebook from people who were snitched on by their neighbors and notified by the city that they’d have to get rid of their chickens or ducks. Their solution? They gave the birds names, moved them inside the house into a big parrot cage (the kind you put a huge tropical bird into), and told the city they were pets, not livestock. The city couldn’t touch them. That could be something you could try.

      You could also try talking to your neighbors, seeing if they’d sign a petition stating they don’t mind the ducks and are fine with you keeping them. The city always uses the excuse of “we received complaints”, but sometimes that’s just not true. Most times, it’s not a neighbor complaint at all; the utility meter reader sees the ducks and calls it in, a trash man sees them and calls it in, something like that (they’re trained and required to snitch on code violations or something they *think* might be a code violation). Don’t let the city pit you against your neighbors, wondering who it was that turned you in. Go talk to them. Explain to them how beneficial the ducks have been. See if there’s really any pushback coming from any of the neighbors, and if so, see if there’s something you can do to resolve it (for example, if one neighbor finds the ducks’ honks annoying and disturbing, you could get muscovy ducks – they don’t honk, they hiss). You might find the neighbors don’t care at all, would be willing to sign a petition supporting you, and that you can take the issue to court with your community behind you all the way.

      Best of luck keeping your bug-eaters. 🙂

  28. Congratulations, Jack, on your 1000th episode! I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication. I learn (in some cases, re-learn) something every time I listen to you, and I’m looking forward to the next 1000. May you be richly blessed, as you have been such a blessing to us…more than you will ever know! Again, thank you!

  29. Sitting here on break listening to #1000 with tears welling up in my eyes. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for us.

  30. Jack,

    I’m listening to you doing the intro to Episode #1000, hearing the emotion in your voice, the awe and humbleness of seeing you realize what must have been only a distant dream not too long ago. I’ve only known you a short time, but I’ve got to say I’m impressed. I don’t impress easily, especially in today’s world. I’m impressed at your honesty, humbleness and willingness to learn new things, even if you don’t readily agree with them. I’m impressed with your willingness to share your learning, both good and bad. That is a rare character, not just today but at any point in our history.

    Like you I’ve traveled a long arc in the past 4 years, going from a dead-end job to finding my calling in the world. I know what you mean when you say it saved your life. It gave mine purpose, and I give thanks every single day for the journey to find it.

    This has been said many times here, but thank you for what you do. Thank you for the dedication, passion and commitment that it takes to put the shows on with the quality and standards that you’ve set. Thank you for your perseverance and focusing on how to make things better, not just re-hashing how bad the world is and how much worse it’s going to get. Everyone else seems to be doing that!

    I look forward to learning new things from your upcoming shows and the forums, as well as sharing what I have to offer and making a contribution to making this a better community. Thank you for building this community where people like me can feel welcome and inspired at the same time!

    Thank you for challenging me to higher standards.

    Stephen Scott

  31. Congrats. My phone says the episode is 4:58 hrs long but that’s ok I’d listen to a ten hour one that had so much positive stuff in it. Chalk up one more garden and soon a green house and more projects then I will ever be able to finish. I just love the KMA I’m doing something about it with or without you attitude. Keep up the good work. Maybe if enough folks start moving toward a more self reliant way of life we can turn a crash into a stumble, maybe.

  32. Awesome!!!!! Congratulations on episode 1,000! I started listening back in January of this year. I absolutely love and appreciate all of the valuable information that you provide. We moved to Alaska, on the Kenai Peninsula, last year. In the past year, I started and had a successful garden, started raising chickens for the first time, went dipnetting for the first time on the Kenai River (red salmon!), and went to the shooting range for the first time. Your show helped me find some sanity by getting motivated to get out and do self-reliant things instead of just getting super frustrated with politics and what’s going on with our country. Thanks again!

  33. You rock. Congratulations on the EPIC ACHIEVEMENT!

    Joined you on your adventure about #40. Figured out I hated my corporate fake life by #250. Had resolved on making a big change by #500. Divorce final by #700. Quit/Fired from corp gig @ #850. Today, #1000, my Aquaponics company hit break even cash flow, and I see my kids 100 more days a year.

    You have changed the trajectory of my adventure on earth for the better. Can’t thank you enough for the inspiration! 🙂

  34. Hi Jack,

    Suburban liberal here, found you through permaculture, and though we obviously disagree about many things, I’m grateful for both the wisdom you share and the respectful way you share it.

    I never feel diminished or disrespected when you argue for a stance different from my own.

    I work in the online marketing field, and have access to lots of servers with lots of fast bandwidth. I’d be honored to host the large audio file of episode 1000 to take the strain off your servers. Let me know…


    • Thanks but you have no idea what you are offering to do. We are over that hump at this point anyway and we are doing some hardware upgrades as well.

  35. I’m offering to donate some server space to store your audio files off your own servers. As backup, and to ease the bandwidth requirements to make it possible for lots of people to download simultaneously.

    If you’re storing lots of media on your own server and having 1000s of people download that media, it can get expensive quick. While you definitely want to keep your own copies, it’s much more economical and your listeners will get better performance if you outsource the streaming. I use audioacrobat and amazon s3, which I will put at your disposal at my cost.

    That’s the offer – no worries if not needed.

  36. Show 1000 wow! It so warmed my heart to hear every one’s story. Yes tears did well up. Myself and husband were so moved. Thank you Jack for all your hard work in putting this together it was truly wonderful AND

    THANK YOU everyone for sharing. I loved hearing your stories.

    So excited to see the video like a kid at Christmas.

  37. Hey Jack,

    Congratulations man! I was happy to call in to help you celebrate episode 1000. Just like other people have said, I swear I feel like after a listening to 500 episodes already, I’m in the middle of a multifaceted degree in anything from liberty, gardening, canning, permaculture, fermentation, the 2nd amendment along with minors in business, U.S. history.. I could go on and on.

    In the call in show I seriously thanked you for lacto-fermented pickled peppers. Well now I’m on to making my own lacto-fermented ginger bug sodas. Awesome! Congratulations again and always happy to be a MSB member.

  38. Listened to the whole thing. There were a few duplicated calls, but with *so many* calls overall, it’d be easy to miss a couple here and there.
    They were all inspiring, but the one that kicked me in the gut was the fellow who has been told he has a mass on his brain stem and might only have a year to live, if that. When he said he’s bought birthday presents for his boys for his wife to give them in the coming years, it just broke me… I was sobbing. That man is *still* positive and was so calm and upbeat, it puts us all of our little worries to shame, it really does.

    Jack I hope you find inspiration in these calls, not just as a thank-you, but as a good outline of things you can cover more. I heard a lot of people talking about their gardens as if it were only a summertime thing. Perhaps you can do more shows in the future about year-round gardening; what to plant in the fall, what to plant in the winter, have someone on who builds greenhouses out of pallets and windows from the city trash dump, that kind of thing. I also heard a real need for coverage of more books, ones that people can read when they’re still voracious for information but the day’s show is over. A third need that I heard was how desperate folks are to meet like-minded people in their own area; perhaps the moderators in the forum could put their heads together and figure out a way to encourage that more through or something (and then you could highlight that more often in the housekeeping as a reminder to folks to go to the forums and connect with each other). There were also a LOT of people who are still in the “zombie apocalypse” or “Patriots/Rawles” mindset; maybe do another show talking about a slow decline or a different type of change or point listeners back to a specific episode where you already went into that in-depth. I heard a lot of listeners who are in urban or suburban situations; more shows on container gardening, how to keep birds inside the house (such as quail: reproduce quickly, lay eggs every day, are small and perfect for indoor raising), keep rabbits in the garage, basically little things they can do to have an urban “homestead” while they work for the day they can break free of the corporate leash and get onto some land.

    In the spirit of the fellow who was told he’s not got long to live, a show focusing on “what have you done to help your family if suddenly you’re not there” would be nice – about choosing life insurance, putting together a notebook of skills you know that you want to pass down to your kids and grandkids, writing a journal (even with writing prompts, you can find/download them free on the web) or starting a video journal so your kids/grandkids can still get to know you and hear your point of view after you’re gone, that kind of thing. That’s something none of us ever thinks about, it’s our black swan – all these things we’re working on to prepare, all these skills we’re learning and hoping to “one day” pass on to our kids – we could get hit by a bus tomorrow walking across the street to get lunch and all of that knowledge and all of those plans would be gone. How we can leave those ideas, those plans, that knowledge as something tangible to pass down in case the worst ever happens is a preparation more of us need to work on.

    Anyhoo… congratulations on show 1,000 Jack and Dorothy, here’s to 1,000 more!

  39. Thanks fo all you do. Congrats on 1000!!!! Live here on 9 acres in central PA. Listener for about 2 1/2 years. Learned a lot and laughed a lot at the assclowns. Keep up th good work!! And……Go browns!!!!!

    • I was going to ask how you can live in PA and be a fan of a team from Ohio, the reality though is I respect the shit out of Brown’s fans. A Brown’s fan is a real fan, it takes a lot to hold out that long, you have my respect NO ONE can ever accuse a Browns fan of jumping on the bandwagon. Unlike those um supposed Cowboy fans. America’s team my 4th point of contact!

  40. I am originally from Cleveland, 17 year season ticket holder. Went thru the Sipe and Kosar era. Moved here for work. Went from inner city to way out country life. Mom and Dad went thru WWII, so I was raised with a prepper mindset. Thanks for the kind words to a Browns fan.

  41. Hope is a path where there was none. Thanks for always giving us hope! And skills, knowledge, reality checks, humor…..!!!!

  42. I haven’t finished listening to the whole episode yet, but the first three hours alone have been some of the most inspiring podcasting I have heard yet. The theme I heard over and over again is “I finally realized that I CAN DO THIS!”

    Jack, your show became a catalyst that super-energized the modern survival community. We’ve been around the whole time – we just didn’t know it. Thanks to TSP we now have a community and a voice. For me, that’s the most inspiring part: knowing that I’m not crazy, I’m not alone, and that there is “a better way to do this.”

    Thanks, Jack! Thanks, TSP Community! Looking forward to the next 1,000 episodes!

  43. Listening to the show now. So proud to see this landmark for this community. Congratulations Jack. You’ve made a tremendous difference in my life and I’d love to shake your hand one day. THANK YOU!!!

  44. Jack,
    I just want to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for….well…for being true to TSP, and being true to you. For staying focused on your passion to always improve TSP, for not allowing your success to go to your head. For all the hard work that you and Dorothy put in each and every day to feed this community knowledge and encouragement. The results of your efforts most clearly speak for themselves. There is no ego, gimmicks or marketing angles to Jack. You always work hard to keep TSP living up to your expectations which have proven to be very admirable.

    When I joined the forum I chose I signature that says “If you don’t know TSP, then you don’t know Jack”. And every episode as you pull down the tin foil and show us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who want to see it, and there is a fantastic and rewarding life that all of us can live right now, I can’t think of a more fitting slogan. Congratulations Jack on 1,000! You have as many tasty home brews as you’d like waiting for you in Long Island if you ever make it down this way. Just bring your BOB just in case TSHTF 🙂

    Eric in Long Island
    Still Hunter on the Forum

  45. “Brent in PEI”

    I’m 1:41 into Episode 1000 and simply wow..

    “Where were you when you first heart Jack”, Is what ran through my mind while listening.

    And in spirit, I am making grape jelly from my neighbor’s vines and freezing tomatillos as I listen.

    And to listen to some of the voices, you hear varying levels of confidence, resolve, uncertainty, fear , the gamut of human emotions.

    The calls that got my attention so far are the gentleman diagnosed with a brain tumor and the lady who said “Man can he go off sometimes!”

    The internet has allowed many to acquire the knowledge Jack’s show brings. A productive use of technology. And for me Jack, the icing on the cake was the detailed response you gave on the Bacon wrapped Jalapenos, a true culinary gem indeed. Bacon and Jalapenos, fond memories of summer 2012

  46. I listened to show 1000 while painting walls in my home and had to listen in ‘spurts’ but got the the grande finale today. What a beautiful show, almost like a symphony of voices coming together to create one fabulous, united piece of music.

    Thanks Jack for standing at the podium and conducting because the music we make as the TSP orchestra is the sound of Liberty, Freedom and Self Reliance and it is indeed beautiful.

    Today is what you make it, so make it a good one!!

    • Well put Ronnie. I am shelling ‘Dragon Tongue’ bean seeds for next year, and made Grape Jelly from my neighbors ‘ignored’ grapes, he was happy to see them used up.

  47. Nice to hear a listener thank Dorthy AND Jack. We as listeners must recognize the contribution Dorthy has provided to enable Jack to achieve this milestone

  48. Just finished listening. Started it at 10am, now 6:15. In that time, I cooked a 28lb turkey, froze some tomatillos, made grape Jelly. Laid out some peppers to dry, all in the spirit of the podcast. Now, if I could find my 100 lumen headlamp I may go out and pick some cranberries….

  49. This was the most inspirational episode yet. Jack, you have really built a powerful community here that will continue to grow. Thanks for all you do. Keep it up man! We are not alone!

  50. where are all the submitted photos? Am I missing something or misunderstand something?