Episode-157- The View of Survivalism in the Media vs. Reality — 10 Comments

  1. One could easily compare the media and Hollywood´s coverage of survivalists to that of computer hackers. Both are demonized and written as a negative and narrow stereotype which is usually a polar opposite to reality.

    Survivalists who horde guns, Nazi paraphernalia and cans of beans in a bunker with attached torture chamber. Obese, pimply hackers who dwell in their mother´s basement while stealing passwords and setting NSA servers afire.

    Perhaps we could make a list of pro-survival movies? I have movie nights with friends a few times a month and that could be a good way to get their brains working without coming off as a member of the Tinfoil Hat Squad.

    PS – Medium sucks! Ghost Whisperer FTW!

  2. since most of us here are also geeks by profession as well as modern survivalists. maybe we need a defining point that embodies positive images of both our worlds.

  3. Jack……i’ll never doubt you again. Ants DO attack when you try to take their stuff. There I did it so no one else has to. Great show as ALWAYS!

  4. @Louisiana Survivor,

    Thanks, really a great laugh. Excellent final though to go out on as I take another vacation/remote prepping trip.

    No worries though folks there will be a show Wed and Thurs. Sorry about Friday though, no show.

  5. Oh, here you go Nate, a movie called, “Into The Wild”. It’s a pretty new movie. Check this film out if you haven’t seen it folks. This guy takes off to Alaska, I won’t give anymore out.

    Yeah, Jack. Maybe you should do a podcast on survivalist movies. Maybe both good and bad.

  6. Jack, I watched ‘Medium’ last night and ranted to my wife for 20 minutes after it concluded. We listen to your podcast every night before going to bed and had a chuckle when we noted that you has made mention of that pathetic tv program.

    Nate, here’s another: Red Dawn. “Wolverines!”

  7. I wonder what these (ANTI GUN NUTS) would think if they had to live in a country where firearms were banned. Where they could not defend there home or family. I bet after a breakin they will be wishing they were back in the USA and not standing there defenceless while they were getting stabbed 12-15 times. Its sad that it takes shock for some people to realize the value of a firearm and defence GOD BLESS AMERICA

  8. Jack, another good podcast. As to the Canadian Socialist (I wonder who that might be 🙂 )… It is not that people can’t own guns, just that it’s not necessarily a right to have one. That’s all I feel. I do agree that having one and being properly trained to both use and maintain it (a gun) is a wise idea.

  9. I saw the Medium episode too. Usually I enjoy the show, but I was let down by that.

    But there’s no explanation for why the first vision has her husband and daughter searching for food. So in other words, I think they’re trying to tell us something, the end is still near.