The TSP Survival Wiki is Coming Tomorrow — 15 Comments

  1. One of the best things you can do not only for your members, but the world. I have often thought something like this is needed, as well as a REAL SHTF interactive game for both old and YOUNG alike to “die” or learn serious skills and survival knowledge base.

  2. This is begging for a small section that is dedicated to parody or “honeypot” for morons. You could intentionally give ridiculous advice on how to defend against nazi zombies, or maybe something more subtle. It’d be a fun joke for us in the community, but the downside might be some MSM bozo taking it seriously.

    I tend to inject some amount of humor into everything I do, so maybe it’s just me. Cheers.

  3. Very cool. Can’t wait to add what I have.

    I’ll admit there is definitely some need of some centralized information (At least as a starting point) for modern survivalism information.

    Will this wiki also include “homesteading” type things? (Canning, rotational grazing animals, fodder systems).

    • Sure will, has some already and the truth is as long as it is relevant to anything we would discuss at TSP on the show, the forum, the zello channel that type of thing it really works this way, there will be anything anyone who wants to help is motivated enough to create.

  4. I’ve hit up /r/collapse and /r/preppers. Any other redditors here want to hit up other like minded subs. I don’t want to spam them all. If I don’t see anything on some other subs in the next day or so I’ll chime in.

  5. Jack I know some of my emails show bad spelling but they are usually written late at night when I am bushed.
    I can do a pretty good job in the writing with references. So if anyone with experience in an area wants to write something I can comb through and insert primary source references to make it a secondary source for school projects and so forth.