The TSP Gear Shop is Back — 12 Comments

  1. No worries Mate!
    A couple days ago I ordered up some TSP copper coins. The order went through fine but the money has not yet been deducted from my ATM card bank balance.
    Which is fine; whenever it goes through, thanks to you Jack, the money will be there because I am a prepper. HA

    Thank You Jack for all you do! I assume sometime in the next month or so the coins will arrive in the mail and payment for them will be accomplished.
    I’m not worried about it, I am debt-free, have a year of food and enough ammo to deal with the average Zombie Apocalypse 😉

    I give the coins away as training tools and to spread the word about TSP.
    Love ya Babe! (a little Hollywood lingo there 😉

  2. The store looks awesome! How about some TSP office calendars? The months can be sponsored by advertisers and can include helpful information on preps to start and think about throughout the year. Keep up the great work !