The Survival Podcast Will Return Tomorrow — 7 Comments

  1. Im glad you had a good time but Im even more glad that your back. The R.V show from earlier this week was awesome. Id love to listen to more of that guy. He seems to be a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all you do Jack

  2. Good to have you back Jack, I’ve had to listen to my James Howard Kunstlers podcasts, which are not as long as yours

  3. Jack,

    Glad you’re back. I’ve been suffering withdrawal symptoms. :>) It gets lonely on the road without your podcasts.

  4. Welcome back home Jack.
    We all needed some rest time. Really enjoyed the shows you left for us. Glad to hear that the RV guy will be back on with more how to’s. Thanks

  5. Your vacation worked out for me. My iPod died late last week so I wouldn’t have heard the show anyway. I mostly listen on the road at work.

    Good you’re back, though.

  6. Welcome back Jack! I know you probably weren’t quite ready to leave the beach. Sanibel has some of the best vacations memories for our family…it’s an amazing place.