The Survival Podcast M3 Medical Bag — 18 Comments

  1. What is the bag constructed of? Nylon? Canvas? How thick?
    Is it just the bag? Does anything come in the bag? Are there some instructions or suggestions about what to put in the bag?
    Those would be helpful things to know.

  2. Great video. I have been looking fir a good med bag. I would love to see a video by anyone really about what essentials should go in the bag and why. Thanks Jack.

  3. Spatin, follow the link he posted to the gear shop description of the bag. They would have answered your questions quicker than it took you to write & post them.

    To answer them here for anybody else who doesn’t follow the link:

    Bag is construction of waterproof ballistic nylon.

    It is very thick.

    It is JUST the bag and the patch.

    Nothing comes in the bag.

    There are no instructions on what to put in the bag. It’s a medic bag. Put medic stuff in it. Or don’t. Maybe put dog food in it. We don’t really care, we just want you to enjoy & use it. 🙂

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  4. Kool looking and useful bag. As to what to put in it, try these items:
    nitrile gloves – 2 pair (first off protect yourself)
    n-95 mask (see above)
    safety glasses (ditto)

    500 c.c bottle of sterile saline (wound cleansing)
    alcohol or other wound cleansing wipes
    adhesive bandages ( band-aid type)
    4×4 wound dressings
    5×7 wound dressings
    multi trauma pad
    kerlix type gauze roll
    koban type self adhesive gauze roll (my choice)
    – the type they wrap on your arm after you give blood
    Quick-Clot large and small (expensive, but worth it if you need it)
    SAM splint
    triangular bandages/cravats
    1″ medical tape
    2″ cloth tape

    mole skin
    new skin (liquid skin, second skin, etc…)

    trauma shears (scissors)
    tweezers (ticks, splinters, etc…)
    magnifying glass (double duty as fire starter)

    Of course, having all of these items are of no use if you do not have the sufficient knowledge to use them. Take at least a basic first aid course. Hell, go get your EMT-basic. It would go a long way in helping you and those around you to maintain that ever crucial 98.6 degrees which we all know and love.
    I am a Paramedic by trade and these are the items that I carry in my kit at home.

    I would not be tempted to carry things like sutures, prescription meds (that are not prescribed to you), field surgical kits, etc… Some people carry tourniquets, but I have rarely see the wound that direct pressure dressing and arterial pressure could not stop. Tourniquet is one of those things that could cause more harm than good if you don’t know what your doing.
    Without the applicable training and knowledge you could actually do more harm than good.

    Peace out,

  5. Well, I tried to buy one, but they’re sold out and not accepting orders for the next batch, which the site says will be “soon”. Would I be out of line for wondering why the video went up as the last ones went out the door? Seems a little odd, but maybe having 6 Billion people on this planet messes things up as the annual buying frenzy slams into supply chains…

  6. @Cryptozoic

    You have the time line backwards, I put up the video and we had about 30 in stock, since the video went live we sold out.

  7. Huh, I’m Wrong Again! HA!

    Jack, I see your business going through the growing pains of rapid expansion. I wonder if even you realize to what extent you have begun this adventure at just the right time, as Americans wake up to realize something is going terribly wrong. I understand you are not in a position yet to have 300 bags (for example) in stock, but perhaps it’s time to admit to yourself that you and The Survival Podcast are going to be in much bigger demand than you imagined.

    This is a good thing. I’m waiting for those copper TWO coins to become available. Since they won’t be ready for Christmas (Doh!) I had to buy some others on E-bay. Would have preferred to send TSP coins but I’ll stock up as soon as they are in. Learned my lesson; get TSP stuff while I can.

    Thanks for all you do.
    MSB Cryptozoic
    aka Grant in Ohio

  8. Yea Baby! Just received medic bag. Not sure how it happened but receipt says PayPal. Fantastic! This bag is The Bomb! Loading it up from my stores. Next time someone at work needs a bandaid I can reinforce my image as one who is prepared and find an opportunity to tell them about TSP. Thanks Jack and whoever in the gear shop made this happen.

  9. Oh, how cool is this!: They shipped it to me and assumed I would pay later. I bitched on the show notes about the medic bag being sold out, they shipped it to me, receipt said paypal, and now that I’ve bought the coper coins via paypal, it showed up there. =I am finally paying for it in real time, sort of, after the fact.

    Yea Baby!, dealing with kind, honorable people (merchants/vendors) is the way to go. A handshake is good enough because we-all know that it will even out in the end. The Gear Shop is the kind of people I hope to have a community of/with, someday.

    This is the way the world is supposed to work.

    Grant in Ohio
    aka Cryptozoic on the forum

  10. Grant,

    You tried to pay for it twice, silly. Yes, we sent you the medic bag early, but then we got two simultaneous payments from you for one medic bag. I’ll email you with more details and either get you your refund, or send you *another* medic bag. 😉

  11. Did not get email. Please send 2nd bag. Yes, I might be silly, but when I tried to order the first bag I was not able to complete the process because they were out of stock and got stopped in the middle, I thought… Hence my confusion when it arrived at the door. Thank you for your help and I rejoice in having a 2nd Christmas gift to give, and one for me too!