The Survival Podcast is on Spotify But We Need Your Help — 15 Comments

  1. Hmm… I can’t get TSP to show up under any search term I can possibly think of (including “Survival Podcast Spirko”, “Jack Spirko survival podcast”, spirko survival podcast”, etc).

  2. Took a minute to figure it out.  In the web player I had to click the “heart” which “added The Survival Podcast” to my library or some such thing.

    There was also a 3 dots menu option to add it to my library but no subscribe anywhere. Silly spotify.  Hopefully it will start working right in the search box soon.

  3. Not sure if anyone uses this app but I recently came across Podcoin from a friend a few weeks back.

    It’s an app that pays you to listen to just about any podcast (TSP included) and points can be redeemed for Amazon/Starbucks/Target/GooglePlay/DunkinDonuts gift cards, larger prizes like an Echo Spot or Bose Quietcomfort 35 Headphones. Points can also be donated towards charitable causes. I haven’t tested the redemption process yet but can give a future update.

    I’ll certainly subscribe on Spotify to help out but just want to mention Podcoin for those interested.

    • Spotify is like itunes I don’t post there. It is just how some listen to music and podcasts. I will always use this site as the base for everything I do.

  4. Following on Spotify now.  By the way Jack, I sent you an email a while back about podcasts on Pandora. Don’t know if you’ve tried getting onto it, but thought I’d mention it.

  5. You can find it in the App Store for Apple users or Google Play for Android users; type ‘Podcoin’ in the search box. See the link below to the Podcoin website for more information:

  6. So..

    podcoin will give you a $2 Amazon Card for 12,000 minutes (200 hours) of listening to podcasts..

    So I guess their reward math is 1 hour of listening = $0.01

    One year of TSP (52 weeks, 5 days a week, 1.5 h per episode) would be $3.90

    Listening for a year w/ a Full time job + 2 hour commute + 10 hours a day Saturday and Sunday (don’t do this to yourself!) would be $36.40


  7. I followed you on Spotify but it doesn’t list you as someone I’m following after I check my profile.  Tried it several times including closing the app.

  8. Then I go back inside and it shows up in my library under podcasts. Obviously an App issue. Your clicking follow and not subscribe as I see it in my app