The Survival Podcast featured on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano — 33 Comments

  1. Wow Jack,

    Great job with the Judge. Clear and concise. He let you hit the your hi points and stayed out of the way.

  2. Jack,
    You have done an outstanding job representing the modern day survivalist. Thank you for all you do. The interview with the Judge was very well done.

  3. Hey Jack, great show…. let me say on behalf of us law abiding NY’ers, sorry you had to be disarmed. It makes no sense but makes the idiots feel warm and fuzzy until they get victimized

  4. Great show, nice way to link firearms to your visit. Hopefully this draws some more curious folks to the site and wakes a few more up!!

  5. Great Interview, Jack. Both you and the Judge kept it on the mark. I am glad debt was addressed as well. It is something I think even many of your listeners still overlook. I know I can get caught up sometimes.

    Good Job!

  6. Good job, Jack. Glad to hear that Debt-Free was one of the core concepts highlighted by Napolitano. Too bad you did not get more air-time.

    Everyday you’re closer to your BOL move!!

  7. Great job, Jack! Way to go!

    You gave some very sound advice. I hope that more people tune in because of that show.

  8. GR8 show Jack! You sounded awesome and very sound in your thinking. Those who want to know more will seek it out. The grasshoppers will get theirs too! Wish you would have gotten more time, but it’s still HUGE to see you on the big stage!!!

  9. It was awesome to see you on the tv. Hopefully there is something we could do to get you back on again.

  10. Awesome! I can point people to this clip and say, “See. This is what I’m about. I’m a modern survivalist.” Thanks.

  11. Watched the show last night. It was good to see you on with the Judge.

    Yhank goodness I have a library of past shows on iTunes…it’s time to review a show from the past.

  12. Jack – Thanks for breaking the survivalist stereotype. You came across with your message great. You looked like you could be anyone’s neighbor.

  13. I thought I heard Jack mention the site and know that when I watched the show last night, there was a banner with the website on the screen…

  14. Josh is correct on both counts. It was an interview not a infomercial for TSP. When you get media exposure it is up to you to work in your plug. I did indeed get it in and to be fair to The Judge the “what three things” was a beautiful set up for it. They also did put in a banner. As for all the requests that they give me more time, The Judge does three ten minute segments each day, so I got my fair share, we are talking about future spots as well.

  15. AWESOME! Really, FANTASTIC interview Jack. 😀 Good to see the prepper movement is gaining exposure. Very clear and concise delivery. Great job man.

  16. Wow Jack, I was quite impressed. I thought you did a good job there on the interview. I kinda saw you were a little nervous in the beginning but I dont blame you. Did you get to hang out and talk with the Judge anytime off camera?

  17. Jack
    Great interview. You are correct, the government does want all citizens dependent on them, that way they keep their power base. I really never made the connection between the “survivalist stigma” and government wanting citizens dependent on them. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  18. Hey Jack, great job today, you really used your time efficiently to convey the maximum amount of useful information. You could tell you dropped the one the X’s off your shirt size, congrats man.

  19. FANTASTIC job Jack! I watched it on-line and you came across as a realist. I thought it was a “textbook” way to promote Modern Survivalism, that was handled respectfully by the media. I think you got the key points in that will make people sit up and think. Great plug at the end too! Well done and THANK YOU for representing us all so well!

  20. I watched just to see if Jack would wear a suit! On a serious note, nice job with a solid interview.

  21. So hard to get it all in in under 10 min-Great job! I’m glad you took a moment to call out the media on their bias. Making the connection to independence and self-sufficiency vs government dependency was perfect! Great job, Jack. 🙂

  22. Kudos Jack! I’m watching the Judge because of you. And now more people will hear you because of him. Thank you for making us, the TSP listeners, proud!

  23. Good show Jack! I wonde if you could talk without using your hands, LOL, just kidding! Good plug for the show too.

  24. Nice interview. I got my wife to watch and she is on board now. You were able to speak clearly on couple of points that that generated the, “If that, what if?”

  25. YAY JACK! He did NOT give you enough time. They need to have you on again, with more time, so you can be a TAD more relaxed.