Episode-3- The Survival Drill – Checking Your Vulnerability — 5 Comments

  1. Hey, this podcast is JUST what I needed. I’ve been feeling very out of place in society lately, and very bothered by our country’s focus on entertainment and BUY BUY BUYING.

    I wanted to change, but didn’t know where to start, outside of prayer, which I also believe is very important. Then I finally find your site. Thank you for doing this. I don’t feel crazy anymore.

    I love that you give some basics to being with. I will try this drill soon, and let you know how it goes.

  2. Our preparadness weekend is this 10-17 to 19 -2008. I’ll let you know what kind of response we get .


  3. Found out I am still heavily dependent on importing water to my cabin. How did anybody else do , too inconveinent?

  4. I know this is an old podcast but i wanted to say how great i thought this idea is. in 2007 we had a bad ice storm where i live and i was without power for a month. luckily i was able to charge my cell phone at work but we had no hot water and no electricity for nearly 30 days. Its interesting how you have to restructure your life in a situation like this and i found it to be kind of relaxing in some ways. I’m going to schedule a weekend like you suggested and try to use that experience in planning my future survival plans. Thanks so much for this great information resource!

  5. I’ve dealt with this type of situation in real life twice through hurricanes Rita and Ike. We went for at least a week without power, both times and living in Houston we had excessive heat and humidity that made it miserable. I think in the Houston area we’ve gotten really complacent about hurricanes and we don’t really prepare for those issues.

    Fortunately for us, we didn’t have the full effects of the challenge you proposed. I still had my car but the were no stores open for days. Fortunately the national guard was on the scene about two or three days after, handing out food and water to people but because the food was MREs some people were turning the nose up to it. I wasn’t. I still have some of those things put away.

    This is an excellent test for anyone who wants to know if they have the resources to hold out for an extended amount of time. You’ll be surprised the problems that can crop up without proper planning.