The Rice Knife or Serrated Sickle – Item of the Day — 6 Comments

  1. I have tried a variety of these rice knives as well as a number of alternatives when I inevitably lost them. I finally settled on an alternative that I like better: a folding Turkish grape harvesting knife also on Amazon.  It is of similar light duty build and I use it exactly like a rice knife. Its trump card is that it folds and can safely be placed in a hip pocket so I don’t lose it. I’ve used it daily for months and have no complaints. I’m thinking of buying one for backup because I only know of this one source.

  2. I’ve have one my Mother-in-law got me when we went to a Korean grocery store in Carrollton TX. called H Mart. I’ve had it for about 10 yrs now & till works great. Got it for less than $10. Also where I bought bulk seaweed/kelp for the garden spray.

    • I stop at H-Mart for soup whenever I’m leaving the DC area (spicy short rib, or “maeun galbi tang” is my favorite). Never thought of tool shopping there!