The Revolution is Brewing — 5 Comments

  1. I drink out of mine everyday!

    It was also a good little thing at the PDC to “fly the colors” to get fellow TSPers together (My sentinel hat I wear everyday probably helped as well).

  2. Jack, this is BEYOND fantastic news! I have recently came to the conclusion that in case of any disaster that for me personally, coffee will be a key to survival. As such, I have really begun to understand that when the grid goes down, the French Press will rule. I have followed “One is none” regarding my coffee. I currently can run my coffee maker off of my car inverter. If that is not possible, I have a camp stove and percolator. But in keeping with “Three is for me” and considering the ease of just boiling water vs percolation, I have decided to move to a French Press. I’ve been looking for a good sturdy one, this appears to be it! What better vessel to hold my life blood of alertness and awareness during an apocalypse, big or small. Thanks Jack! And thanks for everything you do.

  3. Being a Java Junkie by nature, coffee in the morning would be a kean way to boost morale around the S(just)HTF morning campfires. Awesome idea and appears to be an awesome product, now on my wishlist.