The Quail Tracker System is Coming Soon — 15 Comments

  1. I was just thinking of this last night wondering how the system was coming along as I didn’t remember hearing anything about it yet. The viola, here it shows up. This is a awesome system that should do well for many situations of meat and egg production.

  2. Just wondering about general dimensions and weight… didn’t see any of that info on the web site. Thanks.

    • Brandon the Quail Tracker, the feeder and the watering system weighs 23 lbs. without feed and water. The dimensions are 48″x24″x18″. The shipping package is 26″x26″x10″.

    • Hi Chad,
      No it won’t hold up to a determined coon. They cannot get their hand into the cage, but they may be able to tear a door off of it. If you have a coon problem I would suggest taking it into the shop, greenhouse, or garage in the evening, or have a good dog in the area.

    • You are so right Mike! I raise a fair amount of them and consider them to be the best bang for the buck. That is saying a lot because I also raise Red Wattle Pigs, Dorper sheep, chickens, ducks, and geese for food.