Episode-79 The Quadrillion Dollar Derivatives Time Bomb — 5 Comments

  1. How can I put this? Oh I know, Holly Shit!

    I first need to say thank you Jack, I have heard over and over “the derivatives are the real problem” but I just didn’t get it or understand how this works. I now feel like the cover was just pulled off of this for me and I understand it now at least the jist of it.

    On the other hand this scares the crap out of me. You just shoved a red pill down my throat and I can’t go back to not knowing.

    Seriously I don’t know who these people are that “don’t want shows about politics and the economy” but many of us do and we need to know about stuff like this. I really like your varied approach, please keep doing the rice and beans and guns stuff, the garden stuff but keep doing some of the economic stuff to. Thanks again, I am off to ponder my next move and see if I can find a cheap piece of land.

  2. Great show! I listened twice. I have been trying to figure at what a credit derivative really was. You explained it so well. Everything else I read or listened to did not make any sense to me. I got the feeling they were trying to explain quantum mechanics… or pull the wool over my eyes, hmmm. I just love these shows. You always make me think.

  3. Thanks folks, I almost did not do this show as I thought it might be to “heavy” in both theory and emotional weight but figured this is the biggest threat so it needs to be understood, appreciated and above all planned for.

  4. I must say Jack, you’ve scared the hell out of me. I just want to go crawl into bed and pull the blankets over my head (for tonight). Then tomorrow time to continue with my preps.

  5. Jack when you said quadrillion is that the U.S. system 10 to the 15th power or the British system fo 10 to the 24th power? Whatever it is, it scares me. On Yahoo! finance Ben Stein said something that if things get bad with derivatives that the U.S. government will null and void the derivatives because there no real assets backing them up. I suppose the government can do that but I bet that’ll piss some people off in other parts of the world. Whatever happens we may be in a heck of a ride. You’re doing a great job. Keep it up.