The PermaEthos PDC will Launch Tomorrow at 12 Central — 67 Comments

  1. Unfortunately for me, I became aware of this PDC a couple of days after I had signed up for Geoff’s online PDC. Great PDC but this one, the Permaethos, has a lot of promise since it’s being developed from the ground-up, and for the price, it’s quite a bargain.

    • Remember too, it is FAR more than a PDC it is becoming a founding member in Ethos. If you have plans for anything professional in the future with Permaculture or will want our advanced training it will likely more than pay for itself long term. You know me that is how I build things. Look at the MSB as an example.

  2. Cant wait! Looks like Ill be skipping lunch at work tomorrow for the sign up.

  3. What is stopping someone from posting the link elsewhere if you don’t have to verify your MSB? Probably won’t be an issue, but one thing I despise in life is line skippers.

    • You know what if that happens we will deal with it, specifically if it prevents anyone from the MSB from getting in but I really don’t plan on worrying about it.

        • Luckily, this community doesn’t necessarily attract people who are interested in “being ***holes.” MSB folks are pretty like minded. Not everyone in the MSB is going to want to learn this info and that’s totally OK, but those of us who do want to learn certainly recognize the value that Jack & company are putting together. To short cut that value by posting the link to others who don’t support the MSB would simply be a jerk thing to do. Ok, rant is over. Cheers friends, and let’s get to learning, growing, and living that better life indeed!

  4. Jack,
    Is there are way to find out when our MSB membership is up for renewal? My concern would be to go and sign up for the PDC and my membership be expired. Im know Im close, but Im not sure how close.
    Thank you sir

    • You renew on 6-1-14 and you are currently on autorenew with paypal.

      • Thanks Jack. Excited about being a stakeholder in the genesis of Permaethos.
        Matt (marine1371 on the MSB forum)

  5. This is very exciting, wish I had the funds to participate.
    Congrats to Jack and all those who will move this forward.
    This is important work!


  6. $300/72hrs = less than minimum wage
    What would Obama say?
    I’ll sign up.

  7. I’m having a disturbing vision of 1000 simultaneous hits crashing Jack’s server tomorrow morning. 🙁

  8. Looking forward to it mate. Sign up is 2:30am Saturday morning for anyone else in central Australia. Glad you didn’t release it mid week. Cheers Jack

    • Sorry have to correct myself.

      They added an extra 30 minutes to the time in Central Australia in 1899.

      I misremembered the reason.

  9. Hope they don’t sell out before I get home from work. No net at work and I have to work. Bummer….

  10. I’m in, can’t wait. Couldn’t afford Geoff’s course due to owing the FEDS what the course cost 🙁

    Alarm is set and I’m ready to go!

  11. Making my life better every day my man, if times get tough, or even if they don’t.

  12. I just read that Geoff Lawton’s PDC graduates are getting signed certificates from Bill Mollison and the Tagari Institute. At first, I was bummed. Then, I realized how much more Jack, Josiah, and Nick will be offering with their PDC; becoming a founding member in Ethos, Elisha’s Spring Farm and other future projects. I have 68 acres in the Catskills and agree 100% with Shane; I’m Stoked!!! I’ve also set a goal to take Geoff’s PDC next year. 6 hours and counting!

  13. It’s going to be a good day. Finally going to get my PDC. Thanks to Jack and his team for making this happen.
    Semper Fi!

  14. Can’t wait Jack! I missed out on the last big thing you promoted with the knife builder…I forget his name. I remember I was waiting and when it was go time his site crashed then by the time I got the email with the new link it was too late. I hope this does not happen. I’m really looking forward to this.

  15. 3 hours left. Im so excited. All the buzz should give Jack confidence that the PDC will most likely sell out.

  16. Two courses I have wanted to take for the last few years. A PDC and MAG 40! Now if jack could talk to Mas Ayoob and set up a Survival Podcast MAG 40………
    And hold it at Elisha Springs……
    Just throwing it out there!!

  17. It’s a Black Friday sale at permaethos. No pushin or shovin or ebt cards, kids. Jk

  18. I think this is going to sell out a hell of a lot faster than Jack thinks. My guess is if you are not an MSB member then you will not have a shot at this.

    • It depends there are about 5500 ACTIVE members of the MSB right now. So if it sells out that will mean 1 in every 5.5 MSB members signed up and that my friend would make me so proud, beyond proud, it would honestly humble me beyond words.

      • Well I guess I was right. I told you so! I bet that is the best I told you so that you ever heard Jack. I’m so pumped that I’m founding member!

    • I agree with Max. Many of us are going to sign up with spouses (I know I am) and with other family members.

      • Well that is true and I am very honored in the faith you are showing in our efforts, we shall not let you down, you have my word on that.

  19. I emailed Josiah yesterday and discovered you were able to get the videos downloadable. I’m currently taking Lawton’s PDC and ran into a bandwidth issue. I had to wait until his DVDs arrived to continue with the course.

    I like the ability to download these at work and bring them home. One of the downsides to living in the middle of nowhere is limited internet options.

    Look forward to becoming a founder and working with you in the future as a nursery partner serving the Great Lakes Region.

    From the 45th Parallel in Northern Michigan

    • Yep indeed we are not trying to keep the content under some sort of Nazi control. Preventing downloads doesn’t help.

      1. Those who have the tech skills are going to do it anyway, you really can’t prevent it so why try.

      2. Due to the above those that can will and likely will put your content on torrents and stuff like that anyway, your average customer just wants the content for their own use. So you hurt the good customer and do nothing to prevent the crappy person from taking your content anyway.

      We figure if someone gets the vids, well they get no Certification anyway, they get no membership, etc. We hope most will be ethical and not distribute our content but we also know sooner or later someone will and likely claim some BS about it being the third ethic.

    • Alex,
      My name is Matt Bishop, marine1371 on the Forum. I live in eastern NC and just like you, would like to have a nursery under the “PermaEthos” name. I would love to hear some of your ideas or discuss ideas on how to make this work. Thanks and only 2 hours left until we get to sign up for the PDC.
      Thanks Matt

      • The plant propagation course (due likely in winter of 2014) won’t just cover how to propagate it will cover how to run a small nursery as well.

      • Matt,

        Good to chat with you.

        I had a crazy email I was going to send Jack discussing an idea to partner local nurseries under the PermaEthos brand. Then Jack released his podcast and laid the whole idea out.

        Go back and listen to Jack’s podcast, but in essence, we are instructed by PermaEthos and certified by them in nursery operation. We grow the nursery items, and as we build the PermaEthos brand together, people will find us through the dealer locator on the PermaEthos website.

        The example that Jack used was nursery and honey production. The PermaEthos website will put customers in touch with local producer partners.

        That’s a Kick A$$ idea, Jack, and way bigger than any of us here could do on our own.

  20. Hey Jack Can I pay in silver ? didn’t see anything if I overlooked it , sorry

    • If you have questions please post them at this link, as it will be better than me answering them here and likely your question has already been asked and responded to. But the answer is no and it has already been given at that link as stated in the post.

  21. Probably late to ask this, but where on MSB will the link be listed? Will it be on the top of the Benefits page where all discounts are listed or somewhere else? thanks

  22. #160! – Really looking forward the PDC, and regardless of any eventual outcome as it pertains to my personal future in permaculture I’m thrilled to be supporting PermaEthos as a Founding Member! Best of Success to all!

    • It’s on your digital receipt “Order ” not really significant, more of a curiosity to know…

    • The confirmation screen after you submit shows an order # right below where it says “Checkout” (not to be confused with the reference number, which is a little further down the page below the “Thank you for your payment”).

  23. “I don’t think the PDC will sell out in the first day, it might…”

    I think so!!!

    Signed up, was #98. Until I could get the server to respond and get the wife signed up, I think it was around 380.

    Glad to see the PermaEthos project rolling!

  24. I signed up on my laptop through my cell phone; #217 shortly after 1pm. I couldn’t get it to work for my wife so I did the whole process on my cell phone; she’s #598 around 1:35pm. Selling out on the first day seems like a real possibility.

  25. I made it at 982 and then PayPal glitch. Had to borrow a friends phone and still made it. Thanks Jack, I would be upset if I missed this one for sure. What a great opportunity at a great price. Glad to be a founding member of something this Grand.