Episode-1353- The PermaEthos Launch – Wow — 33 Comments

    • Listening to this episode right now. I was lucky enough to get in yesterday -even using my phone at work. I do think you should open it up for more people. As a founding member I have no problem with opening more spaces, even at the the same price. My feeling is the more people get into this; the sooner we can make things better.

      • I agree with Gale. The more people we get fired up about Permaculture and all that it can do to teach them to change their little part of the world, whatever that maybe, is a huge step forward for all of us leading the way. I also thought it was going to sell out quickly which is why I got in as soon as I could. I am so Excited and Proud to be a Founder in this Permaculture project! The tides are turning and I am thankful for the opportunity to help make that happen. Let’s get this party started already!!

  1. I’ve been a listener for about 4 years. I’ve seen the community grow, and am proud to be a PermaEthos Founder. This is totally awesome!

  2. Your poor server , that thing took a beating today!!
    Glad to be apart of it!!

  3. yup, tried to get in. The system laughed me to derision. I hate it when that happens. Great job for those who got in! Ill be watching from the sideline.

  4. Nicely done Jack. I’m shocked it sold out so fast. Let me know if someone backs out?

  5. I hope when you raise the price, that anyone at anytime who wants to take the PDC can.

    Congrats on the successful launch.

  6. I got in at #601 and I am not opposed to you opening it up for more people, even at the rate I paid. I would not feel like you failed in any commitment if you kept the cost constant.

  7. I am doing this. If my number reflected the true number of people doing this class dam. 1 and a half hours into this and there was only 250ish places left. Unbelievable. Where I work would love to see a turn out like that every morning when we open the doors.

    The Members United in a single goal.
    2 days you underestimated us Jack. We. ALL believe in You.

  8. was nice to meet you briefly at voices and shake your hand, I am thrilled to be a part if this movement and look forward to the year ahead.

    • Correction..part **of**this movement and community (dang smartphone autocorrect)

  9. Hope as Ethos Founders we get first chance at the Bee Course @ a discount.

  10. Very happy to be a founder too! Hope to see that sweet logo show up in the Gear Shop, or someplace else too. Maybe patches or T-shirts, etc.

    You have my full support to open it up a bit more. (especially with your assurances not to “rubber stamp” the PDC certifications).

    Congratulations to you and all the staff. Changing the world is now!

  11. I was literally at my computer waiting for 1:00 Eastern to roll around. My order number was 110.

    Excited to get started, and I’m proud to be a founding member.

    Let’s Grow Places!!!!

  12. Sounds like there is a lot of disappointment out there for those members who did not make it in do to connections. I feel for them. I joined MSB just 2 weeks ago because I wanted to have first chance at this opportunity. I still nearly missed it coming in at 982. I just by chance tried to sign up at work with my crappy cell phone and all went well until it went to PayPal and then nada….. Seeing the invoice number I ran to my friend and borrowed his cell to finish the transaction.
    A course at this price really opens up the door for the little man. I believe it is the little man that will get things done if they have the means. I am OK for opening it up to more members myself.
    Just a suggestion is to open up the original price and founders for current MSB members only through the weekend and open up the same price for non members Monday with a limited number of slots at that time.

  13. I couldn’t believe when you said on the podcast referring to the founding members that you just didn’t know how it would go. Well I knew it would be a challenge to get in. I was at work in the Recovery Room in the hospital. Fridays are always our busiest, craziest day. I set an alarm 5 minutes before launch. I turned off the crappy hospital WIFi and used my minutes (started my lunch break) After multiple attempts and Safari saying it couldn’t download -timed out. Oh yeah had my kindle on the crappy WiFi to for back up (no help). M lunch ended (the whole 14 minutes) and I had to break a few rules and keep trying while I was working (IT WAS AN EMERGENCY AFTER ALL) Anyhew; FINALLY got in and paid. Woo Hoo, I so want to be a part of this! I did Geoffs PDC and have my little Permaculture Paradise started here; but this is something special. I just know it! Thanks Jack!

  14. As one who managed to get in early, even with working literally all night and having to get up special for it, I wouldn’t be bothered by the idea of opening this to as many more people as you can handle functionally. It also appears that with the level of production for this that you’ll offer the material down the road, to a broader audience. If that’s the case you might want to clarify. It’s great being a ‘founder’ in anything in this community, but knowing they can get in on the knowledge down the road at least, will probably encourage many, again, assuming I am understanding it right…
    PS Show of hands: Who knew this was going to sell out within hours?? -!!-

    • I didn’t KNOW, but you can bet your ass at 12:01 central time i was working my ASS off trying to get in and get the thing bought. I wasn’t taking any chances, and was right not to.

  15. 229Mick, I thought it would sell out in minutes! It probably would have too, but the connections were slow. Probably from all the people online trying to order.

  16. I really wanted to get this PDC too. I have just started nursing school. I cannot do both.
    Good luck everyone!

  17. Congrats to Jack and everyone at ethos for a successful launch and grats to everyone that was able to get in on the ground floor.

  18. Probably the most excited about being a founder than any one thing enjoy doing. Been listening for over a year and a member for less than, was ready through all the permutations of this to pull the trigger. Thank you for the focus Jack, been watching the bullshit going on in this country for years saying “what can I do?”. Do-ocracy is it. Switched jobs (going from 70 to 56 hours a week), closer to home, family time is more precious, talking to my neighbors more meaningful. Got my own slice of heaven started in my suburban back yard…… the smell of fertile ground has an awesome smell. Thanks for all you do.

  19. As a listener from 2008- this is beyond words awesome. I did not get in yet, but am so happy for the tsp community and what it will accomplish. I’ll be looking for round 2 in the future when i can better afford it. Funds better invested into building the farm here first, then…… cant wait to hear more.

  20. Is AgriTrue still going to be a separate thing, or has it evolved into PermaEthos? The way you talked about personally knowing the farmer that made your food made it sound very AgriTrue-like. Then again, is it just that “all PermaEthos farms are AgriTrue, but not all AgriTrue farms are PermaEthos”? Either way, I’m excited to be a part of this.

    I’m so happy for you to do something you’re obviously really excited to be doing. The Jetta-driving, ‘normal job’ Jack is officially in the past, and the 4-Runner-driving, PermaEthos Jack seems a lot happier making a difference in countless peoples’ lives. Thank you, really.

    • It is separate but complimentary. PE will be AT certified for sure. I need to grease the wheels over at AT now, it is in the hands of my partners but needs some TSP promotional love for sure. I just have had to put all my ducks in the ethos basket this month. People really have no idea how much work really goes into this stuff.