Episode-80 The Perfect Survivalist Homestead Retreat — 10 Comments

  1. Hey, love your podcasts. This one really pointed out some things I hadn’t thought of. We are in the process of looking for some ground to own and begin Small farming / learning to live more off the land and gain some independence.
    The whole thought of the Development had totally slipped my mind.

  2. We bought slighly more land (wooded) so that we would have a steady supply of firewood in addition to the area for veg/fruit production.

  3. Other consideration would be
    Politics of the area….. I’m not moving into a state/county that is not NFA weapons friendly, or CCW prohibitive.

  4. @Curtis,

    Thanks for adding that and it really shows a lot of what I was talking about with where you are looking or currently living in the first place. A five hour radius for me puts me in other parts of Texas, Eastern Louisiana, Oklahoma or Arkansas. All are not only gun friendly (the Katrina gun grab was a federal thing by the way) but CCW and part of the recrisprosity agreement making my Texas CC permit valid during a transition period.

    So I didn’t even really have to think about that. You know if we just followed the constitution no one else would either but you are spot on, one must consider this type of thing especially in the North East and on the West Coast.

  5. Curtis:
    I totally understand what you mean about pro gun areas. I live in Illinois! No concealed carry here. In fact handguns are forbidden in Chicago/Cook County.
    My advise to everyone: Stay away from IL or Wisconsin if you can. Stay in or go to a “free state”.

    I’m working on doing that.
    BTW: Jack loved your latest podcast. (Yesterday was kind of “bla” without one.) Actually, I love ALL your podcasts. Thank you.

  6. Just heard you podcast for the first time today an enjoyed it… One thing you need to mention try to get an palce away form an major hiway if at all possible or major roadway that is really busy casue if things ever go south on us form some siaster (anytype that casue uprooting of people)you’ll have the hoards from these cities on your doorsteps… as it it would be an open invitation to them to stop an visit if you know what I mean… other than that I got to say this, it was a good pod cast an makes one think.. Thanks, James

  7. @james,

    Thanks for the input we have covered avoiding close proximity to major roads on other shows but you are right about it and big time.

    As you may have surmised I am not of the belief that you need to be 100 miles from nowhere to be in a good retreat spot. I do however agree (and very much so) that if you are directly off any major highway (state or inner state) or even just a major road you might have a real problem during any type of “migration”.

  8. Great Show Jack!

    My folks bought land when I was a kid and raised me on it. It had its own well and septic, etc. You couldn’t be more correct on making sure you’re far away from any incroaching cities. My folks made that mistake and spent years fighting the local city government who kept trying to tax them out of their little 900 square foot farmhouse because developers bought up and built $500,000 McMansions all around them. It literally got to the point where the city was threatening to declare the place ‘condemned’ just so they could get their greedy mitts on the property. It was like something out of an old movie!

    Thanks for the incredibly detailed and well-thought-out show — you sure gave us plenty to think about when purchasing that dream homestead!

    P.S. My folks story ended happily as they made a killing when they finally sold but it sure wasn’t an easy way to make a buck!

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