The New TSP Gear Shop is Live — 7 Comments

  1. very happy with the new site. still hoping for a new cap so please take that into consideration .

  2. Second for some new caps. How about a round brimmed hat where the sides can snap up. Great for desert and rain forest environments. Yes- I’m from Seattle.

  3. Hey Jack! Would there be any way to get an option to view the site WITHOUT streaming video/audio? I realize I may be asking a lot, but some of us are prohibited from visiting the shop because we are blocked from ANY site that has streaming media (like me). I can get to the forum, but not the shop 🙁 – hubby’s got a birthday coming up! I gotta shop on the sly!

  4. Ann – Hmmmm… I don’t think that’s possible, hon. What if I gave you a link to the zazzle shop, and you tried that?

    Let us know if that works for ya. If it doesn’t, we’ll figure something else out. I might just have you paypal me money, and I’ll make the order for ya. 🙂

    Brian(s): I can get some new caps! But they’ll be embroidered so they’ll cost me some money to get made (even on Zazzle). We’ll have to sell a few more things before we can afford the art conversion for the caps (and unfortunately mr. Norton, they’ll be regular baseball caps, I think…)

    Is there anything in particular that you lads want ON the caps?