Episode-65- The Modern Financial Survival Mindset — 5 Comments

  1. Thankfully I have reached the wealth that you refer to in your podcast. Three years ago, I sold my house and property in an urban area of central Texas, bought a 60 acre farm in west central Texas, and built a 24’x16′ cabin on that farm. I collect rain water from the roof in a 1200gal. tank, have a stand alone solar system that runs a 10cu.ft. refrigerator/freezer,tv, computer, microwave oven, a pressure pump for the water system, and other basic house hold needs, but no air conditioner.

    I have a 350gal. LP gas tank for the 5 gal rv type water heater, kitchen range, and a small space heater. The main source of heat is a wood stove that I do most of my cooking on in the winter. After I moved out here, I sold my 2004 Nissan Titan 4×4 that I still owed $16,000 on, quit using credit cards, substituted a debit card for online purchases and the like, now drive a ’92 Dodge one ton 4×4, that I bought for $2,500, a ’95 Land Rover Discovery that I bought for $1,200 and a new 150cc scooter for $1,299ttl. With no more major expenses. I live on $1,050 SS a month and the small income that my farm and custom hay bailing make with no problem.

    If you would have told me five years ago that I could live on that amount of money, I would have said it wasn’t possible, but I’m living the life of Riley and enjoying every day.

    Sincerely; Richard Gillis

  2. We are working on cutting way back – it began a couple yrs ago w listening to Dave Ramsey. We immediately subscribed, bought his books, etc – and realized that as Jack pointed out the message was always the same. Good, simple and effective, but once you have the idea down, well.
    Anyway we are on a mission to cut non-essentials. Dish tv – gone. Eating out – cheaply and infrequently. No more 20oz soda when I buy gas (they are 1.49 now – unbelievable). OK I am desiring a G23 but hey, its going to just have to wait. (sigh)
    Our retirement $ are in safe harbor – no confidence in govt to solve this economic mess. Jack’s comments on Pelosi echo my thoughts exactly. Un-freakin-believable that these people are in leadership at all. Sorry I digress.
    More efficient trips to town – multi purpose everything – don’t buy new when used will do.. I filled my 1000 gal propane this summer, bought wood and should be ready for winter. But today now I chipped a tooth eating popcorn – dang, this will be a trip to the dentist and another bill. 🙁

  3. I’m also changing the way I and my family live. Paying off last credit card bill (Wife got a little crazy with them). Using only debit card or cash. Taking light rail/bus/bike to work few days/week. Eating out much less, growing some of our own food, planning on getting chickens and bees. Making my own bread with a breadmachine I bought from Craigslist for $20. Cutting down on netflix usage, not signing up for cable. Some stuff done, lots to do.

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