Episode-78 The Mission of the Survival Podcast — 6 Comments

  1. Jack, Thank you for your honesty and comments on today’s show. This is in the top 5 on my show list

  2. The idea of voting for the lesser of two evils needs to end. But so too does the idea that voting for candiates other than the Repub or Democrat is throwing your vote away.

  3. You did it again…
    I was moved by what you talked about, about us doing what we know to be right and good for our country…
    Thanks Jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    your one crazy dude but I like it….
    Keep up the good work…

  4. Love the show Jack, but don’t kid yourself… you are just as prejudiced and narrow minded as any of those you criticize: you’re just more verbally adroit than most of them.

    A shared moral and ethical foundation is the basis of any social contract. Your unilateral declaration of what will and will not effect our lives predicated on your own moral relativism is as self-serving as any other libertarian.

    Every libertarian says “mind your own business,” but none of them can ever agree on where the “your own business” line belongs.

    Many years ago, the Pope predicted what would happen in society as a result of the widespread acceptance of birth control. History has shown his insights, prescient. Today, no one can seriously make the claim this moral issue had no effect on their lives.

    In closing, I just want to tell you I appreciate your insight, passion, and patriotism, but please stop criticizing those of us who disagree with you on the import of moral issues. And for pete sake, stop patting yourself on the back for your commitment to reasoned argument… your refusal to accept the idea of marriage in any context but the religious is categorically undeniable proof “reason” may be your offense, but it’s sure not your defense.

  5. @Woahhs,

    I am sorry but I plan on stopping nothing as this is my show and is presented as “one man’s opinion”. I can respect your opinion and give you credit as an informed individual that knows why you believe what you believe that I disagree with but nothing more. I actually find that quite fair, don’t you.

    The belief that to have a government that promotes “traditional family values” we also must oppress an entire class of people (which are 5-10% of the population) is completely false.

    What other things from the past were justified with being “foundational to our society”?

    The validation of slavery?
    The stoning of disobedient sons?
    The belief that one race of people is superior to another?
    The belief that people suffer because they are evil and due to “God’s Wrath”?
    The stoning of the gays that want to get married today?
    Do we want to reinstate those things?

    I am very glad that an informed person such as yourself opposes me on such a hot current issue is here in this forum and clearly listens to my show. Independent thinking is an endangered species today. Good for you for having them, I just don’t agree on this issue.

    I also think birth control is a good thing and I am sure glad people are using it. And I can say it has not negatively effected me in anyway. I have no desire for government to legislate morality between consenting adults.

    It is religious beliefs that are used to oppose this issue as they were at one time used to support slavery and at one time that women could not serve in office or vote.

    Some one on my forum once stated, “The state does have a compelling interest in marriage for the same reason it has a compelling interest in funerals: property.”

    Ah-ha! Isn’t that always the real issue when it comes to the state? If the state can regulate a form of property they can tax it. In other words the state as always has taken a personal issue and turned it into a for profit via tax industry. Once again greedy hands in the pockets of the people. Just like um what is that called yea right, the marriage penalty tax. This same government that claims we must keep gays from marring and SUCCESSFULLY does this can’t remove a huge financial penalty on those that do get married? And this isn’t a false flag?

    Do you want to know what swung this for me? I watched our sleazy, slimy and sell out of a Governor (Rick Perry), lie to his people, try to sell our highways to Spain, leave the border open like a sieve and then sign an executive order (circumventing the state legislature) that forced girls in our state at the age of 14 to get injected with an unproven vaccine for a disease that is only transmitted by sexual contact. Sound “Republican”? Sound “conservative”? Does this sound like, “traditional family values” to you?

    So how is this douche still in office? He convinced the people of Texas that an amendment to our state constitution banning gay marriage was the most important issue in the entire state. Being highly religious state of course the people bit on it and we got our gay marriage ban, which has made NO DIFFERENCE to anyone’s life day to day all while this slime bag sells out our state and goes off gallivanting at the Bilderberger meetings. Now you watch him end up as part of McCain’s cabinet and then tell me this isn’t about class warfare.

    See here you and I that agree probably on 90% of real issues that DO impact people, that would make these clowns accountable to us for real issues sit arguing about an issue that won’t effect you or me no matter what happens.

    You see that is my issue. I don’t really care one way or the other about this issue, it does not effect me. I find homosexuality very weird, not normal and while I am nice to a person that I need to interact with that might be gay I don’t have any of them among my friends. That does not make me a “homophobe” just an honest man. My issue is not gays being married or not, it is the government on both sides making this issue more “important” then the failing economy, selling our technology to the Chinese, the open boarders, the failing education system, our loss of liberty, our 470 billion dollar deficit of 2008, the 53 trillion dollar hole that medicare and social security are in. You know those little issues. The fact that this and other social issues have been used to polarize people into two camps and ensure that those problems will go unsolved because fear will prevent unity of the people. Divide and conquer takes many forms.

    Again you can believe what you want and act as you choose and I applaud you for it, that is a sincere statement. I ain’t trying to convince you of anything, as always this is one man’s opinion and you and others now choose to form your own.

  6. “I am sorry but I plan on stopping nothing as this is my show and is presented as “one man’s opinion”.”

    Not so. You may use the “one man’s opinion” as a caveat, but you present it as conclusion. “I never claimed to be perfect” only carries weight when you can admit to a tangible error. There is nothing more self-serving than being “only human” in principle, but not in practice. So no, I don’t think that’s fair. I think it would be “fair” if you gave me the same qualifiers you give when speaking to democrats who you similarly disagree with.

    Similarly, calling people like myself (and dodging it by chalking it up to “government”) “oppressive” because we don’t like the idea of redefining the institution of marriage any more than we like having the rights of parent redefined by neo-puritans, is upsetting AND unfair.

    Your use of typical liberal canards like slavery and stoning to support your position is as ill applied as “no blood for oil.” It makes a good sound-bite so you can go on to more interesting things as long as there is no one questioning the particulars of your application.

    You are obviously an extraordinarily bright and discerning guy. What I can’t figure out is how you can see the deleterious effect on society of those who refuse to shoulder their responsibility to be informed about their own governance, but seem to believe that opinions on “right and wrong” have no more effect on recovering America than china patterns.

    “I also think birth control is a good thing and I am sure glad people are using it. And I can say it has not negatively effected me in anyway.”

    Again, the libertarian ambiguity. We are the only Western nation not shrinking demographically. Western civilization is being replaced from the inside by non-western immigrants imported to fill the servant classes of dying western democracies…and those immigrants are not assimilating.

    My friend, you are being negatively effected. You just don’t recognize it because you have defined it as a non-issue in the same way others don’t bother to vote because they’ve defined all politicians as “crooks.”