Episode-7- The Misdirection of Class Warfare — 7 Comments

  1. I am a libertarian as well, but I am worried about what you say about immigrants. Firstly, you say that America should be “one land, one culture” and that if immigrants come to America they must speak English. This is not libertarian. Libertarianism gives individuals freedom to do whatever they want so long as it does not harm others. Speaking another language does not reasonably harm anyone. If language is only to be English, then only Government can enforce this and therefore Government must regulate English. This will lead to a violation of freedom of speech. The same applies to culture. Many free individuals in a capitalism system inevitably create a heterogeneity of culture, e.g. jazz culture, car culture, gay culture, etc. Monoculture requires Government regulation of culture, e.g. what we see in China, i.e. Internet censorship, oppression of Falon Gong, etc.

    The standard libertarian position on immigration is to give no welfare to anyone (natives or immigrants) and to open the border to anyone.

  2. @Papermucil,

    Not really, note I did not say anyone should enforce anything. What we must ask is why people that are coming here today are refusing to learn English.

    It is simple, we have made it easy for them not to and of course we have done so at tax payer expense. When I say speak the language I mean it as follows.

    Don’t not expect us to print government forms, street signs or anything else at public expense in Spanish for you or in any other language. English is our official language but no one is going to arrest you for speaking any language speak Klingon if you like, I don’t care. Just don’t expect that others will be FORCED to accommodate your clinging to your old culture.

    My family immigrated from the Ukraine no one produced a form in Ukrainian for us, nor did my grandparents expect it.

    My wife is a nurse at a private practice that sees a lot of folks on Medicaid, many are Hispanic and they expect that someone will “se habla espanol” and are indigent when it doesn’t happen. The feel entitled to be accommodated, why, every government form has Spanish, Spanish is spoken when they go get their illegal Social Security cards, the schools provide forms in Spanish. So they expect medical care in Spanish even from a PRIVATE practice and groups like LULAC and La Raza (which means “the race” and would be shut down as a “hate group” if it were run by white people) are lobbying to make private employers such as my wife’s employer comply and it looks like in time they will get it done.

    I stand by my statement, this is America, we speak English here. You can speak what ever you like just don’t ask that our people be forced to comply with your needs and provide for your chosen shortcomings.

    To put it another way, go to Mexico and visit a government office. Ask to be spoken to in English and be given forms in English and see how far you get. Then go speak English on the street and watch while no one cares either way. This is one thing MOST other nations (even Mexico) have gotten right.

  3. The English language comes from many other languages like Latin, Ancient Greek, Anglo Saxon, French, etc.

    Legal texts can be laden with Latin and Greek terms to the extent that lay English speakers cannot understand it and need tax accountants and lawyers for translation. In academia, law, and medicine, Latin was originally the official language. Do you think this was preferable?

    America has no official language. English is a de facto standard. Government setting an official language is central planning, i.e. communism.

  4. Excellent!! Just excellent!

    Really great stuff. And just plain common sense.

  5. I’ve been downloading all of your podcasts and reading your website. This one was by far the best I’ve heard so far. I think Papermucil misconstrued some of it, because everything you said revolves around personal freedom and personal responsibility.

  6. Just got turned on to your podcasts by a like minded friend. I am in the process of listening to them from the start and loving the valuable background and information! I particularly liked this one as this subject has been on my mind for some time now and I definitely lean heavily Libertarian. Really enjoying these podcasts… Thanks.