Episode-269- The Issues Test, Where Do you Stand and Why? — 10 Comments

  1. Rather than just “ROI” when evaluating something, the term I use is “net usefulness”. In other words, how will a policy create resources over and above the resources it consumes? ROI puts everything in terms of money, which is already putting one’s mindset under the influence of a System that thrives by lying about the value of money.

  2. Jack good show made me think little.I dont believe everything i see on tv the one thing that made me go hmm last night i was watching a ad about OBAMA and they called it OBAMAS VIETNAM are they making ref to NIXON when he inhereted a war or are they trying to blame it on him.

  3. Great show. I was impressed by your sticking your neck out to make the subject tangible. Thanks again.

  4. Jack
    Great show and stuff people need to hear. Most of us are indoctrinated with 12+ years (i.e. public schools) of government propaganda. It’s very difficult to get people to break out of that paradigm and start seeing “the state” for what it is – FORCE! In every other avenue of life whether it’s personal or business, one has to use persuasion to make a friend or make a sale. Wouldn’t it be nice to FORCE others to be your friend or buy your product? Threat probability from those who want to take our liberty may be greater than we realize – continue to fight the good fight!

  5. Thank you for a great show! I love it when you delve into politics and current issues from a prepper’s perspective. It is particularly relevant in the times that we live in.

  6. Hey Jack,

    I just wanted to encourage you and thank you for this show. It was very thought provoking, and even got the attention of my wife!

    Many Thanks!

  7. As jefferson said, \"It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.\" is how I try to judge any issue.
    I also never saw an expantion of federal power that I liked. I\’ve tried to point out the fact that the party in charge will change to some people, but no one seems to listen.

    Hopefully some will listen to Jack, he put it very well.