Episode-2050- A Current Look at the Great Lie of Dichotomy — 11 Comments

  1. Jack I’ve heard you tell me how to do this but…
    This is my you tube contribution. He sums up modern thought and why. I think he could be an Aly in helping with bringing modern survivalism to those that need it most. You have been a greet friend that has helped with my sanity and so has Jordan. I understand your need to be apolitical. I thought I’d make this intro between my great friends that don’t know I exist.thank you dèeply for what you do and why I imagine you do it.

  2. Anytime I hear 2 people debating politics, my standard response is, “So you two seemingly intelligent people are arguing whether a circus monkey in a red vest or a circus monkey in a blue vest is better than you at running your life?”

    And I leave it at that. There is normally a long pause before they tentatively try to defend their circus monkey, leaving me to say “Ok, so you believe the circus monkey in the red vest is the best one to run your life for you. That’s fine, that’s your choice.” And I walk away.

    Every now and then, very rarely, I’ve been asked that magical question, “So, is there a Better Way?”

    Well, now that you mention it…

  3. Jack: Thank you for this one!
    This had in it exactly what I needed to hear right now. I’m building a house, having problems with codes in town, the codes guy is VERY black and white thinker, I’m all shades of grey, look at all these other options. He will be hearing a lot of “Can you think of any other way we can accomplish this other than what you just suggested?” Maybe it will make it so I quit throwing logic and data at a wall of “I don’t think outside the box” and making us both crazy.

    I’m a walking case of “outside the box” I don’t even usually know where the lines of the box are, and am always stunned when I hit them. And I’m hitting them hard on this, and it just baffles me to no end. What part of “building ABOVE code” is so difficult to grasp? AAUGH!! Best quote I have seen about building codes is “You built it to code? Great! You got a D- on the test, so you passed. I think you can do better than that.” I KNOW I can do better than that, it’s not difficult if you actually look at the options. It’s actually looking that seems to be problem.

    Sad part is if I wanted to build a POS tract house, I could have done it without anyone blinking. But because I want a well built house, I’m hitting all of this.

    Thanks Jack, lots to consider 🙂

    • One thing I have found that almost all code inspectors have in common is that they have to find something wrong, so give it to them. While I was a framer, I would leave a conspicuous strap un-nailed. As an electrician I would “forget” to remove the green screw on a sub panel. Something quick and easy to fix while they are there. Second thing is, when they show up, grab a pad and pencil and walk through with them and write down anything they find. Once I started doing these two things, I almost always got signed off.

      • Reading some stuff on selling products today, and hit an interesting concept about this, that may be similar to what you were saying.

        If choices are black and white, frame the black and white how YOU want. So I won’t say “are earth tubes legal?” I’ll say “Do you want the tubes to connect like this or that? Is this kind of flashing adequate?” What you said sounds to me like not “Do I pass inspection?” but “what small things are left so I pass?” which changes things interestingly. Makes the main assumption “I passed, but what details are left?” You gave him details to choose, and reframed the question he was answering.

  4. Taxes are not theft. We give “implied consent” by merely having a social security card and working.

    Also, I’ve discussed the binary decision making process.
    It doesn’t matter how many choices there are, every decision is an A/B, T/F situation based on your personal experience. It doesn’t matter how many colors are in the box, your choice is , To color or not color. Then use this color or not. It really NEVER is this color or that color.

    • I find it extremely useful to acknowledge that you are 100% correct in what you’ve said.

      When I buy a load of compost from the soil yard, I make it very obvious to the owner that I will be paying in cash and will not require a receipt. This usually results in a substantial discount for me, with the owner pocketing the notes without opening the till.

      If I was to be lazy and pay by card then yes, I have chosen to participate in the white market, and therefore have given my implied consent for the government to steal some of this money.

      Perhaps a better phrase than “taxes are theft” would be “taxes are laziness”. We were lazy to let it get to this, and we are lazy and medicated enough to allow it to keep going this way.

    • First “implied consent” is a made up term by the state to deny a person of their constitutionally protected rights.

      ie, When you get a drivers license you give the state “implied consent” to search your body for alcohol in your system without a warrant. Negative, so much so that in Texas now to take blood for such a purpose a search warrant must be issued for collection of evidence.

      Next a child can’t give consent and consent is not legally binding unless it is fully understood by the party giving it. For consent to be legally binding the party giving it must not only understand it, but they must understand that they can refuse, and strangely enough it must not be done to them without said consent. Since most people are given an SSN by their parents who also don’t know of any alternative no one gave any consent implied or otherwise in a strictly legal definition, mind you.

      Attempt to legally apply this concept of implied consent for anything other than taxes and no court no matter how liberal or conservative would uphold it in the United States. As the video said, what makes tax not theft, oh I know imagination! That is code by the way for this invisible social contract various flavors of statists bring up.

      Additionally to give consent for anything there must be other viable options. One can not live and work in the United States without “their papers”. Now you are correct that income tax is unconstitutional, which is what you are saying without realizing it.

      There are only three places where a persons name, say Jack Spirko is always spelled like this, JACK SPIRKO. They are birth certificate, drivers license and social security card.

      The process that allows the government to legally claim you as a corporation involves the creation of a fictitious you, which is the name written in all CAPITAL LETTERS, and then tricking you to agree to be that artificial person or legal name.

      This legal name was created shortly after you were born and was recorded on a bond. This bond that represents the date of your birth is known as your birth certificate.

      The birth certificate is actually a certificate of slavery which is why it is recorded on a bond.

      Many claim this can be revoked but there is no true legal course with which to do so. Hence since the contract with the state was created by an ignorant parent for a child whom was far from the age of any consent, no legitimate consent was ever given.

      Say I sign a contract stating all my children will be obligated to play any college sports for the University of Pennsylvania upon their birth? Is that binding, does Penn State have my child’s consent?

      Now imagine that Penn State ran the hospital my kids were born in an told me I had to do it?

      Tax is theft, I applaud you for attempting to argue the central point, but the reason so few do is because the counter argument to tax is theft is so weak.

      That is why it almost always goes, bla bla bla, social contract, bla bla bla, we have to have roads and schools, bla bla bla, MOVE TO SOMALIA!